Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fat Gold Chain and Drop Beats Not Bombs...Nuts!

Just recovering from the combined of effects of Fat Gold Chain on friday and Drop Beats Not Bombs yesterday (Saturday), what a heavy couple of nights...FGC was a great success that almost never happened (mainly due to me messing things up) the end mad love, a good turnout, some nice performances and the battle blazed by Chima who was spittin flames! Drop Beat not Boms was well heavy...mad props to Eliza for her crazy talant, we had a wicked set - I only messed up one verse outta five songs so all gravy! Heavy night especially due to the special return of Mr Serious traight outta Portugal...props to everyone who was there, mad live with all crews puttin on SHOWS!! Birmingham bigness, with Skinnyman turning up to do a lively set at 4 in the morning! Heavy tings!