Sunday, September 21, 2014

SigNif comes to claim the game; meanwhile Chima gets introspective plus New MC Lyte, Common, 10 Beats, Has Lo & Castle !

 Signif has just droppedan incredible full length album....go get that on a loop here right after readin this post!

MC Lyte featuring Common and 10 Beats "Would you rather be fathers to your daughters?" Common absolutely smashes with the last line of a heavy verse....."Read a letter from the World and it said "Yes Y'all" ...MC Lytes' distinctive, conciously analytical and straight refreshing flow bookends this banger that is a welcome relief to to some of the more dubiously flossie material thats been submitted here lately...

And the guy who never puts out dubious business, Chima Anya come with some deep thinking on this ultra slow burner....

 And finally, fresh in the inbox comes a Cerebral Slammer from Has-Lo & Castle for you to vibe with, Peace!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scottish Referendum Special! MOG, Kurly Hypa, Louie & Fliptrix & Rag N Bone Man....

So on the eve of a Historic decision to be made by the people of Scotland, I thought I might join the political excitment not with any analysis but just a couple slices of hip hop representing all over the map. Enjoy.  

First up bit of a lazy journalistic endeavour but by typing in 'Scottish Hip Hop' to a search engine this gem appeared. Rugged and raw and fairly apolitical, in terms of the referendum at least!

And if you managed to keep up with those speedy bars check out Louie's ode to the city of Glasgow....

Curly Hypa repps Leicester and goes in mad deep on this ill slice of real life lyracism

Last but not least the scientific funky cinematic styles of Fliptrix are given Anthem status by Rag N Bone man on this track while its visual existance rocks over the Molotov bumpin instrumental.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Audible Treats Podcast Flava plus King Sterlz, The Infamous Malcolm Tucker and other People of the World Today!

Holy Sound, I swear I'm blessed Featuiring Kool A.D. and DJ - I wasn't sure what to make of this joint when it first banged out the speakers but I was enjoying the sounds and got a bit amped off some of the lyrics..."Fuck hydro fracking, they making filthy water. Fuck Paul Ryan, he seems hella shady...Shout to Pussy Riot, those Russian bitches crazy" Check it! Shout to Audio Treats for putting together a banging new podcast featuring Deltron 3000 and many more...check the playlists the gang have created too, a lot of good stuff. Annnnnd finaly, a bit random but in the spirit of Vocalswords my mate on twitter@BenBrazier highligghted a series of posters on Inspirational sweary shit inspired by the one and only Malcom Tucker, check the posters here and check out the man himself if you have no clue about Mr Capaldi's skillz

Thursday, August 28, 2014

GTS Mob, Audible Doctor, Guilty Simpson & Freddro Starr

GTS Mob have created a UK summertime anthem over a very nice laid back beat produced by Big Dockz who spits alongside Crime, and I have to agree that their stated aim "to capture the sunshine, good vibes and fun times we look forward to every year" comes through especially with lines like "We were having fun till the feds come" and "Season up the Best Grub" and is evidenced next to a poignent Coke bottle bigging up "Mum". However the darker side of London life is reflected with numerous references to gang culture and guns, and for me some of this gave me pause for thought as to whether I should post the video, so I appraoched Big Dockz from the team who reflected "We intentionally made casual references especially in the chorus to show the harsh reality that as much good that goes on in our summer in an instant one of us could be gone. Some of my circle aren't here due to this reality already hence why in my verse I said 'praying all my donnys see the next one' we are detailing our own reality." This caveat rang true for me in a way that highlights the differences in life and perspectives that make up UK street and hiphop culture, and one that this blog can't afford to deny.

Over the ocean, Audible Doctor has as ever been cooking up treats and the latest features heavyweight Guilty Simpson on another solid headnodder.

Next up, from the Press Release...."Hailing from Hollygrove, the artists of 0017th return with visuals for their latest release, "Black Man," which illustrates the hardships that can come along with being an African-American man in the land of the free. 

The recent shooting of Mike Brown closely mirrors the murder of their childhood friend and Hollygrove native, Keith "Magic" Atkinson. Atkinson made headlines as Lil Wayne's friend who was unlawfully killed by NOPD the morning after they had reunited in celebration. "Black Man" is a powerful tribute to Michael Brown, Keith "Magic" Atkinson, and the thousands of others murdered just because of the color of their skin."...... ..I've finished off with Fredro Starr's "Made in the Streets" track taken from the album of the same name which has just been released on CD, and paints some powerfully devastating portraits of race related violence.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ras Kass, P.A.T, Lil Futa & AmaZin

I was having a conversation with an actor doing a great job of promoting the work of Alexander Von Humbolt, an explorer and scientist who saw the need for an approach to science that could account for the harmony of nature among the diversity of the physical world. We explored the nature of education in its current system which has a huge tendency to categorise and isolate and subjects, as oppose to education that allows to see the 'bigger picture'. We discussed how there are no formal lessons in how to recognise and analyse propaganda; and the conversation came to mind whilst listening to this excellent track by Patrick "P.A.T. Barnett". Have a listen and remember, "What you see on TV is a smoke and mirror factory"
At Vocalswords we endeavour to provide a blog that presents hip hop in a positive light and as a counter weight to mainstream dominance but understand that often the backgrounds of artisits and subject matter that underground artists present may not always necessarly be uber positive, but when we do post music containing these themes we try to do it when emcees present the content in an artisic, realistic or retrospective manner. Lil Futa has jus posted a mixtape that fully fulfills these criteria and is well worth checking out, especially as the production by AmaZin is  well worthy of the self  accalaimed accolade.

Track to Watch - Just BARS  ft Chuck Kayocee

"yall the kinda niggas that get chicken from lies
but aint a nigga in the world that is crooked as I....
I had it hard coming up
but a nigger never cried
my uncle was up in the pen
my daddy he had just died
grew up with out a dad i gues a nigga traumatised
mumma had a different nigga living on the side "

And finally, a blast from the past from the Van Gogh of Rap, Ras Kasiano; who releases the Goldyn Chyld Album on Bandcamp. Plenty of tracks you've heard before but well worth checking the whole project.