Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Music from Pete Rock, LouieVon & Young Cam plus Herrotics repping for Blah Records


Pete Rock releases a free download of "Heaven and Earth" a gorgeous instrumental as you may well come to expect; if you're not familiar get to know the man's back catalogue ASAP, true hiphop legend. Watch out for the full length coming from Mellow Music Group coming 23rd June.  

The Blah Records camp is in full effect at the moment with Herrotics releasing "Fathead" alongside two videos documenting UK city life to the sounds of some immensely hardcore lyrical rap...Get involved with this and pick up some tasty Blah Merch here, Not gonna put my geographical knowledge neck on the line; if you know which city (ies) are being repped by Herrotics get at me

New track "Come Up" gets analytical on the trap situation many increasingly are struggling to escape from. "Praying for a come up" appears to depressingly be the only way out for LouiVon & Young Cam as they get serious over a nice beat from Enlighten. Check the Memorial Day Mixtape Out Here. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Going Hard...Mnsr Frites drops dope album "River Wandle"; Plus Emerge MC smashes it!

Its a pleasure to introduce these next two videos coming from talents representing my current home town of London.  First up the cerebral laid back tones of Granville Session's Big Frits goes nicely over a jazzy soulful beat from Cognitive. Frites has a serious flow but humour is always lurking as he's "Staying current like a synonym for raisens" This is a fresh trippy visual that pairs with the other excellent vid "I Drink Coffee" from the man who has just dropped the ill full length banger "The River Wandle,,,I've been lucky to have a sneak peak and it is ill, (top choice so far is Track 16, Sim City prod. Sam Zircon), so....promoters get booking this dude, just remember to put Dim Sum on the menu yeah!? Word to Mr Chips.

Next up is the irrepressible Emerge who destroys with bar after bar of heated bars drawn from his turbulant, wildstyle lifestyle. His passion for life, his people and desire to be at the top of the game is shines through....back on his boss shit!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Futa - Ferguson "Finally Someone Talkin Real Ish"

I've followed Futa for a lil while now and sensed something powerful would come from this talented artist. This track is the one...incredibly powerful lyracism from a cat who needs to be recognised. The opening "One question, have you ever seen a woman cry from methods of genodcide..." shocks and awes the listener into a record that is raw and incredibly painful but ultimately beautifully uplifting.
"Fuck what they told you every soul has a heaven"

Sonny Jim, Blahz Martell, Copywrite

 Bigging up your home town is one of my favourite parts of hiphop music and Blahz Martell smashes this alongside grammy nominated Camille Carolina.

Brum based emcee legend returns with a very generous serving of Granola with his latest installments, available from Eatgood

Now here's a selection of bar related goodness I've been put onto recently....First Flabbz is going in HARD on Charlie Sloth's 'Fire in the Streets' sessions; followed up by Chester P's contribution....I'm posting it straight up then watching as I already know its gonna be well worth it ha.....then a couple more slabs of heavy weight lyracism firstly with Copywrite putting a great twist on slang with 'Yasin Bey' and then Tre Isaacs vibing out on hyper medula venting operation....

Lil B

New Hiphop Music from Donta Black, Chima Anya and Georgia Anne Muldrow

Chima Anya has jumped into a fantastic project with Clem Beats, and this deeply emotional track is the first single with visuals taken from their EP available here. RIP Ade. A new voice to Vocalswords, Georgia Anne Muldrow is certainly no novice and this powerful track gives a lyrical knockout to the commercial world of pop rap.

Whole Heap of Beats and Rhymes from Nutso et al, RJD2 & STS....

First Up, really digging this, a fantastic audio back drop from RjD2 gives STS the perfect canvas to throw down knowledge....

