Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oliver Sudden - Phenomenal Steaz

Oliver Sudden's realistic humourous and distinctly british yet authentic hiphop styles have been on regular rotation at Vocalswords Towers and recent project 'The Shutdown' with Steady of the Boom Bap Professionals was a mainstay. Latest project Phenomenal Steaz features production from Suddz himself and a slew of other talents, this project is another slice of banging hiphop takes its place on the apple for free from the generous Cronx Don geez!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ro Jista - Still Here

New illness from Ro Jista, lyrical linchpin from those wordplay wunderkind the Punning Clan; this is a triumphal slice of a track sticking two fingers up to those panic mongers predicting the end of the world....obviously Ro is, and still will be here for a long time to come if he is going to continue to bring quality product like this to the table "Like Barak's kids coming outta Michelle"...loads more too for the eagle eared :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kingdom of Fear, Chima Anya and Dee-1 Video Roll

My man Chima Anya drops some brilliant visuals to track 'Astro Thoughts' from brand new album (for more check here)while YNR's Kingdom of Fear go into drunken comic book mode with 'Sir Digny Chicken Caeser' a great take on the gonzo stylings of Hunter S Thompson....both UK videos styalsiticly pushing the boundaries, a very good look for these shores; from over the pond comes slightly more rough and ready new video from New Orleans Dee-1, however (sorry to be all redblooded ladies but) it wins in the smoking hot girl stakes and Dee-1 comes over pretty nicely in the story based track so I've thrown in into this little mid-winter video reel selection. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stop the War Coalition - Gaza Protest

Sometimes the political rhetoric present in many hip hop tracks and statements may be somewhat unsubstantiated; for those of you interested in making more of an impact please check the following information. The Stop the War coalition is unapologetically pro-Gaza; and from my understanding of the disproportionate use of force, my sympathies also lie primarily with Gaza, whilst also holding thoughts for those killed and injured on the Israeli side; support for Gaza is a position which for me has been generated by comparing statistics of civilian deaths on both sides; and re-confirmed after hearing talks from Israeli academics who vehemently oppose the aggressive actions of the Israeli state. Loss of life from any side is in my view always a calamity, and many of the actions of Hamas I also abhor; but still feel the plight of civilian Gazan's still needs to be presented much more prominantly.  I do not wish to be antagonistic; but this statisitc taken from the fact sheet included in the newsletter below illustrates my view starkly Total number of Israelis killed by rocket, mortar or anti-tank fire from Gaza since 2006- 47(Source: Wikipedia. This is disputed; another  Number of Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israeli fire from April 1st 2006 to July 21st 2012 - 2,879:  please contact/comment below if necessary.

      images 2
1b Waterlow Road, London N19 5NJ

Newsletter #1261. 21 November 2012 | | 020 7561 |

1) Campaign for Gaza: We need your help urgently2) Gaza: as the carnage escalates so do the protests
3) Gaza demo 24 November: Transport from across UK

4) Volunteers needed for Gaza campaign
5) Grotesque inversion of reality that makes Israel the victim

1) Campaign for Gaza: We need your help

Stop the war is stretching its resources to the limit in the build-up to Saturday's national demonstration for Gaza. Many thanks to everyone who has donated to our Campaign for Gaza Emergency Appeal. The response has been magnificent. But we still urgently need funding to ensure that we can meet the challenge of mobilising for Gaza and sustain all our anti-war work. If you have not donated yet, please consider doing so now. We appreciate contributions of any size, big or small. GO HERE TO DONATE:

2) Gaza: as the carnage escalates so do the protestsAt the time of writing the death toll in Gaza from Israel' brual assault was approaching 140, with at least 30 of them children. Close to 1000 people have been injured and hospitals are running out space and supplies. 1500 buildings have been hit by Israeli airstrikes. (See Fact Sheet: Grim statistics behind Gaza grief:

The global protests against Israel's endless barbarity has spread to hundreds of towns and cities, with many planning major demonstrations this weekend, like the national demonstration in London on Saturday 24 November (See: 

In Britain, emergency meetings have been held across the country and plans made for transport to bring protesters from outside London to Saturday's demonstration (see

Examples of spontaneous action in solidarity with Gaza has seen students walk out of a Leeds school and students at SOAS in London occupy their university (see .

