Sunday, December 28, 2008

Protect Ya Neck! Its Mr Shaodow!

This dude doesnt just talk the talk; a martial arts expert and lyrical wordsmith the kid is nice over any beat he chooses to rip into. Couple this with a dude who has rediculous work ethic and knack for having fresh videos is second to none and you can tell theres some quality. I saw him live a few months ago and he ripped it down; Check the 'Grime' single here, a track that has drawn attention through Channel U and Choice FM spins.

Mr Shaodow is an emcee not afraid to rock over a wide variety of beats produced by Offkey, and its good to know that part of the mission statement is to encourage "MC's to stop taking the easy route when it comes to their music as it ends up hurting their art." In terms of creativity these guys are on point and its well worth checking for more gems. I'll leave you with this one though - what would you do when you see "A Black man coming"?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Kano - Layer Cake

This is one of my favourite tracks ever from a mixtape; the film was incredible, making a household name of Danial Craig. Then Kano comes along and brutalises the track with hypnotic sample and the classic line "Im in the industry man. In Eng-a-land, where I'll never sell more than an indy band" unfortunatly too true!

So Solid Crew

To be honest I never really checked for So Solid back in the day but just stumbled across this and it made me realise preconceptions were wrong; as they invariably are...was checkin some new Asher D recently; boy got rhymes for days!

I hate Jeremy Clarkeson

Yo this is some bullshit; its friday night and I'm stuck at home...I was going to watch the old favourite Have I Got News For You but ol' Daddio decides his hatred for Clarkeson runs so deep no body in the house is gonna watch it! Now I hate that smug basterd as well but come on! Anyways Im like...shiiiit what shall I do with myself; started working on some album artwork but then remembered Im wack at all that so I decided to enjoy some Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy...check this shit! (Literally!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nine - Whatcha Want

Now this is what I call that old boom bap, classic hip hop shit! Been a big fan of Nine for ages, but his stuff's mad hard to get hold of! If anyone knows where I can grab some get at me!

Gangsta Rap is a Fraud!

Sabac Red talks real sense with "Commitment". Ill Bill creates a powerfull plea to his uncle to clean up his heroin addiction with a brilliant animated video, plus Saigon speaks some wise words about the influence of Hip Hop on the next generation.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Boi recieves award from Dr. Cornel West

As a long time fan of OutKast, a group whose vision and creativity has influenced me and many others, it was great to stmble over this clip of Big Boi recieving the 2008 Renaissence Award. Dr West is an incredibly eloquent and cerebral intellectual; as demonstrated briefly here - whose work on race, religion and culture have been influential accross America and the world...also, any film buffs may be impressed that he was a central force in the development of the "Matrix" storylines and played a cameo in the last two films...

Friday, December 12, 2008

360 Got all your Ska Funk Punk Reggae and Rock needs sorted!

I've just been reliably informed that immensely talented and very friendly 360 folk have got there website up and running...go check for the goodness; including the video for "Not Staying" an amazing slice of acustic vocals! Who says I'm only interested in hip hop!!? Although I do have extra love for the guys after a fair few jamming sessions where they tolerated my mashed up freestlye stylings; love shows love innit!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Baby J, Baron and Biggie

Just a day after I cancelled my cinema pass, (I'm getting sick of cloned CGI/Infant comedy bullshit on repeat whilst the Baader Meinhof complex and Waltz with Bashir aint shown) I find out that a film about Biggie; 'Notorious' is coming out in Feburary, then a 2 part film about general badman Che around the same time....Ah well at least it gives me an excuse to miss Giant Kung Fu Adorable Squid 57!

Anyhow, check this Baby J banger taken from his latest set "Baby Food" featuring Million Dan, another quality slice from the midlands Man, Ive been a fan since his mixtape featuring 50 different emcees rapping over his beats, always about the lyrics!....

And if that wasn't enough for you, check Baron Von Alias here showing that UK heads can produce some nice stuff without taking themselves too seriously! Nice one.