Monday, November 15, 2010

Joel Ortiz, Rass Kass and Dubbledge new Economics, Sexual Politics and randomness

First up Shouts to Mayor out of Associated Minds for sending over this quick 16 from UK rising legend Dubbledge...always got bars for days 'Edge is on some next tip with this one!

JM Keynes vs Friedrich Heyek? Slightly heavier weight than certain current rap battles being staged?...those crazy yanks lampooning hip hop videos is not normally my cup of tea; despite the stereotypical bafoonary the intrisic ideas of the economist's portrayed in the video hold so much credence (and to be fair the 'rappers' had done an admirible job of putting over some of the most persuasive and influential ideas)Wish my half hearted attempts at doing this sort of subject matter while at Uni had been more coherent! Shame neither rapper attempts a 'Slick Rick' British flow for Keynes, and Hayek certainly wasnt sounding, Promoe!?? Anyway now have fun reading about these two dude's philosophies!

Rob One's infamous 2020 podcast keeps life pumpin through the body hip hop politic with Wedesday's show we saw Joell Ortiz murdering 100 bars with rediculousness and then Rass Kass spitting smooth fire from his latest, fan funded album A.D.I.D.A.S (All Day I Dream About Spittin) A dope podcast, but if you need your sick lyric fix mad quick check 12.14 Ortiz is going in super hard!

and finally...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hungry? Rtkal shows how to Eat Good!

Rtkal is the future! If you're not already aware of the calibre of Eat Good artists you need to head over to the site to check out quality from the Birmingham powerhouse, in the meantime recognise the rediculous skills of Mud Fam endorsed Rtkal aka R Tillery. I had the privilidge of rockin mics alongside the man a few times in Brum and was always blown away by the insane delivery, passion and intelligence of his flows so am hyped about hsi forthcoming Kelakovski produced 'Genuine Rtkal' EP.

In the meantime 'The Prefix' mixtape is blowing up my system right now with ultra hype beats and spitfire flows. Go get it now for free and while its on the DL check the sick shit below...especially from 1.10 where the 'Bars' bars are just too ill!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That UK business... New Stylah,Task Force and Skinny Man plus new Mowgli video

After listening to Westwood on 1xtra (I was doing the washing up) reading out the BET list of greatest Hip Hop stars of the last decade I was left with a dissapointing feeling of hollowness in my guts....the list read like some sort of blinged out thuggy autotune crooning jizz fest; even Jay Z wasnt included. However after racking my brains I realised that the list was actually a reasonably fair representation of 'Mainstream' hip hop. Goddamn shame but there it is...and have now just found out that the Canibus man has pulled out of doing his London show due to visa issues....Shiiiiiiit!!

Anyway to cheer myself up I did a bit of Youtube surfing and was rewarded with the UK Hip Hop documentary posted below (Check the first one, then find the consecutive ones up to 10, worth checking all out) Chester P and Farma G dropping some serious science, insights and important reflections on the state of the game, including a break down of their own respective acronyms for you hip hop factophiles.

After watching this I have been re-motivated on my hip hop grizzly and so present some of the other little gems that have found their way to Vocalswords Towers...

Mowgli's incredible '93' album has been rightly lauded by critics and is indeed a fine epic of cerebral, intricate hip hop for those with a pallete inclined to enjoy in depth lyracism. An unknown US fan has created the following video which sets off the tunes ambiguously warped storyline perfectly. Various claims as to the origin of the visuals but its for promo use only and works a treat; more info at!

For a slightly different perspective, check Charlie Sloth getting upset by people shouting 'Par' at him on the golf course on his 1xtra hip hop show...joker with some banging tunes on rotation. Some pretty raw stuff keeps the show pumpin; Sloth's shouty style and constant glass smash sounds might get a bit too hectic at times, some of the tunes are just that little bit too retardedly gangsta and a couple o' shots of more uplifting ish wouldn't go amiss, however the boy knows and loves his stuff so its worth checking as the BBC's last bastion of some form of underground lyracism....