The need for the national demonstration in London to be as large as possible was never clearer. First, to join the worldwide demand that Israel stop its war on Gaza and end its five year siege, which has brought such suffering to 1.7 million people. Second, to show the UK government that its support for Israel's assault on Gaza is not in our name. And most importantly, alongside all the other protests this weekend, to send a message to the people of Gaza under such horrific attack, that they are not alone.
5) Grotesque inversion of reality that makes Israel the victim

The media coverage of Gaza has been an outrage -- with the BBC most supine -- for the most part acting as a stenographer for the Israeli propaganda machine. One columnist in the mainstream media who can be relied on to portray reality is The Guardian's Seumas Milne. His latest article is a must-read. SEE It's Palestinians who have have the right to defend themselves:

The Stop the War website, which is getting tens of thousands of visitors every day, is updated regularly with news and comment about Gaza. For alerts when we post new articles on the website, join us on Twitter ( or Facebook (

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bump Casts, Videos, and New tracks from Associated Minds, 7even Thirty, Oddisee, Dag Sav

The crew at Associated Minds have been exceptionally busy as ever, thier latest newsletter is packed with illness including Ralph Ripshit Lemonface's Album release and this excellent 'Bump Cast' featuring some of raps current hardest hitters such as Action Bronsen on a Metabeats production, Kendrick Lamar, Reks, Nas, Homeboy Sandman, EL-P and many more. Very tasty and packaged with some mind bending artwork    from Hopfences (check the eyeball above!). DagSav has released a free mixtape for ya to download, and judging by the flows on this video should be worth checking out here.
7even Thirty has had album track 'Nightmare' remixed by Oddisee and has put the track up for free download. To be honest its a bit to glitchy sounding for me but the lyrics are pretty interesting, check the Mello Music Group pages for more.

Havent really got to grips with Soundcloud yet but DMH certainly has; his solid Westcoast sounds has got gangs of people commenting on the tracks he's uploaded.....anyways all pretty rugged and 'Who takes the Blame' is pretty soulful with some thoughtful lines....though not much other information; go make up your own minds at Here. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dr Chima Anya - The Doctor's Note

Dear Vocalswordians; I have recently been delighted to receive some good news from my good friend the good doctor Chima; so without further-ado in his own words he will tell you the.... GOOD NEWS! The album has landed! You can get copies direct from me by PayPal ing £10 to (as a gift!) and I'll send you the above gift. Email me your address seperately and I'll send it next working day.
For those that are more than happy with the MP3 version, it is available at all online spots, it's even on Spotify so you can try before you buy. Here is the itunes link for your convenience! iTunes Album Download Link Many thanks to all who made this possible, click here for the direct link to the website with more details re. the album. Love yo. If the album cover pique's your interest make sure you chack out this interview Chima did recently with Public Description, Thought Process Blog.

Monday, November 12, 2012

WhoIsParadise featuring MCD and J The Exodus

‘Two4Se7en / 365’ marks a return to collaborative Hip-Hop for WhoIsParadise. The British born, NY raised MC and protege of the late Black Panther/ Black Liberation Army soldier, Teddy Jah Heath has demonstrated incredible talent and business acumen since his forced exile from the USA. Co-founder and frontman to the acclaimed 57th Dynasty, the MOBO Nominated, UK Hip-Hop Award winner is again at the forefront crafting the controversial themed, Anti-Black History Month single, ‘Two4Se7en / 365’ featuring J The Exodus and MCD. The proposition, Ban Black History Month in favour of celebrating the culture 24/7/365. ‘Two4Se7en / 365’ is an unapologetic, jazz-tinged Hip-Hop anthem equivalent to the visionary pairing of Steven Beko, Malcolm X and Martin L King Jr stood shoulder-to-shoulder at the podium. The accompanying graphic novel styled edutainment video is crafted to insure the past has a future. “How can you celebrate the rich and beautifully diverse nature of a culture within the confines of a 30 or 31 day time constraint?” asks WhoIsParadise over producer, Baptist C Parker’s jazz horn intro. ‘Two4Se7en / 365’ sits purposefully juxtaposed between the BHM’s of both North America and the UK and is released on the commemorative birthday of Dr. MLK, Jr.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Benny Diction - Over Here

