Saturday, December 27, 2014

Responses to Racist Brutality from Born I and Phenomenal Raps plus music and Spoken Word

The following is taken from the press release so not my words but puts it better than I can..."I Can't Breathe" is a song that may very well capture what it is to be black in America today. It is a song mixed with rage, sadness and hope. The song ends on a tone reflecting Born I Music's Buddhist roots (when not on stage, he volunteers locally as a mindfulness meditation instructor) and ideology: "All life is precious". Sentiments are shared by Phenomenal Raps, who begins his verse with references to Radio Raheem from the Spike Lee Movie "Do the Right Thing" which provides a poignant starting point to reflections on the deaths of young black men in America.

 Followed up by a strong slice of Spoken Word, XRV, from Gregory Jerome..

And finally, its always nice to hear some spittin that is the legendary Method Man, here M-Dot elists the Wu Swordsmen on this latest cut, unfortunately it pains me to say it but the meandering verse from Tical gets outrun by the spits of fellow track collaborators.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Like Tupac WhoSane transcends place and time, Hip Hop from The Khemist and TriPOTHREAT

First up, get listening to this and I guarantee you will be humming the hook when you are out and about, and then feel the need to come straight back to Vocalswords to replay this. Its that good, TriPOTHREAT certainly seems true to his name. 

WhoSane gets ill on a straightup headnodder filmed in the wonderful Bangkok, some tight flows with nods to the likes of Torae and Skyzoo, this is taken from the BurntBerry x Straight Path Jewlz Mixtape; cop that here....

And finally some hardcore visuals accompany some food for thought from The Khemist on Stigmata. A nice old school feel to his flow amidst a very modern vision of dystopia and lies of which he's trying to make sense; claustophobic and intriguing.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mega Rap Post....SBTV Cypher Tabernacle Featuring Reveal, Tony D, Harry Shotta & Heavy UK Beasts plus T-Pain, Billy BanGer, Graves 33, Snow Goons, Earl Sweatshirt, Knucklehead & Modern Day Soulja

We're kicking off this varied post with a slew of mega heavy UK bars coming from some of the illest coming through London town at the moment. As a long time Poisonous Poet's fan I had the pleasure of meeting Reveal the other day, at the Hip Hip Education Society's inagural meeting at the former Institute of Education; a very wise, fun and intriguing guy I was please to stumble over him trading bars with Tony D and other in this rugged SBTV video....

An incredible amount of turmoil has been witnessed worldwide this year and as 2014 draws to a close it doesn't feel like many situations have been resolved. Graves 33 highlights police brutality and potential repercussions.

T-Pain come hard with an evocative description of his come up.....I'm not suprised the crowd is feelin' him!

To be honest starting a busy evening working and blogging I wanted to get through a pile of music but this lil EP got onto repeat and I got hypnotised into it; check it out my top track at the moment is Chio Chio; I need to get my google on and get a few of the titles translated. After that got very sidetracked I'm sorry to say; no time to write so go make your own minds up about new Snowgoons, Modern Day Soulja and Earl Sweatshirt; I reckon there's some dopeness in all of 'em....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Kill God...New Music from Apollo Brown & Rass Kass

A sure to be classic in the vein of Killer Priest's 'B.I.B.L.E', props to Rassy for laying it down in verses that take us right back to the mind shattering early days of his career.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Get your fangs into this, new music from Planet Asia, Tzarizm, Double Dragon & Crew 54

Planet Asia goes all out in this Vampire inspired period piece; the sets and costumes alone are worth the watch....throw in some sexy vampires and you are onto a winner. So when you get hooked into Planet Asia's always impeccable flows complemented  by the smooth sounds of Purple Cloud over a Tzarizm banger this is a perfect slice of entertainment, raw hiphop style.

This one is a mega smooth headnodder, music for the soul...."In the midst of putting the final touches on their long awaited "Wyld Gentlmen" LP produced by German beatsmith Dichter2 Productions, Crew54 took a bit of time to bring visuals to their 1-off "Soulclap" release. Taking the beat from Fabolous and adding a bit of brown liquor smoothness to it, watch them go back and forth in this throwback to vintage film cinematics."