Nuff Beeb talk anyway, until they put some words in for this man and this first single off his latest project 'Treading Water"; incredible video! Big up for this one!

Extra treats and leaks...Soul Khan ft Akie Bermiss tearing it up look out for video coming soon...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Canibus coming soon! Plus Chima, Sonny Jim, Mooka Jerz and more....

In preperation for the next installment of 'Fat Gold Chain' our homies at Raw Blue Cheese present...Chima Anya's Hip Hop Moment...check it out!

Catch Chima this Saturday alongside myself Solocypher tearing down mics and basically bringing the freshest live hip hop to London @The Cavendish Arms near Stockwell....check flyer below for more info!

In other news, just heard the legendary mic ripper Canibus is set to rock a set here in London towards the end of October. As one of my all time favourite emcees and massive source of inspiration I thought it only right to share a track from his new 'C of Tranquility' Album he's out here to promote....enjoy, and if you want more just youtube that shit, some excellent return to form dopeness, plus a raw Eminem diss you may not of heard before...
Lunar Deluge

And if you still want more heavy bars!? Ok....

Check this new Sonny Jim banger with his classic punchlaced bars produced by the big savvy badman Asaviour...
Yeah thats what you wanted innit! Peace to 2 UK Legends! And finally, to switch it up to rep the ladies to the fullest degree check the latest offering resulting from stumbling around You Tube to find dope shit!...

Mooka Jerz

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fat Gold Chain presents 'F**k Your Blog!

Back at it again for you fiends!!!









Also if you havent already, make sure you join the facebook group! (Top Left button)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mayhem Morearty

Some gritty grimy Toronto rap with a beautiful hook from Obie...if you're gonna do street shit make it sound good I reckon, and this does the trick, produced by Pro Logic.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vinnie Paz, Brown Bag All Stars and How Stories Can Save the World!

Since first hearing those 'old school' Jedi Mind Tricks recordings I've had a lot of respect for Vinny Paz and crew. Lately I've not really been enjoying some of the super hype gun music that I've been hearing but was checking Conspiracy Radio and heard Vinny breaking down this track. Sample issues mean it's not going to be available in this form on the album proper which is a real shame, so sit and reflect on this for the moment. Some deep the way if you want more go google the documentary on the progress of JMT, some good watching!

Quick Jump to latest realease from the Brown Bag All Stars, a tidy collective of emcees spitting bars very nicely over a boom bap beat...check it out for free download right HERE

Finally on a more eclectic note, check this video about how fiction can bring the world together, a great talk by an interesting author, Elif Shafak, whose ideas I think should resonate with the essence and philosophies central to the world of hip hop...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

No Swag Needed

Am loving this fresh new slice of dopeness...middle verse is a smasher (not sure who's spittin?)...I want my eulogy to be rhymed too!

UK based hip hop producer SciFi Stu releases his second single No Swag Needed!

SciFi's debut single The Will feat Vast Aire, 4th Place & Jonwayne has been broadcast on radio shows worldwide, from BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix to the classic DJ Ready Cee show in New York and has appeared on mixtapes across the globe.

Looking to follow on from this success SciFi has recruited hip hop mainstay John Robinson (aka Lil Sci from Scienz of Life) & ultra-fresh Jersey group Remarkable Mayor to provide raps for this new energetic 'golden era' inspired track. The track also features turntable skills from SciFi's friend and collaborator Twelvebit.

1. No Swag Needed feat. Remarkable Mayor & John Robinson
2. What Yall Waiting For feat. Ill Poetix

SciFi Stu "No Swag Needed" Digi-12 is now available at:


Domination Recordings

The Isis Papers -Cyrus Malachi free monster mixtape

Go cop it for free right now! Sorry about random posting laptop ain't working and blogging from iPhone is taking some getting used to! Check my review in post below....

Get mixtape here

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Ice Cream for the Bohemian Rap CD Muppet Show!