Filmed right in the heart of Vocalswords territory, the man making big moves as part of Punning Clan and Fat Gold Chain, Bennydiction teams up with incredible Aussie beatsmith Able for this party rocker 'Over Here' Benny as always comes mad clever with the lyrics so tune in closely!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Immortal Technique Interview on Battle Rapping and Canibus controversy

Some pretty interesting thoughts on the current state of the rap game in particular the battle element. Thanks to Vlad.TV for getting this.

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Lee Scott, Freeway, Double A.B & Dub Sonata ft Rhymefest

Lyrics, somebody want lyrics? If you remember that call to mics then make sure you check the latest Lee Scott offering; video is perfect for it; but you can also grab it here

Babygrande Records have been putting out ruggedness for a good long time; I remember some great treats from them back in the day on an HHC cover CD (damn I miss that shit). They've recently signed the lyrical monster Freeway out of Philadelphia and this banger 'Jungle' is the first track from forthcoming album 'Diamond in the Ruff' coming November.
On a more conceptual vibe, Double A.B enlists Rhymefest to flow alongside him on a thumping beat from Dub Sonata in an interesting track outlining the impact of social technology; head over to Audible Trats to check it 'Media Showers'

Rass Kass ft Doc Holywood "The Great Recession"

Any thoughts!?

Saturday, September 29, 2012


The original version or part one of this track in 2004 caused controversy and was banned by then president of Nigeria Obasanjo. There is a short version of it floating in the internet ether but unfortunately the quality isnt great. Part 2 however is an equally powerful track calling on leaders both political and religious to make a difference. Ni-ja Boy!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama's 99 Problems (Explicit Political Remix)

Not sure who edited this together but it's pretty well done. Personally I dont have huge issues with Obama, who in my opinion has at least pulled us (the west) back from the abyss that morons Bush and Blair had us facing into in term of International Relations. Im aware of the many criticisms of Obama especially in regard large corporations and their influence; however in the upcoming elections, from a British perspective I have my hopes firmly pinned on the Democrat's main man. I have a feeling a version of this made for our head boy Dave, Mr Cameron would come off looking far worse.

Mecna - Kryptonite feat. Ghemon/Gilmar (Official Video HD)

Saw this whilst browsing and although I dont understand the lingo this is a great tune with a pretty intense video. Any Italians out there drop a translation!?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Audible Doctor "I think that..." EP

Audible Doctor has been behind an awful lot of goodness recently so I was excited to hear of the release of this EP; with features from legends Wise Intelligent, Blacastan and Elzhi this is quality from start to finish. Audible come through consistently heavyweight on the mic, and as the man creating many of the beats this EP is an individual tour de force that is perfectly complemented by production and lyrical assists. Check the EP here and get the Download

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chima Anya - Still Here

The first release from upcoming project 'The Doctor's Note' this is a smooth, thoughtful but very on point jam from my man Chima Anya, produced by Dexter and with a sick video featuring er, an awful lot of Chima Anya's and the beautiful Chantelle. Dedicated to Adeyosola Adedayo who sadly passed earlier this year, this track celebrates life no matter where it finds you.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ed Green - No Borders

Shot with Jerusalem in the background this track from UK emcee Ed Green makes some thoughtful points on the plight of Palestine and the hypocricys of the statist system.A strong track with a very important message for contemplation.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ras Kass "Definition of a Raw Spitter"

Doing what it says on the tin Rassy goes extra hard on this banger with a nice concept video; classic Menace nod too...