Feeling the energy from this duo, "Double Dragon is Wakka the Hero and Drawko. Hailing from Ventura and Oxnard, California. They have been in thier local music scene for over ten years now. Starting out in punk/metal bands, they eventually clicked up and starting making Hiphop. Both of them were raised heavily on Hiphop, so it was a natural progression. They dabble in every genre, and bring that energy with us when we perform and write."

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Critical Beatdown Show, New Diamond D & Buxaburn.....Real Hip Hop in the House

Massive Shout to MR CRF, holding it down for years with his Critical Beatdown movement, Pedigree Chump tracks and paper zines. The man is still bringing the hardcore on his Rapstation Radio Show, tune in.

Two hefty new tracks this time round; time to enjoy some classic sounds...

This one is getting a few replays still......big tune!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Africa Stop Ebola awareness song....

Raising awareness of the need to go to a doctor as soon as symptoms occur. English translation and info below....

A collective of African musicians have come together to record a song to help raise awareness about Ebola in Africa. The song, entitled “Africa Stop Ebola”, features the singers Tiken Jah Fakoly, Amadou & Mariam, Salif Keita, Oumou Sangare, Kandia Kora, Mory Kante, Sia Tolno, Barbara Kanam and rappers Didier Awadi, Marcus (from the band Banlieuz'Arts) and Mokobe, and also includes the musicians Sékou Kouyaté (electric guitar, bass, electric kora) et Ludovic N’Holle (drums).

The song is a message to citizens about what they can do to help stop the spread of Ebola in Africa. The song is performed in French and vernacular languages widely spoken across the region to ensure that the message is understood regardless of the level of literacy and education of the population.

Thanks to Cheick Tidiane Seck for his active participation in this project.

Kandia Kora (Guinea / sings in French)
Africa is full of sadness
To see our families die
Do not touch the sick
Do not touch the bodies
Everyone is in danger
Young and old
We must act for our families

Chorus x 4
Ebola, Ebola
Invisible enemy

Tiken Jah Fakoly (Côte d’Ivoire / sings in French)
Ebola you are our enemy
If you feel sick the doctors will help you
I assure you, the doctors will help you
There is hope to stop Ebola
Have confidence in the doctors

Chorus x 4
Ebola, Ebola
Trust the doctors

Amadou & Mariam (Mali / sing in French)
Ebola is not good
You should see a doctor
Ebola is not good
You should see a doctor
Ebola hurts
You must see a doctor
Ebola is not good
You should see a doctor

Chorus x 4
Ebola, Ebola
Invisible enemy

Salif Keita (Mali / sings in Malinké)
Take Ebola seriously
This is a very serious disease
Once you have symptoms, please seek doctors
They can help you
Wash your hands and avoid shaking hands with others

Sia Tolno (Guinea / sings in Kissi)
Beg you, dear parents,
Follow the advice of medical authorities
Ebola came to hurt us
Respect their advices

Barbara Kanam (DRC / sings in Lingala)
Ebola you came to suffocate our people
You add pain
To the DRC
But we will overcome
Stay up
Sooner or later we will beat you

Mory Kante (Guinée / sings in Malinké and Soussou)
Get up, stand up
Ebola is a problem for us
We cannot greet someone
You cannot kiss someone
It does not mean that person makes you ashamed
It’s just a reality

Oumou Sangaré (Mali / sing in Bambara)
Ebola has become a problem for us today
I ask all the doctors in Africa to stand up
Ebola has really become a problem for us

Chorus x 4
Ebola, Ebola
Have confidence in doctors

Didier Awadi (Sénégal / sings in French)
Again we talk about tragedy
As a false note in the melody
Ebola we thought you were since abolished
You are walking around spreading disease
We will not flee from you we will not hide
Because we know we have the means to push you away
We will strike you, we are not a plague
We will get together and we will beat you

Marcus (Guinée / sings in Soussou)
Among them there are many who have access to hospitals
Those who are cured are no longer contagious
There are some who remain at home until the evil gets bigger
Oh my God
Mama Africa get up and stand united as we used to do before for other battles
Ebola you also shall be defeated

Mokobé (Mali / sings in French)
Another tragedy strikes the continent
Africa needs vaccine, medicine
Hope for them is permitted
Should we close our eyes and let them into oblivion? (not !)
Then unite for a good cause
Mobilize and break the closed doors,
Ebola I swear we will evict you
Africa needs vaccine and treatment

Ebola, Ebola
Invisible enemy
Ebola Ebola .....
Ebola, Ebola
Trust the doctors x2

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Itch FM's Weekly Wind Up; Capone N Noreaga, Saddat X, Idris Elba and more!

