Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bash Bros present Inglorious Bastards Mixtape Mixed by DJ OST

Props to Bash Bros. for this wicked treat I just recieved in the inbox...have been rocking all morning and the flat has been filled with dope boom bap beats and raw lyricism all mixed freshly by OSK...check the press release below and a quick look at the roster should get your mouse trigger finger itchin. Get ya download on and Happy New Year!

To commemorate a half a decade in the game the Bay Area duo BASH BROS. (Lefty & Piseas) team up with Switzerland representative DJ Osk to drop the Inglourious Basterds Mixtape. This piece celebrates the collabs with fellow indie superstars such as: Planet Asia, Chali 2na, Reef the lost cauze, & Big Pooh(Little Brother) to name a few. Inglourious Basterds: the Features spans throughout their 5 year catalog which represents 14 independent releases.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Soganic The Sum Up Free EP ft Solocypher

I'm proud to have worked this year with the prolific and hugely talented Scholarman this year, producing a track with him via the magic of the internet with a real positive message in 'Change thru the Rhyme'...I first heard the finished tune after he'd emailed it to me, standing on a balcony looking over Delhi in India...Biggie's 'I never the knew that hip hop would take it this far' line would have made a suitable soundtrack to the moment.

The track has made it onto the Soganic label's (Soulfully Organic goodness yo!) round up of 2009 EP and features along side some great tracks by excellent artists...

Soganic Music proudly present to you The Sum Up '09.

We gathered some of our favorite tracks out of our catalog from this year and compiled them into a free EP download for those who might have missed out when they were originally released.

This EP features Soganic artists ScholarMan, K-Mynez & Lagbara and special guests Jonesy, Kahli Abdu, SoloCypher, X3m & LabMatik. We also through a couple bonus tracks as well. Get it free right now, right here.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tis the Season to be Raging!

Merry yuletide folks; its good to be celebrating the world domination of Coke a Cola safe in the knowledge that the great power of the internet has been used for the very worthy cause in which a little piece of Simon Cowells pride has been slightly dented. Plus some money went to charity and RATM are set to put on a concert in the UK to say thanks....not a bad victory in the fight against banality, cynical exploitation of morons and toilet brush hairdo' how about a UK hip hop tune for christmas number one 2010??

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mystro new ish

Thanks to a random run in with the Mighty Mys at a Chima party a while back (then wierdly at Carnival a few days later)I can attest that, as you may have imagined, Mystro is a proper good dude, mad love for hip hop and with an enthusiasm for doing it matched by few on the UK Scene. With a proper loyal global following Mys takes it a bit heavier than usual with great effect in this video. Props to Hip Hop Hype Dog for eyeing it. Word

Monday, December 07, 2009

Jester Jacobs 'Blap' New Video

As news reaches us that Tupac's classic joint 'Changes' has been selected by the Vatican's residential DJ to be pumped on the pontifs playlist (no shit, go google it!)I thought it would be good to point out that hip hop is not all nice, positive and happy. Things get real in the suburbs believe...just witness Jester Jacobs holding it down for the manner. Dont forgot to cop his wicked free LP too (reviewed earlier this year)

Friday, December 04, 2009

Reklews presents Red Tape Free Mixtape

Some days you just need your brain to be pounded with rediculously complicated, dark grimy lyrics over classic boom bap beats. No, don't start digging in your early 90's NY crates; The new Reklews presents Red Tape joint got that shit for you in buckets. Dark Star joins Antiheroes and over a beat that is just insane. (Disclaimer Vocalswords takes no responsibilities for spinal or neck injuries inflicted when rocking recommendatons)Liverpool's Bang On comes with some heat; I'd heard of this guy a while ago, think he had a CD on HHC which was pretty nice but this is stepped up a level into darkness, liking it!

Just Drink sees COTD fam linking cross continents with Aussie stalwart Brad Strutt, the syllables come slick and fast...if you drink as much as these guys recommend you may not be able to concentrate on this, but could probably stumble around a dance floor quite contendedly to it! Darkstar shines on his solo track Playtime is over...a rugged east coast sounding flow the emcee from Schenectady, New York has also got an LP in the pipeline so watch out for news on that.
Bevy talking sounded a bit too slow for my liking when I first heard it, but Hok Tu Down and Tony Broke sound pretty fiery over it, and some of the multisyllables drop work nicely after checkin a few times...'Oppertunity Relishin' and other nice couplets abound, and the Bill Hicks sketch at the end is always good to hear. Sonny Jim wreaks havoc on 'Nothing on me'...shit this kid gets better and better, good to see him getting the props he deserves on Sarah Love and all over; shouts to Eat Good fam. King Grubb and & Bill Shakes rip shop over a beat with a tasty fat bass vibe running althrough it on Cotton Mouth, whilst Teknical Developments rounds off the selection with a 101 in rhyming skills. Go get this now here