7evenThirty ft Sleepy Will & Kamikaze

Taken from "Heavens Computer" concept LP, 7evenThirty comes hard on "Mysterious Business" ft Sleepy Will and hits a cord with anyone tired of turning on the radio to hear the same artists again and again..."Original, what the fuck is that?" This callabo track takes the rap music industry to task from the point of view of hardcore independent lyricists. Trying to get rich off rap, rapping about selling drugs but wearing "jeans uncomfortably snug" these guys are calling out some serious failings in the culture. "I feel like giving up" is one of the disillusioned opening lines in this track, but these guys really shouldn't. Smooth flows over a wicked moody beat, (I cant embed the audio at the moment...holla at if you can help) click the link above and go check it! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Azaelia Banks - Van Vogue

Azealia Banks has been blowing up lately and this new video has obviously been given a bigger budgets than her previous work. I'll be honest I'm not 100% sure what her flow is all about but the fact she goes in and loves emceeing is good enough for me, and the eye candy appeal is just too much for me to resist
I heard some Has-Lo a while back and enjoy his laid back yet postive style. This animated video does a great job of bringing his quirky flow on 'Inherit the Stars' to life, riffing on art, racism and whatever else Has feels like spitting!

Hardcore Special.....Kaniva - Warrior Freestlye

Parental guidance advised; the following text and videos can be considered offensive Shiittt....My middle class politically correct side kicked in as I first listened to this new set of bars from Kuniva; horrible violent, misogynistic attack rap; but as the whole rap kicks in I just couldnt help wildin' out, as they say.  This is that real hardcore rugged rap shit, take it as you will :) Hmmmm something about the duality of man quote here.....
 Ab Soul Black Lip Bastard ft Fendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and J Rock come through equally hard on this Rocksmith track; and arguably with J Rock coming through with the strongest flow of all, you make up your minds

Monday, August 06, 2012

What If....Rudyard Kipling gets a fresh overhaul

Just watched a very entertaining and inspiring take on Rudyard Kiplings classic poem 'If' with Noel Clarke using the classic verse to help inspire a troubled young man to see what can be achieved when the effort is made. Ridiculously sick Parkour, BMX skills, beatboxing, street art and sick flows from among many including Brum's fire spitter RtKal this is an excellent expose of UK talent, from a century ago breathing through to today. Good to see real talent being given a platform. Watch it HERE

Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Loft : Rap Vs Poetry

This is going to be off the chain! Come on down and support your favourite genre!

Get involved on FB :

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Book Theives "TBT/Lines"

Having had the pleasure of witnessing Legoman win the Fat Gold Chain title, and later watching them smash a live set it's great to see another video from these fellas...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chima Anya - "Flexible/BBR"

Chima Anya is back with a switch up track that is also available for free download, some real BBR right here!! Check it!! Download the track for free here! And check out for more info and music


A new force emerging from Ireland are rap duo "Veritas" who've recently dropped two seriously impressive tracks along with two compelling videos. 

"Thou shalt not fall" has a haunting, beautiful gothic sounding instrumental that provides a classical back drop for some of the illest rhymes I've heard in a long while, opening to"Traumatise your mind like an intense interrogation" and "The man that loses all is ready to fight for fucking anything; I've lost more than you would ever be even capable of handling". Both emcees come correct "With a reinforced perspective your sytem will never restrict how I think, my leak subconcious thought  insync with instrumentals but keep the darkest thoughts incripted scripted with invisible ink" 

The violent history of Ireland is obviously still raw in the land that Veritas inhabit and  the overspill into wasted landscapes wrought by drugs, unemployment and violence is bought to focus by these their rhymes. Track "Dark Ages" brings disturbing sets of narratives; a mother struggling with pain killer addiction gets the news that her son has apparently committed suicide, but in dubious circumstances, meanwhile another family member spirals violently out of control, his misery compounded as he "doesnt understand why his Da left him" News snippets within the tracks highlighting the levels of violence that has co-incided with ruthless drug dealers and led to Veritas venting in this heavy track. These boys go from the heart but with a technical swagger that puts them on an  playing field with the top emcees outside of Ireland. 