Shout out to Eza, Shante and the whole Itch FM massive; they've been putting out a beacon for hip hop for a long time now and these Weekly Wind Ups are a great way to get your hiphop fix. Got inspired to blog up a couple of the items....though I don't think the Connousiours of Hip Hop show has the Chester P feature; keep updated on that one and all the banging shows on their Soundcloud page.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Music from Saigon, Benny Diction & Mnsr Frites and Chima Anya

Had to celebrate Saigon's eagerly anticipated release "The Greatest Story Never Told Part 3" with a video, check the poweful track putting pay to the glamour of a street life that had him behind bars for a long stretch. Then buy the CD or digitally via Spotify or itunes check the album, a revalation for positive lyracism in hiphop these days....

Meanwhile in the relatively more sedate UK, Benny Diction has been getting together with Granville Session's Mnsr Frites (thats Mister Chips to you matey) to celebrate the life of a gourmet with a vibrant video in Bllomsbury Market. An audio tribute to MadLib's "Chitlin & Pepsi", "Rubicon & Pasties" is a gem in it's own right! "Shouts to all the ladies who don't skimp on the portions....." Also watch out for a cameo from Chief Quiche ;)

And finally the homeboy Chima Anya smacks it with a new track as part of a sequential release series you can check by hunting the man down here. In the meantime enjoy! And yes, you can enjoy Lil Wayne and Big Daddy Kane!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Golden Age Goodies

Can't believe I hadn't had the treats of these verses before, powerful video with clips from the Panther film.
Check the Piano lick on this one! The classic gravel voice of the Underground, Nine, hooks up with Smooth Da Hustler over some smooth jazz infused instrumental....

Monday, September 22, 2014

Killer Mike Special

Vibing off the Ghetto Gospel video after a promo tweet from legendary Poor Righteous Teacher, Wise Intelligent, I realised Vocalswords has not yet done much jutice to the big man with the social vision, skills and imagination behind the Classic R.A.P. Music and a score of other great albums and mixtapes. Check out in particular the incredible video for "Reagan" in which he which brings a sledge hammer blow to the Neo-Con society America, and increasingly in the UK find our selves wedged into.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

SigNif comes to claim the game; meanwhile Chima gets introspective plus New MC Lyte, Common, 10 Beats, Has Lo & Castle !

 Signif has just droppedan incredible full length album....go get that on a loop here right after readin this post!

MC Lyte featuring Common and 10 Beats "Would you rather be fathers to your daughters?" Common absolutely smashes with the last line of a heavy verse....."Read a letter from the World and it said "Yes Y'all" ...MC Lytes' distinctive, conciously analytical and straight refreshing flow bookends this banger that is a welcome relief to to some of the more dubiously flossie material thats been submitted here lately...

And the guy who never puts out dubious business, Chima Anya come with some deep thinking on this ultra slow burner....

 And finally, fresh in the inbox comes a Cerebral Slammer from Has-Lo & Castle for you to vibe with, Peace!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scottish Referendum Special! MOG, Kurly Hypa, Louie & Fliptrix & Rag N Bone Man....

So on the eve of a Historic decision to be made by the people of Scotland, I thought I might join the political excitment not with any analysis but just a couple slices of hip hop representing all over the map. Enjoy.  

First up bit of a lazy journalistic endeavour but by typing in 'Scottish Hip Hop' to a search engine this gem appeared. Rugged and raw and fairly apolitical, in terms of the referendum at least!

And if you managed to keep up with those speedy bars check out Louie's ode to the city of Glasgow....

