Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jon Phonics 'Half Past Calm 2'

YNR Productions is proud to present the release of producer Jon Phonics' 'Half Past Calm 2' LP. It is a heavy project all over, my personal favourites are 'Dark Days' and 'Mind over matter'...the former has Jam Baxter and Fliptrix giving you some top notch braggadocio bars and the latter elevating yor mind into some next dimensions with Verb T and Kashmere knocking it out the park on another ill collaboration. 9 Planets and Kosyne also come particularly hard/clever on their respective tracks, loving Kos's way of switching up perspectives, great writing!

The following is taken from the press release but does a pretty good job at giving a flavour of the project...

"Jon is back with another snapshot of what the UK scene has to offer to the world of Hip Hop. Featuring highly acclaimed artists such as Jehst, Triple Darkness, Micall Parknsun, Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Obba Supa and more. This album is more than rapping over beats, Half Past Calm 2 is a statement of the current musical climate in the UK.

The album takes the listener on a journey from the coldest sword swiging boom bap on album opener 'Raw Ingredients' (Featuring Jehst & Cyrus Malachi) to the oscillating basslines and 8 bit blips of head nodder 'Pump', to the dusty soul of T-Bear & Yasine on 'Changes'. Too new school to be UK Hip Hop too Hip Hop to be, for want of a better word, wonky...

You can stream the album from Jon's bandcamp here. Where it is also available for free download for a limited time only.

The album is also available in the form of 300 x limited edition 4 ply covers available exclusively via the YNR shop here. Get yours!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Solocypher - Wheres My Cash.mp3

Just a quick self promo; check the topical tune and think about it before casting your votes come election day...screws everyone a little bit really but I wanted to put it out there! Let me know what you!

Solocypher - Wheres My Cash.mp3

Just in time for the election, Solo poses a few difficult questions for himself, and more importantly for the men attempting to run our country...produced by T.Twigg

See what you reckon, pass it on to those you think might dig it!! :)