Thursday, August 28, 2014

GTS Mob, Audible Doctor, Guilty Simpson & Freddro Starr

GTS Mob have created a UK summertime anthem over a very nice laid back beat produced by Big Dockz who spits alongside Crime, and I have to agree that their stated aim "to capture the sunshine, good vibes and fun times we look forward to every year" comes through especially with lines like "We were having fun till the feds come" and "Season up the Best Grub" and is evidenced next to a poignent Coke bottle bigging up "Mum". However the darker side of London life is reflected with numerous references to gang culture and guns, and for me some of this gave me pause for thought as to whether I should post the video, so I appraoched Big Dockz from the team who reflected "We intentionally made casual references especially in the chorus to show the harsh reality that as much good that goes on in our summer in an instant one of us could be gone. Some of my circle aren't here due to this reality already hence why in my verse I said 'praying all my donnys see the next one' we are detailing our own reality." This caveat rang true for me in a way that highlights the differences in life and perspectives that make up UK street and hiphop culture, and one that this blog can't afford to deny.

Over the ocean, Audible Doctor has as ever been cooking up treats and the latest features heavyweight Guilty Simpson on another solid headnodder.

Next up, from the Press Release...."Hailing from Hollygrove, the artists of 0017th return with visuals for their latest release, "Black Man," which illustrates the hardships that can come along with being an African-American man in the land of the free. 

The recent shooting of Mike Brown closely mirrors the murder of their childhood friend and Hollygrove native, Keith "Magic" Atkinson. Atkinson made headlines as Lil Wayne's friend who was unlawfully killed by NOPD the morning after they had reunited in celebration. "Black Man" is a powerful tribute to Michael Brown, Keith "Magic" Atkinson, and the thousands of others murdered just because of the color of their skin."...... ..I've finished off with Fredro Starr's "Made in the Streets" track taken from the album of the same name which has just been released on CD, and paints some powerfully devastating portraits of race related violence.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ras Kass, P.A.T, Lil Futa & AmaZin

I was having a conversation with an actor doing a great job of promoting the work of Alexander Von Humbolt, an explorer and scientist who saw the need for an approach to science that could account for the harmony of nature among the diversity of the physical world. We explored the nature of education in its current system which has a huge tendency to categorise and isolate and subjects, as oppose to education that allows to see the 'bigger picture'. We discussed how there are no formal lessons in how to recognise and analyse propaganda; and the conversation came to mind whilst listening to this excellent track by Patrick "P.A.T. Barnett". Have a listen and remember, "What you see on TV is a smoke and mirror factory"
At Vocalswords we endeavour to provide a blog that presents hip hop in a positive light and as a counter weight to mainstream dominance but understand that often the backgrounds of artisits and subject matter that underground artists present may not always necessarly be uber positive, but when we do post music containing these themes we try to do it when emcees present the content in an artisic, realistic or retrospective manner. Lil Futa has jus posted a mixtape that fully fulfills these criteria and is well worth checking out, especially as the production by AmaZin is  well worthy of the self  accalaimed accolade.

Track to Watch - Just BARS  ft Chuck Kayocee

"yall the kinda niggas that get chicken from lies
but aint a nigga in the world that is crooked as I....
I had it hard coming up
but a nigger never cried
my uncle was up in the pen
my daddy he had just died
grew up with out a dad i gues a nigga traumatised
mumma had a different nigga living on the side "

And finally, a blast from the past from the Van Gogh of Rap, Ras Kasiano; who releases the Goldyn Chyld Album on Bandcamp. Plenty of tracks you've heard before but well worth checking the whole project.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Nottinghill Carnival Warm Up and Prize Givaway!

Props to J Squared and Steve the Sleve as part of the The Breakin Bread Crew who have put together this selection of Carnival Bangers in anticipation of London's original andmost lively, colourful and good vibe carnival in Nottinghill on Sunday 24 and Monday 25th August. Really looking forward to this years event as a lot of good homies are going to be rolling with me; if your in the UK and rolling on either day holla at me on twitter @solocypher and if you manage to find us in the melee I'll get you a free hard copy of my album 'Elephantitus' seeing as independent record shops I've approaced in Nottinghill won't even stock for sale or return nowadays!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Rhymes galore from Scorsayzee, Meridian Dan and Scottie Flippen

Nottingham's finest Scorzayzee is back on the mic with this up beat positive banger.....gotta couple lines of poetry? Share it! Good call Scorz.....

What you mean you never heard of Cullowhee!? Scottie Flippen holds it down for his North Carolina ends with a beat made by cartoon villain sounding Mike Machete.

Shouts to Itch FM DJ's Schroff and Primvte for playing this 'I'm from a Place track on their Rap Nation Radio show.I really aint been feeling the radio repitition of German Whip so it's good to hear a little sumpthin' more thoughtfull.....

Friday, August 01, 2014

Solocypher - Elephantitus Album

I'm excited to anounce the arrival of my first studio album 'Elephantitus' (available via Bandcamp, click on the album art above, look out for clean and explicit lyric versions) ; it was recorded by Chemo at Kilamanjaro Studios in South London, UK and is the result of the last few years rapping and lving in Elephant & Castle, and contains a variety of tracks documenting London and hiphop life, hopes and fears.   

Kicking off with 'Welcome to Elephant' produced by my flatmate-at-the-time James, the track gives a little tour of the Elephant and Castle area of South London, its sights, smells and feelings of the local people. The album features a guest appearance from my long time collaborator and friend Doctor Chima Anya on the super lively 'Anthem' produced by Fat Gold Chain DJ TacticK; a document as to why we spend so much time and effort on the cruel mistress that is hiphop (see performanc photo below)

Many beats are provided by one of my main dudes from my home town of Ipswich, DJ Nifty aka Sulako....Nifty has sent me piles of excellent beats over the years and there is plenty more to come from this collaboration, but on the album the funky 'Bad 2 tha Bone' is a favourite cheeky banger, and his work on 'Candide' and 'Lord Knows' gave me the inspiration to create a couple ot thematic tracks. 

Fat Gold Chain collaborators TacticK and DJ Dave provide the backdrop to an ode to the importance of love and family on 'Be Kind'. Further contributions come courtesy of DJ Sugai who provides some ace DJ Premier inspired cuts on 'Eco-Tech' and Dooban who gets mega technical on my lyrically dense 'Figureskating Lessons' track.  The album also features Mista P and Mole D as lyrical guests and thier contribution makes double time track 'The Chasm' produced by JG Beats a personal favourite. 

Album Tracks have so far been supported by DJ 279 on Choice FM and on the LC Show on Itch FM so massive shouts to those guys and all support on social media. For now enjoy a few album tracks I've splurged on Sound cloud and if you're feeling em please go get the whole album (Free download or Pay What U Like!) 

For those interested in more Solocypher stuff check right here.

Lil B - No Black Person is Ugly

 Say it one time! Beautiful and moving lyrics and video from the base god!