Sunday, January 02, 2022

A Rumour in The Sky - Proton Beam Treatment Poem recorded at Clatterbri...

I must have upset the Gods 
That's the Rumour in the Sky
That's why they saw fit to put a tumor in my eye
So im on the scene 
Looking mean 
Might drive me nuts like a squirrel 
With a Steering Wheel in my Pants
But in fact, I'm on the Wirral 
It's Sad This diagnosis has been known to hurt and shatter kids
Some can heal with the right treatment
That's why I'm getting treatment up here in Clatterbridge
Fix My head in place
Erase the Chance it might go wrong
Chew the Gum let get it done
Face the red eye of Cyclotron
The Human Race exists in Space, 
A Universe that's hard to fathom
Big Up Newton, Einstein, Douglas
for Paving ways to split the atom
If this Cancer is the Dragon, proton beams come through extinguish
If not then we won't stop rock a patch that looks distinguished
Gain the Knowledge as did Odin 
Yo we Owe our lives to Science 
Flat Earthing Anti-Vaxers I will face you with Defiance
Much love to Oncologists, Nurses and the Surgeons
Lab Technicians, Physicists and all those behind the curtains
Last Session Therapy Done, Let's pop a bit of Bubbly
Ta Ra to all of Liverpool 
You really are so lovely! 

Monday, September 06, 2021

Chima Anya & SoulChef - The Magic Forest (ft Tahn Solo)

Chima Anya returns with long time collaborator Soul Chef with a brilliant homage to trees and the natural environment. This is the sort of amazing music that everyone should here and the very reason for which hip hop was created! If Greta Thunberg were a fan of rap music I am sure she would be bopping along enthusiastically! 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Breis brings the Goods to keep Jazz Re:freshed

Wonderful to see the great talent of Breis in his element with a smooth Jazz outfit as he performs his lyrically hitting latest single 'Stay Dilligent' alongside tribute to the sorely missed talents of Ty and Tony Allan, "Right Here in Front of You". Breis rocks a full set with further tracks and got me nodding along in appreciation of the sentiments behind 'Wahalla' Check it out and enjoy! #BrotherReachEachInnerSoul #BrilliantRappersEducateIntelligentStudents

Monday, June 21, 2021

Shane Kidd - Ink of a Scholar (@Shanekidd86)

Pure Lyrics! This jumped out of my inbox - so many poetic & cultural references in this with some dope scratches - Just wish it was longer, watch out for Shane Kidd! 

"Everybody has a story to tell, will you listen to the story they tell" Shane Kidd's latest song "Ink of Scholar" begins with those words. "Ink of a Scholar" is the lead single off Shane's Double single EP the "Prologue". In a world of deferred dreams and broken promises, Shane shares his story and the under-told stories of others who are looking for freedom in this chaotic world. With more awareness of society being fractured, voice being marginalized, and what's truthful isn't always trendy Shane Kidd wants to say there's freedom.

"Renewing minds and Redeeming Dreams" in a world full of brokenness and uncertainty, Shane Kidd chooses to live by this philosophy fight for something different. Dallas native and Atlanta resident while being raised in the south, Shane gravitated towards Hip Hop's home New York for his listening choice. As he heard more and he gained an affinity for the artist like Nas, Mos Def, and The Roots. Eventually, he picked up a pen and pad desiring to be an emcee conscious of the world around him. Intersecting conscious thought, everyday struggles, and persevering faith, Shane Kidd uses his music to inspire people to explore the world outside and understand the world within.

Twitter: Shanekidd86
Instagram: Shanekidd86

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Oak Dreams - Benny Diction brings the Nature Vibes

One of the best things about rap and hiphop music is that if you get involved, you might be lucky enough to end up being great mates with some seriously talented people. Bennydiction is one of those gems, and I remember first hearing him perform the lyrics to Oak Dreams as an accapella and thinking 1) Damn, this is amazing, what a sick concept, 3) Wow, that hook is brilliant and 3) Argh, I wish I had written this! 

Well I'm so glad Benny did, and then put it to such a brilliant, core shuddering beat from Beatsmith Extrodinarre Able 8...and then got this epic one-take video (nicely handled by One Shot Sweets) shot at North London's Alexandra Palace where some beautiful trees in the twilight serve to accentuate Benny's striking nature-based thoughts and ideas with an outstanding metaphore of the mind. 

The Beat - Stay relaxed and gently sway to it
The Philosophy - Stay Rooted!

Oak Dreams - The Mind sows seeds, with time and Energy these ideas develop into tall trees.
Now go and get handy with a spear or a watering can!!

Friday, May 07, 2021

Caspar Grant - Snake Oil

Caspar Grant teams up with High Focus artist Kashmere (Strange U) for And What's fourth release. This hypnotic banger showcases Caspar's intricate flow with an incredible adeptness at conjuring up surreal yet poignantly specific imagery embedded in the chaos of reality over Kashmere's lush production. "Snake Oil is the story of one man attempting to find a sliver of meaningful truth in a world gone mad. As right wing demagogues, corrupt lawmakers and unprincipled media tycoons distort and manipulate the global narrative an ordinary citizen attempts to do right by his loved ones and positively contribute to society. Immersed in the backdrop of Kashmere's pulsating, apocalyptic rhythms Caspar Grant does his best to make sense of wholly illogical circumstances."

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Chima Anya & Soulchef - Kings

Need inspiration? Need some quality music? Need some good ol' Boom Bap? Chima Anya has linked up with Soul Chef to create yet another brilliant track. As a hiphop head this slams, but with the video this is a piece of art to inspire everyone to look after their mind, body and soul and claim the royalty that is inside each and every one of us! Salute the Commander in Chief, and bow to the King in the Mirror!