Friday, July 25, 2014

Legends, New Jacks and General Business

Had a fine weekend of hiphop and just wanted to salute Nas, Immortal Technique, Soul II Soul and Hassan Salam for keeping London very lively these last two days. Seeing a whole sea of fans rapping along to classic lines from the 'Illmatic' album was a beautiful thing at LoveBox, an event which apparently has a bit of a bad rep in terms of attitude all I saw was love especially as veteran smooth party rockers Soul II Soul did thier thing in the late afternoon sunshine! If anyone happens to read this and has photos of the event holla and I'll re-edit to stick them in; I was too busy partying to document anything! Anyhow a lot of cool shit right about now so check these if you gots time to chill!

First up, the big questions....Why has religion always been so powerful? A strong contender for reaon number one is the dicipline it teaches. Becoming very focused on a set of ideals can imbibe one with a feeling of enormous power and Hopsin demonstrates this incredibly well, even as he shares confusion his dedication to questioning and searching ".......Theres way too many different religions
with vivid descriptions begging all fuckin men and women to listen....." this is great, intense stuff in this the latest "Ilmind" of an amazing series.

Another great lyricist is the irrepresable Jehst, whose performance of  Camberwell Carrots at the Jazz Cafe here in London is well worth checking.....

Now a little treat for Onyx heads who have had to wait 10 years but now the crew are returning with a Snowgoons produced album....first cut visuals, produced by Trash Secco and Rome York, for 'TurnDaFucUp' are right here, and its as rugged as you could possibly want....

Mean while emcee Adil Omar takes raucous hiphop to another level with the fisticuff flaunting  'Paki Rambo'

And finally, I was sent some music by Skipp Whitman, and though it was solid I thought it may not be his best so I did a bit of digging and found this little honest gem.....recently my girl has been forcing me to watch old episodes of Glee I was actually appreciating the glitz and ceremony of the big band stuff; the unabashed optimism of this dude is pretty refreshing, though I reckon a bit more work on the complexity of his bars could help push him further.....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Domineko, Chima Anya and Nas Mixtape

Chima Anya is a creative beast and you can never quite tell what he's going to hit you up with next. Seeing the title of a track "Smoke it, Drink it" I was looking forward to a bit of a mindless banger (Chima is occaisionally capable of these) but had my mind seriously challenged with a hard hitting reflection on the perils of hardcore drug addiction; a topic Chima is well qualified to discuss after working closely with addicts. Well worth a watch, a cartoon sterotype this aint.

Domeniko comes correct with a great mini video for an uplifting and lyrically concious track. This is taken from his new album "Wood Floors" about which he writes "It’s the audio summary of the lessons and bits of inspirations that helped me achieve the long fight of getting back to who I know I want to become as an artist.  I've realized the only person you have to beat is yourself."

And finally, if you happen to be feeling a little nostalgic or just fancy a good blast of Nasty Nas, DJ Reminise has put together a great overview of the legend's progression through life....possibly could have done with a few more early bangers but overall this is well worth a the intro track as Nas waxes lyrical about going full circle through the medium of Cognac!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Eliza Shaddad premieres with Wonderland Magazine "Waters"

Eliza Shaddad is going to be a big name very soon as her incredible talent, writing skills and work ethic are coming to the fore. She has recently been working and touring with Clean Bandit but her solo material is culminating in a 4 track EP; the lead track 'Waters' is being Premiered by Wonderland Magazine....quickly followed by Vocalswords and hopefully many other blogs and sites! Spread the word :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mix Tape's now threaten the High Seas! Symphonik Bang present Exordium Armada

Get involved with this ish RIGHT NOW.....if the first track with Nutso, Sadaam Shaddiq & Royal Flush over a cut up Biggie sample doesn't have you wildin' out immediately, what the hell you reading this blog for? Check the back cover below if you really need another set of dope ass reasons to click through and support!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Rawkus Records Revisited

Dr Millionare - Bando Man Anyone who shoots a video that throws in as much trippy shit as they can muster including a Wikipedia reference to the definition of a Crack House gets the parody seal of approval in my book. The fact that the beat is hard as hell and the lyrics take a bit of concentrating to appreciate means it gets a VS play.
I swear there's an accordian going on in the back of this joint, I'm liking the slight gallic air it gives the track.... I'm feeling C-Way's (Cash Wanted All Year) flow on this, some nice imagery and thoughts that go pretty deep and ending with "the only guarentee is a spot in prison" a sobering reflection ending a realitively upbeat track.

 DJ pHiLLy has been rocking out of the Vocalswords Sound system for a while and I should be arrested for criminal negligence for not having posted up some goodness before...hopefully I can cop a plea bargain by showcasing this ill mix which er...showcases some of the finest gems from 90's hiphop powerhouse Rawkus Records. (Interestingly a venture bankrolled by son of Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch)

RAWKUS RECORDS HOMAGE | TRACKSIDE BURNERS & ITCH FM RADIO #28 30-MAR-2014) by Dj Philly/Trackside Burners on Mixcloud

Boom Bap RPM Illness from Benny Diction &Able8 ft Tony Skank &Melody Myla

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Springtime Madness!

Yes Yes Yall All of the goodies below are well worth checking! Got a few tech issues to sort atm hopefully a better presented post next time! End of the day I'm only getting submissions to the blog, which is all good but to anyone who actually just checks Vocalswords for pleasure let me know what your saying just so I don't feel I'm shouting into the Berners-Lee void! Word. Solo.   A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {The Letter C}


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