Vocalswords try to keep things on a righteous tip and I was excited to find this selection of collabs with def rhyme spitter got a bit worried by the uber violent "The Reaper" but then taking it for the extended metaphore it is decided to give it the benefit of the doubt; concerns over the presentation of uber violence, misogyny and all the usual difficult subjects stick with me as the tape progresses; however the fact that many of the rhymes in this project give a much better defined narrative with explanatory caveats (or just the Nutso " FucK You Attitude") than the majority of music (much of which often only contains about the total of 2 sentences of actual lyrics) that I'm getting daily through the inbox means it deserves to be heard...especially the Ras Kass appearance from around 15mins an existential take on Shakespeare around 22mins in....will balance out the hip hop karma I reckon!....

Sunday, March 08, 2015

New Ludacris, Large Professor, Medina Green and more fresh hiphop

And whoosh...that was February gone! Such a short month sometimes feels like it doesn't even exist, and a big job changeover as meant a chance to chill in hiphop land has been lacking 'till now...Luckily the Legendary Ludacris has decided to smash back into the booth to remind new jacks who's got the Juice..."You rap like something behind ya"...Some speculation on the Youtube comments that this is aimed at Drake; I don't care either way but if there is a reply it better be fire!....Freshness!

Always love to see a Large Pro release in my inbox....always a guarantee of quality and the Hook says it all...Megadon slams hard and the chorus rocks hard with "Ay yo this Chemistry will make you form ideas, and make things clear, Y'All B Squared"....delivered by the wonderfully voiced Medina Green; an old school hero for producing some of the illest early joints alongside Mos Def....Damn Right We Breakin' Atoms!

An academic career nearly de-railed by drugs, a teaching zipping out disses to wanna be G's in his class, and a pot head puking up at a to say bravo to Bravado for repping his profession and presenting a banging record. Along with Alumni SC Static and No Name well crafted bars come flying out covering many ideas and themes common to many young men, nicely paralleling the life of Johnny Cash, as depicted in the film and song, Walk the Line. No prizes for creative sample flipping here but an enjoyable and interesting slab of a track.

A cool combination here over a mellow beat gets the best out of these emcees, it's always particularly good to hear Sean P get reflective, even when as expected it's sandwiched betwen a plethora of depressing gun imagry. Tragedy Khadafi holds it down nicely as do Oowop the Don/Kima Rocel

@MCBravado @IStillLoveHER

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kenn Starr, Blacktivity, Wordsworth, Supastition, Black Milk and more

Kenn Starr has reportedly gone back to the drawing board despite critical acclaim of his first release. Nothing wrong with keeping to the fundamentals and a posse cut has always been a classic move. Taken from his latest LP "Square One" Washington's finest bought a few friends along. 

Detroit is well known for it's high calibre of artists and Blacktivity is no exception; the crew have dropped thier first LP and it's a very nice slice of hip hop documenting a blue collar lifestyle full of reality, hopes, fears, dope beats and scratches. MC Ill Tone provides the on point lyrics (including a very nice nod to Wu Tang on Data Day) and the production is held done wonderfully by Shade Cobain. The creativity of this album is seriously impressive, it has been a while since I've heard something fresh with so many ideas and themes. "Photo Album" is a great concept, as it "Death of an Artist" which tells a familiar but sad tale of broken creative dreams, while "Wedding Crashers" goes on a joyfully mischeaveous jaunt of nonsense. The overall tone of the album is very nuanced but ultimately positive. I'm especially interested in the message delivered in the Outro about the effects of translation; however have no idea where it came from. I will investigate; in the meantime check out the whole album.

And finally....I meant to blog this incredible track a while ago as soon as I stumbled over it...Now this is what I call a collection of Emcees! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

DJLord 2MP, Olodo, De La Soul, Chuck D & Strange U

Who's down for freeing Human Beings? As ever the great Chuck D is on point urging us to "Eat the Rat" alongside DJ Lord who absolutely tears the track to pieces. Power Music.

An M.C. conducting a raging river? Check. An artist singing his own hook? Emotive bars to catch your attention that then cut off to want you fiendin' for more? Check Check it out! Ikey comes heavy with the refrain "they said I was Olodo" apparently translating as 'dumb' longer a suitable adjective yo.

And finally....this has been out for almost a year but in my terrible lack of keeping up to date with the Universe I've only just stumbled across it....essential for those interested in creativity.