Curly Hypa repps Leicester and goes in mad deep on this ill slice of real life lyracism

Last but not least the scientific funky cinematic styles of Fliptrix are given Anthem status by Rag N Bone man on this track while its visual existance rocks over the Molotov bumpin instrumental.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Audible Treats Podcast Flava plus King Sterlz, The Infamous Malcolm Tucker and other People of the World Today!

Holy Sound, I swear I'm blessed Featuiring Kool A.D. and DJ - I wasn't sure what to make of this joint when it first banged out the speakers but I was enjoying the sounds and got a bit amped off some of the lyrics..."Fuck hydro fracking, they making filthy water. Fuck Paul Ryan, he seems hella shady...Shout to Pussy Riot, those Russian bitches crazy" Check it! Shout to Audio Treats for putting together a banging new podcast featuring Deltron 3000 and many more...check the playlists the gang have created too, a lot of good stuff. Annnnnd finaly, a bit random but in the spirit of Vocalswords my mate on twitter@BenBrazier highligghted a series of posters on Inspirational sweary shit inspired by the one and only Malcom Tucker, check the posters here and check out the man himself if you have no clue about Mr Capaldi's skillz

Thursday, August 28, 2014

GTS Mob, Audible Doctor, Guilty Simpson & Freddro Starr

GTS Mob have created a UK summertime anthem over a very nice laid back beat produced by Big Dockz who spits alongside Crime, and I have to agree that their stated aim "to capture the sunshine, good vibes and fun times we look forward to every year" comes through especially with lines like "We were having fun till the feds come" and "Season up the Best Grub" and is evidenced next to a poignent Coke bottle bigging up "Mum". However the darker side of London life is reflected with numerous references to gang culture and guns, and for me some of this gave me pause for thought as to whether I should post the video, so I appraoched Big Dockz from the team who reflected "We intentionally made casual references especially in the chorus to show the harsh reality that as much good that goes on in our summer in an instant one of us could be gone. Some of my circle aren't here due to this reality already hence why in my verse I said 'praying all my donnys see the next one' we are detailing our own reality." This caveat rang true for me in a way that highlights the differences in life and perspectives that make up UK street and hiphop culture, and one that this blog can't afford to deny.

Over the ocean, Audible Doctor has as ever been cooking up treats and the latest features heavyweight Guilty Simpson on another solid headnodder.

Next up, from the Press Release...."Hailing from Hollygrove, the artists of 0017th return with visuals for their latest release, "Black Man," which illustrates the hardships that can come along with being an African-American man in the land of the free. 

The recent shooting of Mike Brown closely mirrors the murder of their childhood friend and Hollygrove native, Keith "Magic" Atkinson. Atkinson made headlines as Lil Wayne's friend who was unlawfully killed by NOPD the morning after they had reunited in celebration. "Black Man" is a powerful tribute to Michael Brown, Keith "Magic" Atkinson, and the thousands of others murdered just because of the color of their skin."...... ..I've finished off with Fredro Starr's "Made in the Streets" track taken from the album of the same name which has just been released on CD, and paints some powerfully devastating portraits of race related violence.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ras Kass, P.A.T, Lil Futa & AmaZin

I was having a conversation with an actor doing a great job of promoting the work of Alexander Von Humbolt, an explorer and scientist who saw the need for an approach to science that could account for the harmony of nature among the diversity of the physical world. We explored the nature of education in its current system which has a huge tendency to categorise and isolate and subjects, as oppose to education that allows to see the 'bigger picture'. We discussed how there are no formal lessons in how to recognise and analyse propaganda; and the conversation came to mind whilst listening to this excellent track by Patrick "P.A.T. Barnett". Have a listen and remember, "What you see on TV is a smoke and mirror factory"
At Vocalswords we endeavour to provide a blog that presents hip hop in a positive light and as a counter weight to mainstream dominance but understand that often the backgrounds of artisits and subject matter that underground artists present may not always necessarly be uber positive, but when we do post music containing these themes we try to do it when emcees present the content in an artisic, realistic or retrospective manner. Lil Futa has jus posted a mixtape that fully fulfills these criteria and is well worth checking out, especially as the production by AmaZin is  well worthy of the self  accalaimed accolade.