It is what it says on the tin! Great work from these fellas, proving that Hip Hop can, sometimes, have a nice sense of humour! Now go check all the free ice cream you can handle at

And if that quite cerebral enough for you just another brief reminder of a certain firebreather....Stand up Nottz!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cyrus Malachi The Isis Papers Mixtape Coming Soon

VS is on some promo business as one of the UKs most intense and hardest spitters Cyrus Malachi has just released his 'Isis Papers' mixtape in the very near future. Having the privilidge of a sneak preview it's always great to hear work from one third of the heavyweight Triple Darkness crew. Those who have heard the trio's work will know that Malachi is going to come hard with it. You will not be dissapointed, First track 'The Hammered Bracelet' featuring Melanin 9 has got me rewinding rapidly already.

Never an easy listen if you are unwilling to sit down and follow the flow of the complex, often highly polemical rhymes, this is some serious hip hop that carries some very important messages.. it would seem at the moment that this type of music is completely absent from the mainstream music industry. Cyrus Malachi and Triple Darkness are in a good position alongside the incredible production from Endemic and others to make some serious moves, it just remains to be seen as to whether their content may be too much for certain interested powerfull parties.

Regardless of the above slight misgivings, this is a great slice of classic hard as shit hip hop. Good to hear a 'Robin Hood' freestyle over one of the sickest beats on Endemic's recent 'Needle Drop' EP and plenty more goodness featuring a wraft of other mic demolishers such as....

Although this mixtape will be a sure fire winner for a lot of heads, the constant barrage of dark metaphores, conspiracy theory and images of brutality may prove a bit too much for some. As a precursor to an album proper this certainly does its job, but it would also be good to hear some slightly more optomistic rhymes at some point. The mastery of lyracism to paint great pictures of anarchy, crime, evil and subjugation is one thing, but for me the masterpiece comes when the light is also demonstrated, if only to more effectively define the dark. Some more personal reflections on various subjects I think would also help Cyrus to gain the larger appeal and audience that he and affiliates undoubtably deserve.

Watch this space for when the Mix Tape drops, in the meantime sit back and enjoy this classic slice...

Kil Ripkin 'Not You'

Kil hit me up with this video a while back and I was seriously impressed, sorry for the delay getting it up here! Words from the man himself...

"Peace and Love Family Finally I Present to you the long awaited video by Kil Ripkin titled "Not You" Directed by Science Projects and Produced by Eric G
The Balancing Act out Soon"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Delusionists - Digital Connects (prod. Jon Phonics)

Vocalswords got the Props baby!

Mad big ups to the Delusionists who alongside the prolific Jon Phonics have put together a bangin' ode to all their favourite online sources of Hip Hop goodness. There are big number of serious sites mentioned (how many can you spot!?) and it feels pretty good to be amongst some heavyweights...Will put up links to all those mentioned shortly but for now I gotta go write some bars!

Now go and support the crew, check them out on line and get 25% off your dowload with "digifam" as your discount code;

PS Just while I'm on an own horn tooting bit thought I'd throw up the Youtube version of the tune 'It's Not Right' myself and Chima did with Scholarman a few months for all you lazy fools who dont like downloading shit, all you gotta do is press the stankin button!! One

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fighting Crime, Hip Hop Kareoke and Scorsayzee

Maaaaan I hate not having internet working properly! Apologies for not posting in ages, am going to post up now as much of the coolness Ive heard recently and meant to blog but got caught up in all the hype. Talking of which have some sympathy for me as I nurse a bruised face after getting hit while throwing some chief scum menace off a bus last night...out fighting crime like Method Man after a wicked night watching my girl win doing a Missy Elliot tribute! Shout out to all the crew at The Social and HHK; always a wicked night!Check their blog for more info plus some wicked free downloads...

Now then, one of my all time favourite rappers and evasive UK legend, Scorsayzee has been making some nice moves lately; his appearance in Shane Meadow's 'Le Donk' mockumentary was well recieved (although I would have loved to have seen him doing a lot more rapping but I guess that wasnt really the point of the film) to some great freestyles (go google or you tube that shit) and recently dropped a pretty dope mixtape 'Raging Bull' a little rough around the edges but some great lines from the Notts motormouth as ever. Grab that here and while your doing so check out the fresh video he's put together.