Veritas, individual emcees Epik n Exile hailing from Dublin and Kildare also, impressively, produce their own material but have a few producer features on upcoming album, so watch out for that; their "Plans are to keep projectin the truth as we see it in the rawest form we can"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hip Hop "Summer" 2012! .....Mr Bang On, Nas, Defisis & Klumzy Tung

Bang On comes across as an honest, thoughtful dude in this Bonafide Magazine interview where he discusses his signing to infamously heavy UK imprint Big Dada, and along the way compares Nas to Jesus....only in hip hop! I remember checking Bang On when he featured on one of the now well missed HHC cover CD's and remember him being very promising so will be looking forward to checking the forthcoming project. Check the video for the passing Frank Zappa heckler, if you can hack the dodgy audio!!

Got a heads up from Birmingham "Heducation" stalwart Mylz on this little gem, a fresh summer sounding track with great lyrics and vocals from Klumzy Tongue embellishing a story very well told in this video.

Nas ft Cocaine 80's - Where's the Love?

The legendary Nas has been storming the live scene recently, and with the strength of some of his recent release the latest album should bedeservedyl successful. The lasted I've heard was this banger "Where's the Love" and as well as being produced by super producer No I.D Nas comes crazy with it! 
"You 16 you could do 20,come home young - catch 20 years at 40 homieyoure done"A man who can make an FBI agent chewing a pencil eraser sound cool should not only be making tracks but getting Oscars writing for the Silver Screen......sorry Im biased but Vocalswords repping Nas for life!

Now, last but not least on the UK shores........Twitter be a wondefull thing, just copped this classic from Defisis; "Inside Knowing" , put out  way back in 2001....Big ups @Redbeard etc for the hook up!!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Big Boi and Barrowclough....

Barrowclough releases a free download of this nicely produced summer banger. Produced by Re:Flex the Architect and a boasting a chorus getting your hands up in the air, "Me in 3D" has got nice bars throughout with some interesting reflections on life mixed in with jam sandwhiches. Go get it for free here.

Caught Big Boi live in Brixton the other day....damn the dude can rock; there was quite a young crowd who didnt seem to know a lot of his classic tracks but they were feeling the vibes crazy so all was of the illest hiphop performances I've caught in a long long and the big homie Weezy singing our asses off to "Shine Blockers" was jokes so I thought I'd post it up for good measure, check it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie & Chima Anya this Friday

London town be the place to be this Friday for a massive show from the 2 incredible Juice Crew members with support from my main man Dr Chima Anya...cant wait!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Russo 'Old School' featuring Rodney P

Up and coming artist Russo hailing from Brixton, just down the road from Vocalswords Towers has enlisted the legendary Rodney P to give her track that authentic taste....I'm liking the track, vocals sound great and there are some great shots of Londoners in the video. Was hoping for maybe a full 16 bars from the Riddim Killah but heh we can't always have our cake to yam....Good luck to Russo though, coming on point.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Masta Ace : MA Doom New Project coming soon

As a long time Ace fan I was pretty hyped to see this little web cast today....project should be fresh!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Toofless featuring Capone, Redbeard, SK, Sam Stealth, Kashae Rae and London's Lyracist Lounge

Check this bumper post of freshness on what could be the first (possibly) summer day of 2012 in Blighty. Unusually for Vocalswords we begin looking over to the definitely sunnier environs of the United Arab Emirates.....

Being a bit lazy today, but thought the press release info was worth posting up about Toofless and his new project, as listening to a couple of his tracks Im pretty impressed; so get to know about him here....

