Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little Brother Live @ Jazz Cafe

Heads up for you chilled backpackers loving that Lil Bro smooth vibes...
Little Brother Live
Warm up set by Spin Doctor
WED 1st July @ JAZZ CAFÉ
5 Parkway, Camden, London, NW1 7PG
£15.oo In advance (exclusively from this link)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New GTA Video and Higher Ground Review

Chima and Ineff breaking it down smooth in this classic hip hop party video! Loving the vibes especially the sunglasses indoors look...shit I aint rocked that since primary school discos haha! .
Quality work fellas, and while you check this make sure you get Chima's Higher Ground Mixtape here I finally found a Vietnamese cyber lab that let me check it and it bangs, beats by Samiam and Hudson Mohawk come slamming out of nowhere as Chima brings his trademark swagger, humour and slanted view on life. Laugh out loud moments come thick and fast along with the satisfaction of hearing an already dope emcee having upped his game lyrically whilst gaining a very contemporary edge. Standouts for me where the classic remakes of Paid in Full (Laid 'em can guess the theme) and Ill Street Blues, great homages to some classics. You've gotta love the catchy yet venom fuelled cut of "Your the biggest Cnt" where Chima lays into a foe who has obviously done a fair amount of shafting in the recent past. Lots more hotness as well but my hands down favourite has got to be Drunken Rant where C gets deep into his mentle life as a doctor and the expectations society has; a brutally honest track that shows the maturity lurking under the foul mouth of this dude

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Supergroup plus new Canibus and Termanology

Grapevine has it that the latest supergroup working on an album is 'Random Axe' made up of Sean Price, Guilty Simpson and Black Milk. Sounds like it will be heavy although I'm yet to subscribe to the hype surrounding Guilty Simpson...Milk got beats for days though! Either way its a good excuse to post up this dope joint from Sean featuring a tongue twisting chorus from his partner in rhyme Roc. Heltah Skeltah been ripping mics for years, I'm always suprised they didn't make it bigger...then again not too many people like it this raw!

Whilst kickin' it on youtube I also uncovered this gem by (relatively) new spitsmith Termanology trading bars with one of my all time greats, Canibus...enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Respect ya elders

First up, get listening to the latest Cro show here cause just the first jam, Juice Aleem with Moorish Delta's Cipher and Blackitude "Straight Outta BC" bumps rediculous, big up Brum city for definite...swiftly followed by Jehst's feeding time at the zoo...nice!

As to the title topic, just found this rebuff aimed at loose tongued Joe Budden from the legendary Melle Mell...check the end, some funny shit!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mr CRF chops it up for ya!

Gotta shout out my man Mr CRF who's just told me about his two most recent shows available for all those fiendin' for that head nod ish! Check the tracklisting, I'm sure you won't be able to resist! If this tickles your fancy make sure you check DJ Cro's show also (link on the Vocalsloggers list, right)

Critical Beatdown Hiphop Show 8 (2009)
Buckshot & Kardinal OIfficial ---- Got Cha Open 09
Dana Dane & Chubb Rock --- The summery
Brand Nubian --- Bran Nu Bein
K-Solo --- Name You Can Trust
Smith & Wesson --- Bucktown Baby
RekordKings & Guilty Simpson --- Hiphop Throwback
Mystro --- I Got This
Urban Legends --- Just Raw Skillz
Pro P & Mr CRF ---- CRF
Cee Rock The Fury ---- Dialect Rediculous
Asher Roth & Slick Rick --- You
Chubb Rock --- Treat Em Right
King Sun --- King Sun With The Sun
Public Enemy --- Your Gonna Get Yours
Ultramagnetic Mcs --- When I Burn
Paris --- Side Effects
Classified,Shad K,DL Incognito,Buck 65 --- Loonie
McM & C-Lone --- Rhymes Equal Actual Life
Nine --- Yes
Pro P & Andidote --- Best In The Biz
Rhymezwell,Ad-1,Urban Legends,Cashino.Mr CRf,Original One & Wordsmith--- Jakin 4 Beats

Critical Beatdown MASH-UP Show 2

More nicêness ưith a smoother flavour, includes the new Chubb Rock & Wordsmith Another Party Joint!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jay Rock The Depression

"People used to own people, this the new era, now people tryna clone people...damn!" I'm glad at least the Source "Hip hop Quotable" column is still worth checking.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kasha - Hustling

A bit of fresh UK sound for your ears, Kasha addresses the hustling theme with a real melodic guitar led track contemplating the struggles of making a life out of music rather than heading down a more nafarious route. The musicality of this release oozes quality and heralds a strong upcoming talent. Get 'Hustling' here, taken from his new album The Oracle.