Track to Watch - Just BARS  ft Chuck Kayocee

"yall the kinda niggas that get chicken from lies
but aint a nigga in the world that is crooked as I....
I had it hard coming up
but a nigger never cried
my uncle was up in the pen
my daddy he had just died
grew up with out a dad i gues a nigga traumatised
mumma had a different nigga living on the side "

And finally, a blast from the past from the Van Gogh of Rap, Ras Kasiano; who releases the Goldyn Chyld Album on Bandcamp. Plenty of tracks you've heard before but well worth checking the whole project.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Nottinghill Carnival Warm Up and Prize Givaway!

Props to J Squared and Steve the Sleve as part of the The Breakin Bread Crew who have put together this selection of Carnival Bangers in anticipation of London's original andmost lively, colourful and good vibe carnival in Nottinghill on Sunday 24 and Monday 25th August. Really looking forward to this years event as a lot of good homies are going to be rolling with me; if your in the UK and rolling on either day holla at me on twitter @solocypher and if you manage to find us in the melee I'll get you a free hard copy of my album 'Elephantitus' seeing as independent record shops I've approaced in Nottinghill won't even stock for sale or return nowadays!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Rhymes galore from Scorsayzee, Meridian Dan and Scottie Flippen

Nottingham's finest Scorzayzee is back on the mic with this up beat positive banger.....gotta couple lines of poetry? Share it! Good call Scorz.....

What you mean you never heard of Cullowhee!? Scottie Flippen holds it down for his North Carolina ends with a beat made by cartoon villain sounding Mike Machete.

Shouts to Itch FM DJ's Schroff and Primvte for playing this 'I'm from a Place track on their Rap Nation Radio show.I really aint been feeling the radio repitition of German Whip so it's good to hear a little sumpthin' more thoughtfull.....

Friday, August 01, 2014

Solocypher - Elephantitus Album

I'm excited to anounce the arrival of my first studio album 'Elephantitus' (available via Bandcamp, click on the album art above, look out for clean and explicit lyric versions) ; it was recorded by Chemo at Kilamanjaro Studios in South London, UK and is the result of the last few years rapping and lving in Elephant & Castle, and contains a variety of tracks documenting London and hiphop life, hopes and fears.   

Kicking off with 'Welcome to Elephant' produced by my flatmate-at-the-time James, the track gives a little tour of the Elephant and Castle area of South London, its sights, smells and feelings of the local people. The album features a guest appearance from my long time collaborator and friend Doctor Chima Anya on the super lively 'Anthem' produced by Fat Gold Chain DJ TacticK; a document as to why we spend so much time and effort on the cruel mistress that is hiphop (see performanc photo below)

Many beats are provided by one of my main dudes from my home town of Ipswich, DJ Nifty aka Sulako....Nifty has sent me piles of excellent beats over the years and there is plenty more to come from this collaboration, but on the album the funky 'Bad 2 tha Bone' is a favourite cheeky banger, and his work on 'Candide' and 'Lord Knows' gave me the inspiration to create a couple ot thematic tracks. 

Fat Gold Chain collaborators TacticK and DJ Dave provide the backdrop to an ode to the importance of love and family on 'Be Kind'. Further contributions come courtesy of DJ Sugai who provides some ace DJ Premier inspired cuts on 'Eco-Tech' and Dooban who gets mega technical on my lyrically dense 'Figureskating Lessons' track.  The album also features Mista P and Mole D as lyrical guests and thier contribution makes double time track 'The Chasm' produced by JG Beats a personal favourite. 

Album Tracks have so far been supported by DJ 279 on Choice FM and on the LC Show on Itch FM so massive shouts to those guys and all support on social media. For now enjoy a few album tracks I've splurged on Sound cloud and if you're feeling em please go get the whole album (Free download or Pay What U Like!) 

For those interested in more Solocypher stuff check right here.

