Sunday, September 16, 2018

Out here living my best life...

Hardy Caprio and One Acen are bringing a smooth positive flow to this banger "Best Life" that I've just tuned into on the "Rap UK" Spotify Playlist.

Looks like the scene is in rude health...a lot of the artists being sent my Spotiway I have to say I ain't heard of, but the wifey (yes it's official, all thanks and praises due to God, Jah, Universe and/or any other forces you want to mention!) is nodding along in appreciation. Gotta love it. "Litness" by Mostack has got me even more pumped to be honest so have a lil tune into this; mans feeling Creme de la Creme...haha you can't front; mans been looking for positive vibes for a while and this joint is dripping with it, God be my witness!

So that's what the algorithms be saying...gonna jump in the Googleinbox to see what its been saying...
Some smoothness from SWSHR...Well worth tuning into, the lyrics and beats are really working on me into some cohesive goodness!

Sophia taking Britain to task through encouraging us all to keep our little lights shining! When your bank account is laughing in your face..; have the strength to laugh right back at it!

A sister standing up to the system in a very positive way; get on it!

Bit more hardcore but this joint jams nicely with an IPA in my hotel room...

So when man was looking for the visuals Hardy and One Acen, the algorithym led me to this tune; having heard it banging out the Camberwell & Brixton ends it was mad nice to see how clean and fresh the vid was. Not3s keeping it popping with "Aladdin"....

Friday, April 20, 2018

Motivation & Inspiration Music from Joey BadaSS Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear plus Cormega, Full Force, Kid N Play, Michael Franti & More!

I have been putting off writing this post for such a long time as there are so many quotables, inspirational music and incredibly deep themes I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of writing about them all. Finally decided to forget all that noise and let the music do the talking. This spotify playlist and following videos were curated as a result of some excellent heads who helped me out via Facebook. Every track on here is well worth checking. Some are slow burners that I did'nt really 'get' initially but that is the beauty of hiphop; the really great stuff creeps up on you slowly! Please enjoy and share with those for whom you care. Peace for now! Special shouts to Rich Hearn, Jen Hazel, Richard Wilkins, Aseea Mahmood,Stuart Anderson, Joel Wilson, Pete Greenwood and Mat Conway!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Mental Health, Masculinity & Hip Hop - The Hidden Lyric with Solocypher

I was recently privileged to take part in a probing interview with Brendan from the Preciptoman crew as part of the podcast series "The Hidden Lyric" Click Here to Dive In... We go deep into my love of hip-hop, my recent bout of depression, teaching and education and how CBT and Hip Hop has helped me and many others.

The Hidden Lyric returns with episode 3. We discuss the cathartic aspect of writing lyrics, CBT, positive mental health, the expectations of a performing artist and the male ideal. We are joined by Solo Cypher, a rapper, permaculture-ist and entrepreneur. Get in touch with us @preciptoman 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chima Anya & Slone - Coffee

Check out brand new percolation from the man like Chima Anya...The good doctor gets trippy in love in this caffinated trip outfor some kind of love! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

London Hip Hop Treats from Kotodama, Adventures of...Bernard James and the good Doctor Chima Anya

So much talent, so much energy....all the following artists have this in abundance! Unfortunately it takes a while for me to keep up hence having to smash a whole heap of great content into one little post.....Going to Inner Peace Records nights over the past 18 months or so I getting increasingly amped by the quality, focus and energy of their work....will have to do a full blog post just on them soon but in the meantime enjoy a little live performance from...(X)....and check out the "Glyphs" album from Kotodama (Tang the Pilgrim & (X) which I literally listened to 7 times on repeat when I first got it! One of my favourite tracks (though a difficult task to choose one) Is "Zanshin"(Japanese: 残心) which is is a state of awareness, of relaxed alertness, in Japanese martial arts. A literal translation of is "remaining mind". In several martial arts, refers more narrowly to the body's posture after a technique is executed.


Next up my fantastic homies from Preciptoman Records Bernard James and Kooper Nut have go their video game on smash for the downtempo banger "Down"....a nice visual representation of thier live style; incredible dance moves and beautiful commaraderie, and accompaniying two great new releases, a remix project of three tracks from thier "Feel Cool Forever" LP by the excellent Flytip,  these really got my headbanging!

Hot of the press! Happy Birthday to Bernard James, he has literally just posted up and a brand new EP reflecting on Family, Friends and Strangers....Enjoy it as I do too!




And finally.....Chima Anya & Slone have linked up again (check the above stunning video) and are soon to release thier full album. If you are a London head get down to see Chima performing live and bringing the energy (a taste of which you can see in the little video above, taken when he was performing Biggie's classic Ready to Die  as part of the Re: Imagine Orchestral Project at XOYO the other day (an incredible show by the way, make sure you check it out the next time they are performing!) For more info check the flyer or show love at...


And couldn't leave without a little throwback to Chima's great MC Hammer remix, bringing the pain to politicians 4 years ago....message still supremely relevant!!

                                           Check Out Chima in the Papers Too!! 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Black Thought, Empowerment & Education in Hip this the best Freestyle ever!?

This a mega power post, first up check the amazing story of Consensus and his journey through music into particle physics the large hadron collider, breaking down his come up and successes with the "End of the Weak" high level hip hop community. Courtesy of No Budget Entertainment's "Shoreal" films, they have some great other content so subscribe to their channel! Next I had to drop the latest Black Thought free....pure flames and blew up the internet (although ludicrously for some of the wrong reasons but I aint going there right now!) Anyways enjoy both videos, we bringing that good stuff!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Watch TV and Do Nothing! Tip Top Advice from Lee Scott and Dr Chima Anya

Good to chat with my big home the Doctor recently, his life is going from excellent to incredible at a nicely consistant pace as his lyrical skills continue to flourish, his video game is on point and he's keeping hiphop at the centre of London Love music with sell out shows at The Jazz Cafe, XOYO and smashing the DJ skills running BEspoke with Chidi Ubani in Brixton. Chima kindly sent me a little exclusive photo for all you rap fans putting posters on ya walls print it out haha!

His most recent tune and video has been gaining some hype recently and the excellent "de-clyutter, de-stress and value you're time more" certainy resonates with sit back, relax and enjoy...

Just don't relax for too long, or you may need to listen extremely closely to Lee Scott who smashes down a devastaing critique of the modern obsession with watching and consuming content. Two valuable life lessons there, right I'm off to meditate (hmm or maybe one more beer....!)