Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cotswold Bamboo

Have just about recovered from the hectic events of the Cotswold Bamboo...had an amazing time but was a pretty stressful day...had to unexpectedly hire a car whilst shattered, turned up late, and then realised that i'd recorded the backing tracks in .mp3 and not audio files, so they wouldnt work on the P.A. system...had to drive back to Cheltenham to get a laptop (cheers Jim!) -missing the homemade First World War bi-plane doing loop the loops of the site- and eventually made it on to the stage with Kaf, Eliza and Mr.Serious...massive thanks to y'all, made it a wicked show! A few mess ups wernt really noticed to the crowd (they were a bit perplexed having a hip hop act on, but showed us love-safe!), and the show was topped off by the audience singing "Happy Birthday" to me hahaha wicked! Cheers to Porno, Dave, Emma and Jube for comin along...was messy! :) Hopefully more live shows if we get round to organising em-watch this space! Peace!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Live from New Street!

Oh gosh, what the hell am I doing!? I can only just see the computer screen through mashed up squinty eyes, and am stuggling to type on the McDonalds prison style keyboards...I have spent the nightinBirmingham town centre as a result of the Beatties work party last night...Im not 100% sure what happened but I was supposed to be going to a Blak Twang gig after the party; I turned up at the Medicine Bar to find it completely baricaded and desolate so wandered the streets until I found a vacant bus which I entered using that usefull entry button they have by the door! Fell asleep on the back seat and was awoken by an understandably irate bus driver hahaha! Realising it was going to be too difficult to return to SellyOak, I decided to tuff the rest of the night out in town, and ended up getting almost an hours rest at New Street Station(on the floor, the waiting rooms arnt open that early in the morning!) then woke up and have spent the rest of the morning hanging around maccy dees which thankfully has this internet terminal! Its now 7.45, start work at 9-lovely hahaha! Looking forward to the Cotswold gig, trying to learn my lyrics off by heart and am attempting to rhyme over some DnB goodness from Mr Nifty! SIckness, catchyall later, hopefully writing from a more civilised location! Peace, Solo

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

John Christopher Perrins R.I.P

A mad last month-peace to my good ol' Grandad and thanks to all the family who came down to Ipswich for the service...especially Uncle Clive for the eulogy, your Dad would be chuckling! Grandad was a badman, I'll try and post up some of the crazy ish he did in his lifetime when I get a bit mo' time.....Been a family orientated month really...Mum and Dad came up to Brum was wicked to see em (and get some food! :) ) had a bit of a break from the City...working in Beatties selling sweeties and cards to granny's ain't no joke yo!...

On the hip hop side of things, not a whole lot goin on...Soul Thump has been holdin' it down luvly so me n Chima have been down to see the mans and keep our swords sharp, bare jokes...big up Kosyne, Mr Klemit, Cro and the girl who never txted me back!...also had a mad jam session with our boy louis on lead guitair, serious on bass and Taharka rockin the beatbox...props....Next big thing, come down to TC's for R2thaBeats and crew's new night....21st September, £3 in, looks Heavy, and check www.vocalswords.co.uk for details on the Make Poverty History Bamboo Festival I'm gonna be playin' on the 24th September...check that shit out!! Yo I'm being unsociable, signing out for the moment, Peace, Solocypher