Toofless, Toofless & the Dub Poets Collective (DPC) release “Perspective” featuring Capone of Capone-N-Noreaga (CNN)
More than ever today, hip-hop is increasingly taking a front-seat in the world of underground music in the Middle East, with new releases bringing fresh sounds and finely tuned talent.
28-year-old Feras Ibrahim is a UAE-based rapper of Sudanese origins. His hip-hop expression started to materialize at age of 17 after being inspired by acts such as Mos Def, Nas, Lost Boys, Wu Tang, Jehst, 9th Wonder and Talib Kweli. Formerly part of the renowned, forward-thinking and socially conscious hip hop collective ‘Diligent Thought’. Feras Ibrahim is now working on an experimental EP with DPC, Feras also performs regularly and is a vital member of Employees of the Month.
Dub Poets Collective (DPC) employ scores of international, musical and social influences fused into their heartfelt productions. Their music has been featured on many albums, mixtapes, television, documentary films, and major radio stations across the world.
“Perspective” is the highly anticipated single that resulted from the work of the Dub Poets Collective, and MC Toofless (aka Feras Ibrahim), with a spontaneous feature from rapper Capone from CNN. The content and subject matter of the track reflects the contributors’ diverse social realities and lives.

Meanwhile SK, RedBeard and Sam Stealth have been putting their Brummy twist to the state of life in 2012; an abandoned hospital is the setting for the dark vibes on display in  Bad Mannaz - Fresh!

London's Lyriacist Lounge - Elite Leagues cypher smippets are well worth a look; the quality of the emcees involved alongside the ringmaster LeeN of No Long Tings Productions

Big ups to the ever energetic and versatile Kasha Rae who hits us with "Anuva Rap Tune"; with some pertinent digs at the current music scene/industry....I wonder if those suits will take much notice at the moment unfortunately but for me its good to know I'm not the only one pulling faces.....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fat Gold Chain present The Dead Poets and The Book Thieves

After April's event which saw Jester Jacobs and the Ruby Kid tear it down, FGC welcome to the stage two duos making ripples in the UK scene right now:

THE DEAD POETS (Mark Grist & MC Mixy)
THE BOOK THIEVES (Legoman & Ol-E Mac)

* * *


Mark Grist and MC Mixy are the Peterborough based writers and performers known together as ‘Dead Poets.’ Since forming in 2008, they have been challenging the preconceptions of poetry and hiphop across the country. As ‘Dead Poets,’ they have performed in venues ranging from nightclubs to secondary schools; from festivals to formal dinners. They appeared on Radio 6 Live with Steve Merchant and have recently been on a National tour with Phrased and Confused. Both performers have been active on the Don't Flop battle circuit, including the milestone Mark Grist vs. Blizzard clash here:

"Both your flows are impeccable." (Stephen Merchant on the Dead Poets)

* * *


Legoman and Ol-e Mac have both been on the Oxford scene for a long time and releasing solo and collab material. They decided to form the Book Thieves at the end of 2011 and have since released their first EP 'In Spite of Everything' that was well received and promoted by Wordplay Mag. It included the track 'Please Don't' for which they did their first video. The second video 'Beauty' has now been dropped as an introduction to the next EP 'Why Do We Do This Everyday?' which will be coming this summer. In other work, they have done tracks with Cappo and Split Prophets... Legoman also won the 'Chain at March's FGC open mic cipher.

* * *


If you think you've got the skill to go all the way into the final and flex your lyrical muscle alongside FGC's finest, all you have to do is sign up on the night. It is advised that you put your name down EARLY to avoid disappointment. The winner takes home a bottle of JD.

...and, of course, the FGC resident DJs (DJ DAVE, TACTICK, CHIMA ANYA, RP-1, OPTAMYSTIK) will be out in full force, making sure the party stays live 'til well in to the wee early hours of the morning. Expect to hear HIP HOP from across the globe, Funk, Soul, Glitch Hop, Beats, Ghetto Funk, Bass, UK Funky, Dubstep and DNB - basically dope party music from an eclectic range of is music yo!

All this for a mere £3 as well. See ya there - Charlie Wrights International, Pitfield Street, London - Nearest Tube Old Street

PS Keep up with us better....Join on Facbook!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cool Nutz - The Cook Up (Free Album) Heat!!