Lil B - No Black Person is Ugly

 Say it one time! Beautiful and moving lyrics and video from the base god!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Legends, New Jacks and General Business

Had a fine weekend of hiphop and just wanted to salute Nas, Immortal Technique, Soul II Soul and Hassan Salam for keeping London very lively these last two days. Seeing a whole sea of fans rapping along to classic lines from the 'Illmatic' album was a beautiful thing at LoveBox, an event which apparently has a bit of a bad rep in terms of attitude all I saw was love especially as veteran smooth party rockers Soul II Soul did thier thing in the late afternoon sunshine! If anyone happens to read this and has photos of the event holla and I'll re-edit to stick them in; I was too busy partying to document anything! Anyhow a lot of cool shit right about now so check these if you gots time to chill!

First up, the big questions....Why has religion always been so powerful? A strong contender for reaon number one is the dicipline it teaches. Becoming very focused on a set of ideals can imbibe one with a feeling of enormous power and Hopsin demonstrates this incredibly well, even as he shares confusion his dedication to questioning and searching ".......Theres way too many different religions
with vivid descriptions begging all fuckin men and women to listen....." this is great, intense stuff in this the latest "Ilmind" of an amazing series.

Another great lyricist is the irrepresable Jehst, whose performance of  Camberwell Carrots at the Jazz Cafe here in London is well worth checking.....

Now a little treat for Onyx heads who have had to wait 10 years but now the crew are returning with a Snowgoons produced album....first cut visuals, produced by Trash Secco and Rome York, for 'TurnDaFucUp' are right here, and its as rugged as you could possibly want....

Mean while emcee Adil Omar takes raucous hiphop to another level with the fisticuff flaunting  'Paki Rambo'

And finally, I was sent some music by Skipp Whitman, and though it was solid I thought it may not be his best so I did a bit of digging and found this little honest gem.....recently my girl has been forcing me to watch old episodes of Glee I was actually appreciating the glitz and ceremony of the big band stuff; the unabashed optimism of this dude is pretty refreshing, though I reckon a bit more work on the complexity of his bars could help push him further.....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Domineko, Chima Anya and Nas Mixtape

Chima Anya is a creative beast and you can never quite tell what he's going to hit you up with next. Seeing the title of a track "Smoke it, Drink it" I was looking forward to a bit of a mindless banger (Chima is occaisionally capable of these) but had my mind seriously challenged with a hard hitting reflection on the perils of hardcore drug addiction; a topic Chima is well qualified to discuss after working closely with addicts. Well worth a watch, a cartoon sterotype this aint.

Domeniko comes correct with a great mini video for an uplifting and lyrically concious track. This is taken from his new album "Wood Floors" about which he writes "It’s the audio summary of the lessons and bits of inspirations that helped me achieve the long fight of getting back to who I know I want to become as an artist.  I've realized the only person you have to beat is yourself."

And finally, if you happen to be feeling a little nostalgic or just fancy a good blast of Nasty Nas, DJ Reminise has put together a great overview of the legend's progression through life....possibly could have done with a few more early bangers but overall this is well worth a the intro track as Nas waxes lyrical about going full circle through the medium of Cognac!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Eliza Shaddad premieres with Wonderland Magazine "Waters"

Eliza Shaddad is going to be a big name very soon as her incredible talent, writing skills and work ethic are coming to the fore. She has recently been working and touring with Clean Bandit but her solo material is culminating in a 4 track EP; the lead track 'Waters' is being Premiered by Wonderland Magazine....quickly followed by Vocalswords and hopefully many other blogs and sites! Spread the word :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mix Tape's now threaten the High Seas! Symphonik Bang present Exordium Armada

Get involved with this ish RIGHT NOW.....if the first track with Nutso, Sadaam Shaddiq & Royal Flush over a cut up Biggie sample doesn't have you wildin' out immediately, what the hell you reading this blog for? Check the back cover below if you really need another set of dope ass reasons to click through and support!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Rawkus Records Revisited

Dr Millionare - Bando Man Anyone who shoots a video that throws in as much trippy shit as they can muster including a Wikipedia reference to the definition of a Crack House gets the parody seal of approval in my book. The fact that the beat is hard as hell and the lyrics take a bit of concentrating to appreciate means it gets a VS play.
I swear there's an accordian going on in the back of this joint, I'm liking the slight gallic air it gives the track.... I'm feeling C-Way's (Cash Wanted All Year) flow on this, some nice imagery and thoughts that go pretty deep and ending with "the only guarentee is a spot in prison" a sobering reflection ending a realitively upbeat track.