Scorzayzee - Luv Me ( Exclusive Video) from Mista Jam on Vimeo.

And if that still aint enough for you check the interview he did recently with the on line kings of Hip Hop, Menace and Montana on Conspiracy of course all the other rediculous interviews they manage to get!

Gonna get some more goodness up soon but better post this now cause my lap top appears to be trapped in internet treacle, peace!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jon Phonics 'Half Past Calm 2'

YNR Productions is proud to present the release of producer Jon Phonics' 'Half Past Calm 2' LP. It is a heavy project all over, my personal favourites are 'Dark Days' and 'Mind over matter'...the former has Jam Baxter and Fliptrix giving you some top notch braggadocio bars and the latter elevating yor mind into some next dimensions with Verb T and Kashmere knocking it out the park on another ill collaboration. 9 Planets and Kosyne also come particularly hard/clever on their respective tracks, loving Kos's way of switching up perspectives, great writing!

The following is taken from the press release but does a pretty good job at giving a flavour of the project...

"Jon is back with another snapshot of what the UK scene has to offer to the world of Hip Hop. Featuring highly acclaimed artists such as Jehst, Triple Darkness, Micall Parknsun, Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Obba Supa and more. This album is more than rapping over beats, Half Past Calm 2 is a statement of the current musical climate in the UK.

The album takes the listener on a journey from the coldest sword swiging boom bap on album opener 'Raw Ingredients' (Featuring Jehst & Cyrus Malachi) to the oscillating basslines and 8 bit blips of head nodder 'Pump', to the dusty soul of T-Bear & Yasine on 'Changes'. Too new school to be UK Hip Hop too Hip Hop to be, for want of a better word, wonky...

You can stream the album from Jon's bandcamp here. Where it is also available for free download for a limited time only.

The album is also available in the form of 300 x limited edition 4 ply covers available exclusively via the YNR shop here. Get yours!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Solocypher - Wheres My Cash.mp3

Just a quick self promo; check the topical tune and think about it before casting your votes come election day...screws everyone a little bit really but I wanted to put it out there! Let me know what you!

Solocypher - Wheres My Cash.mp3

Just in time for the election, Solo poses a few difficult questions for himself, and more importantly for the men attempting to run our country...produced by T.Twigg

See what you reckon, pass it on to those you think might dig it!! :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Scholarman Indomitable Will Mixtape featuring Solocypher & Chima Anya!

Make sure you get your mits on the blazing new free mixtape from show support for your favourite blogger haha!!



Just a quick note to inform you that the new ScholarMan mixtape Indomitable Will is now available for free download. Mixed by the ill DJ Nominal, this mixtape features the lyrical talents of K-Mynez, TrueBless, Kats, SoloCypher, Lolo Life', Chima Anya and BEveready. It also features guest producers Lagbara, Jonesy, X3M, Labmatik, Ardel Limbo, Overlor and Reign. Download it today!


Please spread the word to your friends, family, readers, followers, or anyone who you feel may enjoy this project!! Thank you for the continued support!


Soganic Music

Friday, April 23, 2010

R.I.P. Guru

Just want to take a moment of reflection on the sad passing of one of the great pioneers of intelligent and reflective hip hop; Guru from Gangstarr. His career alongside DJ Premier produced some of the finest moments in the cerebral and musical development of hip hop in the early to mid nighties.

My remembrance of him through his work was the great LP 'Moment of Truth' LP containing an incredible amount of advice, insight and empathy through his vocals. Guru's journey from Boston to New York to produce some of the great cornerstone works of hip hop.

His contribution to Hip Hop should never be forgotton, long may his legacy influence the genre and the world.

"Ive just been thinking about the situation for the todays youth you know the seeds man
Whats your opinion on the that?

No matter your religion is islam, christianity judiasm boodah ism old school izm or new school izm If we're not schooling the youth, children with the wisdom then the sins of the father will visit the children and thats not keeping it real, thats keeping it wrong...." - Guru, from 'Moment of Truth' LP

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chima Anya 'Death' and 'Nu-Wu 'Massacre!' Macarbe March!!