Man I have been sent a lot of good shit lately, soon to be posted, but just had to bang this up real quick...Cool Nutz is a cat I've just become familiar (word to Audible Treats) but from the sound of him he has put his time in cos this guy is certified fire. There's a reasonable amount of hustling rhymes which I normally tire of, but the mix of pure dope rhyme skills on show and variety of topics, styles and beats more than makes up for it. This is an Emcee that is surely currently slept on and really should blow up if there is any chance that authentic hip hop can regain mainstream appeal. Anyway more on Cool Nutz, for now get your download on for an album of gems, you won't regret it. (Click on the pic if you aint realised!)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New Skuff Mixtape - Smash Anything

This was sent over as a mixtape from new outfit Audio Danger Records to warm up for forth coming long player from Delagates of Culture veteran Skuff. To be honest this set is more than tasty already so looks like Skuff material will be on constant rotation for at Vocalswords Towers a while.

 'Give it up' is a nice mixtape opener with some introductory notes over a superb funk vocals sample and riff, that comes with the proclamation to loyal Delagatges fans "Go abnd tell your neighbours even though your local drug dealers probably much more famous" Ive then just picked out a couple of gems that got me in focus mode; but as ever go check it and see what you reckon. If you aint impressed I owe you a beer!

'Sleepy People' is pretty rediculous, needs a few rewinds to catch it all, showcasing the Skuff trademark nonchelhant takeover swag is on ..... with lines like "suits need they taste buds checked im like f*ck it,
never did hold that much faith in the faith of the general public, but if I can get past the faces heads ell love it!!!" True.

'Bleed' bares all as Skuff reflects on a friend being sectioned; how hip hop was the only thing able to get through to him, inspiring Skuff to write. As he says at the beginning of the track, there's no room to fuck about; the only way I could get through to him was by ripping tunes. After such an outpouring its only right that Skuff can feel (somewhat understatedly)  to be the UK's Ghostface.

At 17 tracks deep this mixtape has a lot to offer, and includes some great guest spots from legends Phi Life Cypher, up and comer Dirty Dike plus crew cypher sessions and written verses over some classic beats which gives the whole project a nice spliced tape feel.  Go get it here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Wordplay Sessions Volume 1...Mixed by Sammy B Side.... plus new SL Jones x DJ Burn One and fresh Jester Jacobs footage

The big man on the decks at the recent High Focus smash show was my man Sammy B-Side; always a bad man on the ones and twos for time I was excited to hear about this new Showcase, in the words of Sammy packed with  " loads of hexclusive in there ya know! " Its available with the current issue of Wordplay Magazine, if you cant wait that long for the physical version you can stream it here or have if for keeps for the insubstantial fee of just 2 nugs! Bumping out load at the Penthouse this has got some ill, ill joints especially if you check and see from the tracklist this tape is Jam Baxed (err, packed) with authentic raw hip hop reflecting some of the greatest talent coming out of the UK mixed together with style and panache by the one like Mr B-Side....rinse out!! Stand outs for me come from Granville Sessions, Jehst, Dirty Dike with the particularly raw 'Mayonnaise', Cappo, The Four Owls and in particular the new to my ears Running Punch with his track 'Haymaker'.

And while you get your DL on; check the latest footage from the heavyweight Bring Back Rap (BBR) team; Jester Jacobs doing his thing live on the Fat Gold Chain stage down in Shoreditch....

Just to finish off today's dose of hip hop, I was mesmerised by the rawness on display in this latest track from SL Jones x DJ Burn One

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Casual and Joe Budden tracks

Joe Budden is Going throught the motions in this dope new joint courtousey of HipHop DX
I've had this on reload about 3 times so far without getting an eighth of the way through it....not many rappers can compete with Budden on my constant reload list over the years.....A few years back the joint 'Smoke with me', a ten minute chat over a cigereete hit me with a force that even some of the hardest bangers could never achieve to generate. I remember hearing a lot of comments hating on the way his fans used to mobb the 'net to defend his name; with his discography coupled with this latest effort, I can see why.

