Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mix Tape's now threaten the High Seas! Symphonik Bang present Exordium Armada

Get involved with this ish RIGHT NOW.....if the first track with Nutso, Sadaam Shaddiq & Royal Flush over a cut up Biggie sample doesn't have you wildin' out immediately, what the hell you reading this blog for? Check the back cover below if you really need another set of dope ass reasons to click through and support!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Rawkus Records Revisited

Dr Millionare - Bando Man Anyone who shoots a video that throws in as much trippy shit as they can muster including a Wikipedia reference to the definition of a Crack House gets the parody seal of approval in my book. The fact that the beat is hard as hell and the lyrics take a bit of concentrating to appreciate means it gets a VS play.
I swear there's an accordian going on in the back of this joint, I'm liking the slight gallic air it gives the track.... I'm feeling C-Way's (Cash Wanted All Year) flow on this, some nice imagery and thoughts that go pretty deep and ending with "the only guarentee is a spot in prison" a sobering reflection ending a realitively upbeat track.

 DJ pHiLLy has been rocking out of the Vocalswords Sound system for a while and I should be arrested for criminal negligence for not having posted up some goodness before...hopefully I can cop a plea bargain by showcasing this ill mix which er...showcases some of the finest gems from 90's hiphop powerhouse Rawkus Records. (Interestingly a venture bankrolled by son of Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch)

RAWKUS RECORDS HOMAGE | TRACKSIDE BURNERS & ITCH FM RADIO #28 30-MAR-2014) by Dj Philly/Trackside Burners on Mixcloud

Boom Bap RPM Illness from Benny Diction &Able8 ft Tony Skank &Melody Myla