Thursday, January 29, 2009

Neck snapped and Eyes ruined

Got a double bill of stuff to hurt you today! Check the super slammin Good Life from Mr Live; a great concoction of guitar loop head nod and hype Jurrassic 5 good time flows, thanks to the boy Rishi for the linkup; good lookin bro...

Now for the eye strain! DJ Nifty put me on to this, everyone's favourite wacko Mel Gibson seems to have completely lost the plot and turned his film Apocolypto into a massive game of Where's Wally! Search the clip for Wally; its well worth it (try around 9 seconds in)bloody rediculous!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Solocypher & DJ Nifty Present "Unstabilized" Album

Drum N Bass producer DJ Nifty has focused his talents to concoct a stew of banging hip hop beats for Solocypher to bring his random mix of beer, politics, introspection, philosophy and general stoopidness to the table. Listen with an open mind and open bottle of wine!
Now for absolutely free, all you lovely people you can download this ill collaboration from...Here
it's in a zip file, any problems let me know!

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's all 10's for 777 "Septimal"

Yo!…Yeah that’s what the feck I said to myself as my head began boppin’ out fresh to this niceness. "Septimal" is one for those lyrical fiends who love nothing else but zoning out to many many syllables and twist up punchlines. Not that this is the extent of 777’s style, its just he’s pretty damn good at it; plus the appearance of Baron Samedi is well welcome early into the set on heavy ‘Swordz’.

Quotables over classic head nod beats come lovely in the ubercynical “The Man” with delicacies such as “God is an evil free speaking beast of a comedy genius” getting the cerebral wired in. ‘Masked’ is a furious chest beater attacking haters, emcees and anyone with any slight doubt as to treb’s status. The deluge of verbal assault does however calm down, and the album benefits greatly from the more reflective cuts of ‘Keep me Awake’ and moving into the brilliant parody of ‘Britain’. Honestly this should replace the national anthem so we can all go foxhunting in a Kappa tops! Justly disgusted, the lampooning strikes a rawer cord describing a scenario of the Home Office explaining to Dr Kelly's kids why their Dad's dead...I'm glad at least someone else hasn't forgotton about that travesty.

Septimal is a solid 17 tracks and is packed full of various styles, features from a who's who of underground UK spitters (Beit Nun, Joe Kobi, Baron Samedi, Redmaster, Esyoube, SonnyJim, Respeck-BA and Labal-S) and a variety of heavy beats from the likes of Zaheer, Bare Beats, Samedi, Redmaster, Esyoube and Wizard. A definitely solid set, make an effort to check for this.

Tales from the Legend

If you've been off the UK hip hop rader for a minute I'm just dropping a reminder to check the Tales from the Legend show with DJ Excalibah on Pyro Radio. The guy is a proper UK soldier and still rocking hard after some bullshit with 1xtra, so show support. Pyro radio is pretty live in general with loads of Hip hop, Grime, DnB, House, Reggae and loads of other good stuff.

Tales from the Legend

Many people have kept in touch but I had to slap myself for forgetting about true UK Hip Hop grinder Excalibah...his Tales from the Legend is still going strong even after the bullshit over at 1xtra - He's now blasting from Shows are available to stream whether Scally's on or offline so no excuses! This site is well worth checking for a whole heap of goodstuff including Grime, Dubstep, House, Breaks, D&B and loads of hip hop...chyeaah!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Orwellian Form 696

A while ago I was asked to join a Facebook group against form '696'...intrigued, I started reading about this and found it was basically a form the Met Police have been getting venue promotors to fill in to give exhasustive details of the performers including addresses, styles of music to be played and expected ethnicity to attend...basically racial profiling and a massive infringement on freedoms and small scale live music. Anyway I wanted to see the form my self but couldnt see it on the web journo mode I contacted the Met but got no response! Luckily someone at the Guardian had a bit more clout than me and are able to follow the story...and even though the blatent racial profiling has been removed it still looks like the man is gonna try shut the kids up...go check the rest!

Monday, January 19, 2009

LouisDen Beat Cypher

I've heard so much good stuff about this night and I'm trying to save me pennies so I can get back to my hip hop home, Brum! ive heard stuff from loads of these guys and trust me they all tight as hell! Go check if you can...

