Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mayhem Morearty

Some gritty grimy Toronto rap with a beautiful hook from Obie...if you're gonna do street shit make it sound good I reckon, and this does the trick, produced by Pro Logic.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vinnie Paz, Brown Bag All Stars and How Stories Can Save the World!

Since first hearing those 'old school' Jedi Mind Tricks recordings I've had a lot of respect for Vinny Paz and crew. Lately I've not really been enjoying some of the super hype gun music that I've been hearing but was checking Conspiracy Radio and heard Vinny breaking down this track. Sample issues mean it's not going to be available in this form on the album proper which is a real shame, so sit and reflect on this for the moment. Some deep reflections...by the way if you want more go google the documentary on the progress of JMT, some good watching!

Quick Jump to latest realease from the Brown Bag All Stars, a tidy collective of emcees spitting bars very nicely over a boom bap beat...check it out for free download right HERE

Finally on a more eclectic note, check this video about how fiction can bring the world together, a great talk by an interesting author, Elif Shafak, whose ideas I think should resonate with the essence and philosophies central to the world of hip hop...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

No Swag Needed

Am loving this fresh new slice of dopeness...middle verse is a smasher (not sure who's spittin?)...I want my eulogy to be rhymed too!

UK based hip hop producer SciFi Stu releases his second single No Swag Needed!

SciFi's debut single The Will feat Vast Aire, 4th Place & Jonwayne has been broadcast on radio shows worldwide, from BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix to the classic DJ Ready Cee show in New York and has appeared on mixtapes across the globe.

Looking to follow on from this success SciFi has recruited hip hop mainstay John Robinson (aka Lil Sci from Scienz of Life) & ultra-fresh Jersey group Remarkable Mayor to provide raps for this new energetic 'golden era' inspired track. The track also features turntable skills from SciFi's friend and collaborator Twelvebit.

1. No Swag Needed feat. Remarkable Mayor & John Robinson
2. What Yall Waiting For feat. Ill Poetix

SciFi Stu "No Swag Needed" Digi-12 is now available at:


Domination Recordings
Website: DominationRec.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/DominationRec
YouTube: Youtube.com/DominationRecordings
Facebook: Facebook.com/DominationRecordings

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