 DJ pHiLLy has been rocking out of the Vocalswords Sound system for a while and I should be arrested for criminal negligence for not having posted up some goodness before...hopefully I can cop a plea bargain by showcasing this ill mix which er...showcases some of the finest gems from 90's hiphop powerhouse Rawkus Records. (Interestingly a venture bankrolled by son of Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch)

RAWKUS RECORDS HOMAGE | TRACKSIDE BURNERS & ITCH FM RADIO #28 30-MAR-2014) by Dj Philly/Trackside Burners on Mixcloud

Boom Bap RPM Illness from Benny Diction &Able8 ft Tony Skank &Melody Myla

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Springtime Madness!

Yes Yes Yall All of the goodies below are well worth checking! Got a few tech issues to sort atm hopefully a better presented post next time! End of the day I'm only getting submissions to the blog, which is all good but to anyone who actually just checks Vocalswords for pleasure let me know what your saying just so I don't feel I'm shouting into the Berners-Lee void! Word. Solo.   A Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {The Letter C}

Monday, January 27, 2014

Chima Anya Live, Ryan Turner, Demrick, Armani of York, Mellow Music and Orie Pierre New Hiphop

We kick off this time around with the live video version of "What Now" Chima's lively anthem with an healthy call to arms to live life to the full whilst questioning everything whilst still smiling for the camera. Real music as ever from the doctor.

Ryan Turner, producer from Norfolk, VA recently sent me this tasty beat tape through his 'Click N Spark' productions company that rolls along very smoothly, not suprising as he has recently worked with hiphop legends Nappy Roots for their 'Sh!t's Beautiful Mixtape. A real proponant of making good music organically, he is up for these beats to be taken and used as long as credit is properly given; as he says "You never know what could be a hit until it is created"; true indeed so emcees out there have a dig through and see what magic you can make (before I get off this blog and do it my damn self :D!! )

And now, I must admit my day job has been breaking my balls lately and as such a massive bag of mail has been accumulating leaving precious little time to listen to let along comment on some of the illness that has been coming through. Suffice to say hiphop is well and truly vibrant in the underground. Some efforts havent quite made the cut this time around; if you're an artist or company who has made a submission but not been featured please don't stop the sending music through, next time it may get a prominant feature! For now how could I not kick off with this ill track to my favourite colour (ever since I discovered it was the favoured ink of Roman Emporors; everyone has a little dictator complex hidden somewhere) 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boom Bap Professionals present Benny Diction & Able 8 feat Cappo

Hot off the press, London based label Boom Bap Professionals bring some box fresh heat from UK wordsmith Benny Diction with this the second single taken from his and Aussie producer Able 8's heavyweight album 'Life Moves'....bringing in Punning Clan's Ro Jista and ill Notts Veteran Cappo for the guest verses this is a fresh homegrown treat, prepare to get your noggin nodding!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pharoe Monch hosts Brand New Mixtape plus DJ Dister and Mr Composition

If you feel like your lyric tanks is running a bit empty fill up on this hard hitting heavy dose of rap music, a New Years present in the form of a mix tape hosted by Pharoahe brining some of his best tracks alongside a slew of new comers, established artists and more. Bought to us by Tha Advocate this is almost 3 hours of straight up ill hiphop, with a few knowing nods such as the feature of "The Trash Bin" a great little snippet of a more mainstream styled current track getting boo'd off....ah sweet hate helps purity! 

Got a big back log of heat to get through over next few weeks but this banger from Mr Composition smacked me in the face the other day so needed to bang this one out. Grown people lyrics and lovely production, check it!

Wanja from I Still Love H.E.R. consistently hits Vocalswords up with treats and the recent offerings from DJ Dister have got my vertebrae's clicking out of shape. Check the vids then check Dister's latest album, it bangs rediculous.


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