Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Scarface Laments Police Killings...Plus Ice Cube

We start off with Scarface's incredible, poignent and disturbing new track. Venting out as only Brad Jordan can he goes in hard as "the evil demons came back" and he reflects with desolation; "Ive been a loyal dude and you can trust that, but loyalty versus greed equals fuck that".

And finally a piece of perfect social media news parody, courtousey of my good friend Jon Hill stopped the press, as it were for this...

Friday, September 04, 2015

Great new music from Stig of the Dump, Jehst, Ackurate & Divine Suns

What an absolute stormer! I say that even though the track is relatively laid back tempo and beat wise but the precision of wordplay of Stig and infectious hook from Jehst make this a paradoxically hypnotic yet lyrically super satisfying tour de force. I've played this on repeat many times without the video and it's an absolute banger. Watching the video almost makes it too incredible; the attention to detail and incredible homage to Stanley Kubrick deserves serious respect and attention. Stig's interpretations of leading characters whilst still delivering parts of himself through his bars is very impressive; and the surreal glimpses of Jehst depicting iconic scenes from Kubrick's work makes the whole video a proper classic.

This track should be an absolute classic. It suffers slightly from a lack of consistent engineering and though the beat is hella dope it should be slamming in harder. Aside these criticisms this really shows hiphop in it's most incredibly positive social light; some ill spitting helps deliver a profound message of solidarity and hope whilst gently calling out some of the more mainstream artist who are "ignorant to civil rights like it aint they fight". The incorporation of many people and generations in the video help cement this as a great focal point for positive, collaborative and hopeful music.

Ackurate's new joint describes him as a "Soul Misfit" but in reality the precision of beats and points of view he expresses should have him fitting well into the ears of those appreciative of intelligent and progressive hiphop. No surprise his work is tagged with "90's" and "Underground" on his Bandcamp page; it is indeed a strange state affairs that such non-mainstream tags still need to be applied to what is in fact great quality music that, in the humble opinion of Vocalswords, should actually be getting that big ol' mainstream spotlight. Highlights include The Excursion giving a nice intro to the poetically inspired styles of Ackurate and his world view while 'Vibes' produced by Capo is a smoothly rolling track oozing positivity.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Rest in Power Sean Price

A massive loss to Hip Hop comes with the news that underground legend, Sean Price aka Ruck; one half of the incredible Heltah Skeltah outfit has passed away. I played "Monkey Bars" a few weeks ago in full and was thinking how many other rappers have such complex, entertaining and brutal styles and to be honest I'm not sure there is anyone better. A sad day. I've posted a couple of my favourite clips of Sean P and one of my favourite joints from Monkey Barz; the chemistry dude had with Rock and the incredible skill level is in full effect; Thanks for the work big man.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

It aint all Greek Tragedy....

As Greece faces an uncertain future in terms of it's solvency and relationship to the European Union after an historic vote which may prove pivitol in the history of both democracy and international economic affairs I thought it fitting to play a slice of hiphop from Greece. Fortunately I stumbled fairly quickly over this hopefull sounding banger from Sins; a prophetic "Live as One" hook haunts the track as headknodding melodic flows referencing Cronus provide the subtance that at the moment is unfortunately elusive. Any translaters, or Sins if you are out there get at me to break the lyrics down!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Music from Ras Kass, Ron Beatty, V. Nova & D.O.S.

Word up Ron Beatty; I know why they ain't heard about you dog, its cause you sound truthful, humble and honest....give me a lift in your (hopefully electrically powered) Maserati one day and I'll join you leaning out the window yelling! Holler @RonBeattyNC, Video Shot by @Nervreck and @scorpioflo_kob1

"My Instructions came with a typo!....tough life tales from @Mr_VNova but with a poetic flair that keeps it banging along nicely over a Crack Factory beat. 

Rass Kass uniting struggles with characteristic hardcore flair here over Domingo's swinging, gun shot laced production.....a shame that the rich are killing the weak but as long as that is the status quo the elite need to watch out for the wrath of Rassy....Domingo has an impressive stack of joints featuring some dope dope emcees, go check it here. 

The last one is a big shout out to my girl who complains about too much of hip hop being a bit depressing or over intellectualized (ok, mainly just UK Hip Hop coming mainly from white boys like me). This track is pretty much about hard core bars with a video about having fun, so not too much too complain about from me as long as I am of course overlooking the standard misogyny, crass commercialism etc blah blah blah ah stuff it its been a long day and D.O.S got some bars to cheer me up, is having a great time with his crew so why not!!?

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Fresh Hip Hop from Napoleon feat Killah Priest, Rapper Big Pooh prod Apollo Brown Sim-E ft Rock, Torae & Quelle Chris

Unbelievably ill, stick this shit on rewind from the former Little Brother heavyweight emcee telling you with force and panache "What you already new" over a banger from Apollo Brown. Also peep the goodness from Napoleon who hold it down getting Biblically inspired with a nice feature from Killah Priest. We finish off with an excellent video for a banging cut where Sim-E smashes the beats up and is ably assisted by the irrepressible Rock of Heltah Skeltah and the ever intriguing Quelle Chris.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Hey!zeus.i 'Holy Cow' ft. Strange U & Jehst plus Ghostface Killah & Elzhi

Check out this slice of Psychadlic Bovine illness from the Young N Restless camp; Hey!zeus.i asking the important question "....if the lands barren where you graze your flock?" and Kashmere of Strange U giving the sage advice ".......get creative" this tripped out marvelously hypnotic track is completed by The High Plains Drifter kicking in a holy cash cow earning verse. Great to be hearing this original business, great music should be appreciated by all.

And if that's not quite enough high powered lyricism for you check out the new Tony Starks LP "Sour Soul", a tour de force of paired back rhymes allowing a soundscape to showcase some of the illest flows in the game.  As Pretty Tony spits....

Stand the fuck up like Flav to fight the power
I'm an activist, socialist, deadly ass poetrist
Supreme Clientele, I'm a goddamn vocalist
My thoughts are so heavy I could change a generation
The x-factor, we puttin' holes through inflation