Tuesday, April 23, 2013

UKRA (UK Rap Anthem); Wu Tang's Mathematics, Wordsmith, and UK HipHop Documentary

Wu-Tang Clan's DJ Mathematics and his "Prelude To The Answer" mixtape. Wu-Tang Clan’s DJ Mathematics will has just released The Answer—an album that serves as the follow up to his 2005 album, The Problem.

Mathematics has also offered “Prelude To The Answer” as a free mixtape download. “I'm excited about the album and can't wait for it to drop,” Mathematics offered via written statement. “I put a lot of time, sweat and energy into this project and hope that overall my musical growth and development reflect in the finished product.” With 2013 marking the 20 year anniversary of Wu-Tang Clan’s collective debut, Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, fans are anticipating more new music. And rumors of a reunion album and tour have only increased the demand for all things Wu. As both DJ Mathematics and Ghostface Killah prepare for April releases, fans can expect more material from the Staten Island crew. You can stream 'Men of Honour' and purchase via DJ Mathematics' Bandcamp page. or check the whole stream over at HipHopDX

This is the UKRA (UK Rap Anthem) bought to life by Charlie Sloth who has been on a mission around the UK to find the story of hiphop outside of the London scene. Although there are some glaring omissions (RumCom, EatGood, Associated Minds and many more come to mind) this is a pretty interesting watch, and Charlie's passion for the artfrom is pretty infectious. I hadn't heard of Byron before but judging by this thoughtful track dedicated to the next generation he is one to watch. 'For the Kids' highlights many ills of society but with a hopefull undertone. Changing the paradigm is an important theme, at one point urging us to remember we need water to live, not oil.
Just finally to wrap up; Wordsmith comes through with some bars straight from the lab, general musings on a pretty cool concious vibe. https://soundcloud.com/wordsmith/wordsmith-some-random-thoughts

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Genesis Elijah Live, Jay Z "Open Letter" and Percy Filth New Banger ft Mylo Stone, Split Prophets & Serocee

Genesis Elijah brings his 'This is My Hustle' nationwide tour to London's 'Fat Gold Chain' an event not to be missed, especially due to the £100 open mic emcee competition that will be also taking place backed by an exciting new live band. More info from Fat Gold Chain FB Check out Genesis Elijah displaying why he is the 'Underground King' while you sign up, and if that wasn't enough check the GE Site for free goodness. Recent controversy piqued my interest as Jay Z's 'Open Letter' sent waves around the net. As hiphop is well known for its often dubious braggadocio, the fact that Jay Z has been welcomed at the White House makes Jigga's lines about chilling with Obama on the beach pretty poignant, if obviously false. His geopolitical views on China help put concerns in perspective, nice!
And finally, Brum Super Producer Percy Filth has been back at it and recruited Mylo Stone, Split Prophets and Serocee for an absolute bouncing riff led banger documenting the struggle alongside demonstrations in ill mic tearing, that classic UK sound. Buy it here.