Beit Nun & Illskilz - Colours

If your looking for some of that real life homegrown hip hop you won't go far wrong with Beit Nun and Ill Skils upcoming release "Colours". Taking a break from the often gloomy and pessimistic themes often found in rap, Colours literally provides a bright spectrum of colours through feel good lyrics, some dope good head nod beats courtesy of Dutchman Ill Skills and an unabashed celebration of locality with Beit Nun's broad Macclesfield accent. Standouts for me are posse cut (bring more back!) "A Good Year" and the uplifting "The Music"; its already available to download and physical copies will be available on the 26th of this month. Hit up for more info.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Women in Hip Hop

Legendary Public Enemy front man and activist Chuck D has set a 2009 resolution to rectify the marginalized representation of females in Hip-Hop culture. A swept aside issue in recent years, Chuck D argues that the lack of prominent women in Hip-Hop is causing the culture to move backward and devalue many of the progressive strides made by female pioneers in the 80s and 90s. “In ‘09, my fighting the power is for women in Hip-Hop, especially groups, producers, songwriters, and label heads. There are very, very few all women rap groups. Less than we had 25 years ago. I feel it is the next revolution in this 'same dude, same idea, same voice genre.’ I personally feel that the lack of groups on the male side has hurt, as well as production teams for the sake of soloists, across the board.” (Taken from

I couldn't agree more and reminded me of a dope emcee I heard a while back from Detroit, Invincible. ( Ever since I heard Bahamadia I've been a great fan of the diverse skill and introspection the girls bring to the table, more of the same please!

Get to know Redbeard

Just clocked the friendly guys over at EatGood Records are giving away a nice slice of promo material from the one like Redbeard...I aint had a chance to check it yet but am posting it straight up cos 'Beard always delivers with the quality. I've been lucky to cypher with him a few times in Brum and he's always kickin some true life, twist up ya noggin type spits! Go check this!

Poem for Palestine

Today I joined thousands (an estimate of 100,000; although the BBC reported 20k, a figure that even my poor maths brain finds rediculous judging by the density of the protesters over a very large area) of citizens including Muslims, Jews and Christians in a peaceful protest against the Israeli war in Palestine. It was a very emotional event, and I was sad to hear of clashes between protesters and police later this afternoon after I had left. This did not come as much of a suprise however, as the Police had set up security railings around the streets in such a way that a bottleneck effect was bound to happen. Thousands of protesters squeezed into a small area surrounded by riot helmet clad police will inevitably raise tension.

Trying not to dwell on the negative, it was great to see so many men women and children of different background uniting for a common cause. Representatives from Palastine and Jewish organisations made passionate pleas for a halt to the violence, Annie Lennox spoke and Michael Rosen read a poem from the perspective of a child growing up in Gaza. As the protest set off, the ever concious Lowkey performed his poem for Palestine, which you can check below from where he performed it an earlier rally.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Sharpen your pencil fool, its Scholarman

One good thing I've heard to have come from the current economic downturn is the 50 Cents forthcoming reality show has been axed - don't worry Fiddy, I'm sure Ja Rule will still give you a job as an extra in a video! So will the coming fiscal difficulties finally make people take a more cynical view of mainstream pop and propaganda shamelessly promoting cash grabbing materialsm? Probably not, but the real hip hop shit is certainly going to sound more appealing. Check Scholarman for a prime example.

Its Dan Bull!

Originality, Innovation, Realness - phrases often bandied around by hip hoppers of all walks; Dan Bull proves he is the possessor of all three with his quite stunning 'Safe' album. His verses possess a refreshing honesty that, although it may not be appreciated by all, provides a much needed alternative voice. The musicality of the set is brilliant; fantastic use of guitars, melodies,rhythyms and superb sound layering complements Dan's varied styles - his ability to not just rap but really atune to the music reminds me of an indied out, slightly fragile Roots Manuva.