Free Ice Cream presents Allmost Fameless

Featuring the star of my recent collaboration Scholarman, this free compilation from Kats and Domer with a slew of quality guests and producers, is available from the quality dudes Free Ice Creama discerning New York based promotions/party company...go get it!

Cambodian B Boys, K'Naan, Nas

After my dissapointment in Thailand its pretty cool to see some not bad throw ups on the wall of a local night club here in Siam Riep...also I have heard some definite rap type music blasting out of a few speakers round here. The vocab even seems to have influenced an author to write the worrying sounding "Pol Pot - Brother Number 1"

In international news its so encouraging to here that DMX will be setting up a Christian ministry after his release from prison...what a role model :)More encouraging musically is news ( that Nas is going to hook up with Pete Rock once again to rekindle some of the magic that resulted in classic Illmatic recordings. Whet your appetite for this by reminiscing with this.

On the home news front it's great to see our scandolous ass politician's expenses bullshit posted all over the globe, makes me proud to be British! More positive news is that the Love Music Hate Racism Festival looks cool; I can't make it but if you have 30th May free get down to Stoke on Trent for the event.Eddie Izzard is now confirmed to compere a line up of Reverand & the Makers - N-Dubz - Kano - The New Beautiful South - Get Cape Wear Cape Fly - Jerry Dammers - DJ Ironik - VV Brown - Helsinki (Drew McConnell Indie Supergroup) - The Beat - Beverly Knight - Bashy - Roll Deep - Kieron Leonard...apparantly tickets are selling fast get yours now at, or New dude on my hip hop Radar K'Naan is appearing at Cargo on the 26th May so get involved if you feeling the dude, a definitive positive from an authentic African perspective.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Jadakiss goodness

Reading the Source in Singapore airport as the only available means to get connected I was annoyed to find half the magazine filled with non-hip hop stuff; fair enough in terms of the general culture but if I buy a music magazine I want at least 75% dedicated to bloody music! However, an interview with an emcee I have respected since my days of loving bullshit ignant gangsta rap and still respect today got me checking the vids and stumbled accross this braggadocious niceness...I will post the more anthemic and inspirational "Why" soon (word to Conwizzle) but for now just enjoy the swagger.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Canibus Interview on Conspiracy

Canibus emerges from an apparant 3 year interview silence for a lengthy discussion covering beef, working towards a positive hip hop community, the role of writers and other random does get a bit sprawling at some points but all Canibus fans will enjoy at least a cinfused glimpse into the mic legend. Check the interview here; big up Menace from Conspiracy for yet another rediculous exclusive.

Eminem 3am Official Video

Keeping a loose eye on Eminem hoping for a return to his original form; I've found this and although not super impressed yet I think it's a grower...still can't really get used to his new sing song high pitch sort of flow but i can't deny the lyrical dexterity of this and the twisted video shows some glimpse of that original twisted imagination that lit fires all those years ago! What ya reckon?

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Chima Anya - Higher Ground Mixtape

The big homie Chima has just dropped his mixtape Higher Ground for your delight and entertainment! I cant wait to get bumping this; apparantly Mary Ann Hobbs on Radio 1 has already been giving this some spins...big tings agwaan!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Shed a tear for these poor rappers

Despite the wealth, glamour and prestige associated with being a rap superstar it would appear that live aint all chicken and beer. Nas and Kelis have just announced they are to divorce which is sad news...however I had to smirk at a different story; the trial of DMX who is being prosecuted for impersonating an FBI Officer after he pulled some dude over on the highway and tried to arrest him, apparantly he has a 'spare' flashing light in his care for when he feels like making a citizens arrest!

On a completely different note having some time out to read and experience different media has lead me to the incredible "Tokyo Cancelled" by Rana Dasgupta a sort of updated Canterbury Tales that incorporates mindbending displays of awesome narrative and magical realism. I also wanted to remind myself to read Soul Mountain by exiled Chinese Nobel winner Gao Xingjian. I leave this post with a picture of Ganesha, a Hindu deity a keep stumbling across in a lover of learning and a hero of the common person I thought he'd make a great talisman for Vocalswords!