After smashing the set supporting the incredible Brother Ali at Cargo last week, Chima's hustle is reaching hectic levels in anticipation of the 'New Day' Album release on April 9th at Barfly, Camden. Check the trailer for the video of the heavy heavy heavy track 'Death'and if you can pass it around, the full video will be released when 1,000 views on Youtube are clocked!

Can't leave a post with just a trailer so tuck into this slice of niceness from the forthcoming 'Wu Massacre' Project with Meth, Rae and Ghost...collector edition artworks to boot, out 30th March...

And Finally...for all you hip hop goers or old school Brum heads who remember Fat Gold Chain...there may soon be a resurgence of the heaviest live organic hip hop nights in London...Join the Facebook Group to get involved! Peace

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kasha - Black Rhyme Debut Video

Been hearing tracks by this cat round and about for a while; loving the smooth type flows and concious lyricism....get this ish on radio 1!! He's doing a show at Notting Hill Arts Club tommorow for all you London heads, check more info on Kasha here

Monday, March 08, 2010

Brother Ali and Chima Album Launch

Yes Yes Yall Make sure you get ya bad selves down to both these shows; will be incredible!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crucifix Cornerstone EP Review

Reviewing this excellent EP was a bit of an experience; Krate Krusaders exquisite production accompanied by some of the most complex, uplifting and enjoyable lyrics from the uncomparrable Crucifix has been on constant rotation. Its hard to do it justice in full so here are some random observations about various tracks. You seriously need to get hold of this and get to grip with it on your own terms, I loved it, but be warned you will almost certainly need a dictionary to help you along the journey!

The cornerstone..."Excuse me we haven't been formally introduced"...the rejoining statements then create a safe haven for Crucifix to introduce himself, batting aside opponents with ease just as a brief nod to the hardcore battle heads; his main agena in this track is to establish his modus operandi-a highly cerebral encompasment of a vast source of ideas, language strategy and what precise end these resources are to be put to use is not quite cleare at this point: it's damn intriguing though.

In Dreams of an orphan the I was completely sucked in and lines such as "I should have been an abortion, I'm the dreams of an orphan watching his family dying in the midst of a war that finish with "Remember tiannomen square?" is a certified rewindable, deep stuff.

Open wound boasts some great pianos draw you inextricably into this track before a guitar lick switches it around; great to hear such a switched up level boombap!

Restoration is on a bit of a sick futurism on the drums with some hypnotic slow Adam f style ish banging into a nicely dark rolling track with an "if u see me walking down the street" sample with Crucifix smashing down on some celestial devastation type ish..."so what if its ostentatious?" Just what I was thinking. Dope.

The final track on the EP is Torment; I love this track and probably found it the most repeated.An ace piano loop that sounds oddly familiar provides the soundtrack for an indepth exploration of Crucifix's psche, exploring self down and regret with his trademark complex world play that despite the often morose content, a life affirming message is still snugly contained within the words. I reckon Crucifix and Krate Krusaders do a fantastic job of "Stretching an image of heaven pretending I live there" Soul music.

Note: Reviewing this post the original sales link has disappeared, but the album has appeared on BandCamp, albeit it with some changes to the track listing. 02.01.15

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Chima world domination tactics!

Yes yes the homeboy Chima just dropped this brand new video to me, gotta love it with his trademark swagger and afropick, your mother's favourite rapper makes some crotch grabbing drunk Spaniards famous whilst forgetting what year it is...classic!

Dubbledge & Conspiracy

Props to HHC digital for heads up on the latest freebies...gotta love Dubbledge; a heavy spitter, live performer and thoroughly nice guy who didnt bat an eyelid when my then girlfriend ran up to him and started chatting to him like they were best mates (she thought I knew him previously and got a bit star struck!)anyway here’s a couple of fresh Dubbledge downloads: ‘Choices Choices’ (produced by Ghosttown) and ‘The Trilogy’ (produced by DJ IQ and hosted by Asaviour). Enjoy! and again!