The album isn't a barrel of laughs, but then it's theme (attempting suicide during a thermonuclear holocaust) doesn't suggest it would be. Dan's introspection can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it is this that makes the album so authentic and is well tempered as an underlying strain of hope and beauty can be found teased out by the vibrant rhythms and soundscapes. 'Misfit' is typically brilliant ode to the loner exasperated by the banality of life which slams into the excellent uptempo disillusionment of 'Thistopia', also 'My Catharsis' puts more advice into 3 minutes than a library of self help manuals; whilst After life showcases cleverly brutal and dextrous flow. Definitely something different; people interested in creativity and all genres of music will be well impressed by the magnificently crafted 'Safe'.

No excuses not to investigate this; you can download the entire album right here: For more info and to buy the high quality version on CD check

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fresh Formula - Check The Kemistry

The man behind the boards of the excellently atmospheric "Two Cities" album is also one third of "The Kemistry" alongside beautifully soulfull singer Kemi and hard hitting emcee Smokey. Check two of their latest videos right here; smoothed out goodness of 'Mascot' and nice uptempo lyrical lashings over a Hammer Horror video with "The Core"...for more go peruse www/

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Anti-War Coalition and Palestinian Hip Hop

Today a Palestinian School with UN affiliation was the target of attack from Israel, killing at least 30 people and injuring 50 plus. Surley the world must wake up and stop these horrific attacks on civilians. Check the video below putting some of the conditions into lyrics, and if your able join the march in London this saturday, detailed below. Nevermind religion, this is about basic humanity.


Organised by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and many other organisations.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Termanology J Dilla Tribute

Had to stick this up as soon as I heard it! Props to Mr FX; Remember Hip hop rebels show every monday from 10 at

Chester P live in Ipswich

For those who don't already know, Chester P is one of the UK's premier emcees and as one half of the legendary Taskforce has released some of the finest quality, imaginative, dark, uplifting music I've ever heard (Butterfly Concerto anyone?) And The Chessmonsters solo joint "From the Ashes" is bad; So it's damn fine work the fellas of Rapsploitation have done by bringing him to Suffolk; if you're anywhere in East Anglia, get yo ass on down to:
February 12th 2009 @ The Swan 8pm - 12:30am,Over 18s
DJ's - Jimmy Green, Paulo, Muddle: Hosted by Ill Inspired
CHESTER P (Taskforce)
w/ INJA (Delegates of Culture) & DJ Louis Slipperz (Ten Pound Bag Mixtapes)
Plus Support from:
Set to be a banger! All this for only lucky swines.
For more info on the brothers McBane and a far better blog than this(!) check out:

Friday, January 02, 2009

Sonny Jim Sets Bar for Mix CD Standards

If you want real evidence of the abundence of talent in the UK scene, look no further than the latest 'Trading Standards' set from the Brummie bomber, aka the sharpest chisel in the toolbox. Sonny provides a stage for a multitude of talented emcees to spit bars over an impressive array of beats, complimenting his own talents to great effect. Standouts of the set come in the form of The God Complex; Cappo and Jehst prove their legendary status while Jim certainly aint out his depth. The ante is upped with the uptempo goodness of "Stack P's" with Orifice Vulgatron and English spitting bars at breakneck speed.

The Trading Standards CD shows Sonnyjim spitting rediculous punchlines that I have had the privilidge of hearing him spitting live and off the cuff at various jams around Brum. The energy and skill he and partner in rhyme Kosyne bring to the table is evidence of the sheer dedication to and love of grassroots hip hop culture that he represents. This approach enables quality product such as this and previous release the Sole Trader EP to represent quality street music through bringing a combination of excellent production with next level lyricism, wit and vigour.

An everyman approach is exhibited with the magnificent "Balancing Act" where Sonny and fellow Brum heavyweights Redbeard and Jimmy Davis wax philosopically about the trials and tribulations of balancing artistic goals with everyday grinding, a definite one to zone out to. The Lunar Society provides a rugged picture of Brum that the original members would probably be shocked to hear with SK, Malik and Eyebs providing a tour to parts that your regular tourguides would piss thier boxers visiting...

There's a load more treats that I've neglected; but rather than read about 'em all, go show some support, cop the Mix CD, grab ya poison and check it!
But shiiit, while your waiting for postie to deliver your copy, check Jehst and Sonny ripping it down Down Under!