In other general prop giving I've got to give a bit of a bigger mention to Montana and Menace and their incredible friday night live Conspiracy Radio show. These guys play stupidly dope hip hop and manage to get amazing artist interviews with some of the best in the game week in week out. Ive been a bit slack over the last year so I've been downloading some old shows and some of the guys they get on well worth listening to...(even when they arn't that great Montana's acerbic analysis is often entertaining enough)

What I really love about the show is the depth of research and questioning, giving artists not only a chance to promote thier music and explain their artisitc visions, but also to expand on their beliefs, political positions and opinions on current events. From listening to Lowkey and Immortal Technique discuss global politics, Bronze Nazareth and Apathy talking beats and life and Homeboy Sandman on veganism and spirituality the show is a window into a host of interesting lives coupled with some of the dopest hip hop you could expect to hear. Support of artists such as Cappo and Endemic is also great evidence of their efforts to back quality product. Go ituning the podcasts or check them out here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

End of the Weak first heats review

First off it was wicked to see such a lot of heads passing through Brixton Jamm for this event, nicely organised by End of the Weak. Stig did a great job hosting; I'm sure he's lost his calling though he'd be a hit on the stand up comedy circuit! Louis Den was in the house for a bangin beat battle; plus Bass6 repped alongside Kingpin for the post battle performance...

All good ish but the heart of the night was the End of the Weak heats. 4 heavyweight emcees stepped up and repped hard through a great format of rounds; prewritten, freestyling on random objects pulled from a bag, Emcee vs DJ freestyle and final a 2 person cypher where the emcees had to spit frees back to back without falling to the temptation of battling one another.

All was good entertainment but I felt the crowd were a little harsh on certain emcees in a vague undiscernable way. For me Birmingham's Justice smashed it in 3 rounds, with Genesis Elijah coming very close and topping the first round prewritten with a great diatribe against reality shows, Jordan etc by comparing their problems with what is going on in Palestine. Most unfortunate was Phoenix the Icefire who clearly had some devastaing lyrics. He was right up there in the fight to begin with but the DJ vs Emcee round completely through him...not suprising at all for me though as the beats he were given were absolute dogshit, barely sounding like music at all I have no idea how anyone could have spat over them at all.

Verb T also presented pretty well lyrically although he seemed pretty petulant at having to spit first in a few rounds. This was decided by the crowd and although to me it didn't really seem to make much different his sarcastic 'Thanks a fucking lot' comments didn't seem to help his cause, though he did seem to have a lot of support in the crowd. Anyways was a tight battle; for me Justice smashed it with concious, dope flows, a wicked persona and an ability to flow rediculous over most beats...I didnt find out who won it as I had to split fairly quick so answers on a postcard please!

UPDATE NEWS FLASH! Managed to get a quote from the good lady herself; in true flambouyant style she says she "Floated into Brixton like a butterfly and stung like a queen bee!! Justice was done !!" Go check the myspace here!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Kashmere ft Truth

Check one two the big homie Truth has hooked up with that space time continuum hopping Kashmere for a nice slice of freshness...Free Download Link Here **Cuts By Jimmy Green, Mixed By Cross Bone T** Taken from the Rapsploitation Sessions compilation CD "3 Years High & Rising" out on 4th February ya heard!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crucifix "Glorious" alongside Krate Krusaders

Crucifix has certainly been "granted serentity and its calming effects" through both his intricate, knowledgable and uplifting wordplay and great backing from a great piano led track from the Krate Krusaders. Enjoy some lyrical Hip Hop at its most inspiring. Taken from the new E.P The Cornerstone out 27th January.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lowkey - Long Live Palestine Part 2

Watching Lowkey perform a poem with the chorus "Long Live Palestine, Long Live Gaza" to a multi ethnic crowd that included Jewish and Israeli protesters against the Israeli bombardment was a humbling experience...hearing that the music resulting from this has reached number one in the Amazon charts gave me a great feeling. Please excuse the following rip from Hip Hop press but it does a better job than I could!

Mesopotamia Music rapper Lowkey has stormed to Number 1 in the Amazon hip-hop download chart with the highly anticipated charity single "Long Live Palestine Part 2". The song features verses from international artists, including DAM, The Narcicyst, Eslam Jawad, Hich Kas, Reveal, Hasan Salaam and Shadia Mansour.

The underground rapper behind 2009's protest anthem "Long Live Palestine Part 1" has defied critics who called him "too political" by toppling well known artists Jay Z, 50 Cent and the Black Eyed Peas. The achievement is most profound as Lowkey did not have the promotion from a lucrative record label, nor the support of any major radio DJ's.

Lowkey, who is a patron of UK based Palestine Solidarity Campaign, says: "Through the universal language of hip-hop, this song aims to unite people from across the globe to express their solidarity with Palestinians in their struggle for freedom, equality and self determination."

"The support for this single amongst the general public has been overwhelming and is testament to the fact that Gaza is not forgotten even though it no longer makes mainstream headline news."

Lowkey releases this tribute single alongside the 1 year anniversary of the Israeli massacre in Gaza, labelled 'Operation Cast Lead', which killed 1,400 Palestinians and maimed hundreds more. Profits from the sale of this single will be equally shared between Interpal and Islamic Relief, two leading charities undertaking much needed relief and development work in Gaza.

Anti-war veteran and former UK Cabinet Minister Rt. Hon. Tony Benn has been forthright in his support for the single. "The song speaks to people about the struggle of the Palestinians and their fight for freedom. By buying it you, your friends and your colleagues can show support for the Palestinian people in their hour of need. The single is supported by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Viva Palestina. I hope we can count on yours too."

Listen back to the Lowkey interview here on Conspiracy Radio with Menace and Montana.

Go download "Long Live Palestine" from all your regular ituney style spots!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cyclonious - What's a Postcode?

Real talk from Cyclonious on this heavy release from forthcoming debut album...the post code beef thing is having serious consequences not only in London but across Britain's cities and this track brings a timely call for unity, and looks towards a positive the track bangs, the bass is rediculous and Cyclonious spits with the confidence of a real serious talent. Check for more info, plus support the movement and get a Whats a Postcode? Tee. Single out on itunes 27th Feb.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Punning Clan Aint Nuthin to Fudge With!

Whilst sharing a bevvy with homeboy & fresh producer Rishi at the Brick City Boutique a while back I was privilidged to be introduced an elequent young man known as Benny Diction...him and his accomplices The Punning Clan have been hard at work putting the final touches to a full release "Pun & Dusted" but have been fresh enough to leak out a few full tracks for the head to get a feeling for their flavour.

Checking the Punning Clan as a unit is a real hip hop treat with all emcees trading entertaingly fresh, quick witted rhymes over some bangin beats.....quotables like 'Its all relative like inbread families', egg on your face like John Prescott punching and buckets more are topped with masterclasses in extended rhyming which finishes in stunts such as the jacking of harrier jet to breat the sound barrier. I could do with breaking down each emcees styles a bit more, but for now that Wu like depth and intricacies is enough to keep me happily banging it on the old walkman.

Benny's solo efforts are similarly quotable packed "Get stuffed like Paxo" and some great beats are laced with some fresh scratches to keep the name Benny stuck in the dome. Not content with just punchlining through a set, World on a Plate gives a nice take on the consumerist zeitgeist...smell that petroleum pou pourri people.

Go see for yourself now and get a taste of Punning; Download Here! and cop the joint when its fully released..,loving the current UK take on Game Records themed covers ha!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sonny Jim - The Purple Patch

Easy now the Eat Good fam have kicked off the year with a tasty treat, SonnyJim doing what he does best, "Taking it back to when MCs just used to rhyme, spazzin out with the bars, fuck a hook straight up smack u in the face hip hop how it used to be before our emcees started rhymin over that house music shit" hells yeah, ya boy Jim definitely delivers over this heavy Kelakovski beat, the first installment of a four part series. Nice

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (right click and save)