Casual (the Rap God) has been behind the camera of a slew of great rap videos recently, and its good to see him put his skills into action on his own project...a slow burning but mad heavy banger from forthcoming "He Still Think He Raw' Long player

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Evidence featuring Fashwan, Nate Dogg Hologram, Dat Kid and fresh Kyle Rapps

A DJ Babu cameo appearance to a cash strapped looking Evidence and Fashawn is telling of the hip hop game in general, but his prophecy shouldnt be taken seriously as these two seriously dope emcees kill a refreshingly lively boom bap track to a level that you'd expect from can even get the track free. (Go Google that ish I'll stick the link up when I find it!)

According to HipHopDX the legendary Nate Dogg will be appearing post humously in hologram form; and following the rave reviews of Tupac's back from the dead recently this is anther random hip hop event to look forward to!....Anyway the ever fabulous Audio Treats sent me this the other day and I thought it was pretty fresh....the fact that one negative poster thought it was 'the gayest thing ever' said a whole lot more about his mentality than reflected the ever fighting against prejudice and for positve rhyme skills please enjoy Kyle Rapps - Streets Move on without you taken from his 'On Air' project.

Stand Up records team are putting in some great work on the UK scene, and this kid, er....Dat Kid delivers a personal smasher that takes a real insiders view Justice system produced nicely by Bailey's Brown -Check the video for his track Home by 8....already I know heads will be feeling this

Fat Gold Chain, Charlie Wrights Old Street London...Check it out!!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Million Dan and Jimmy Davis Quality Music

Was well impressed by the new Million Dan banger produced by Pete Cannon....Who Sey Hip Hop is dead!!? As well as vibing out to the video you can also download for free the track to keep you sharp on the sound scene when out and about. If your feeling this make sure you grab a copy of Dan's  'Spectrum'  album....I think someone's nicked my copy gotta get that banging again ready to party to in summer.  

A blast from the past came from Birmingham stalwart Jimmy Davis the other day. I have an EP of his from a few years back that cemented this geezer as one of the UKs premier lyracists, so was pleased to see his latest effort being given space to air on SBTV. Quality all day long.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Plan B - Ill Manors

Plan B - Ill Manors

This track has already garnered a lot of attention and has been discussed on a lot of media outlets; especially due to the madness of the video. An energetic return to form for Plan B despite inconsistancies; his seeming entrenched nihilism has never been a massive draw for me personally but the skills are on point. Unfortunately I'm not sure exactly what the message here is though, apart from the Manor being ill.....there are some salient points about cuts in Youth Services and politicians being completely out of touch with reality; but the extreme  violence of the recreation of the riots does smack of glamourisation. There is a scene at the end where I believe Riz MC (a very thoughtful recording artist and actor himself) is helping kick in an unfortunate person while gloating over a box of fresh trainers. This is similar to the now famous 'back pack picking' video of a Malaysian student getting robbed. Was this a legitimate cry of angst against the system or just an opportunity to thieve and bully? I reckon this track could have worked better if the social commantery and political criticism had been sustained and coherent; then the highly choreographed violence would have sent a more pertinant message. Shit is still mad entertaining though and I guess food for thought for all.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Simon Jr - Aeroplanes

From the jump off this 24 track instrumental hip hop album from Simon JR jumps out....anything that has a Mos Def vocal cut up within the first few seconds gets a big thumbs up from me. The album lives up to early promise throughout and the global influence grouded in funkalicious and hip hop sounds is a perfect accompaniemnt to todays London sunshine, but works equally well rocking a party or on your head phones as you funk your way around through life....go download it now for free!  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gensu Dean featuring Large Proffessor

I love the cinematic edge to this video; but even more I love the creation of a seam of unbreakable love for hip hop music created through educating the younger generation. The little girl staring in the video will surely be a star....although possibly a  future Anakin Skywalker that must be protected from the Darkside!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Wiley 'Evolve or Be Extinct' Video, plus catch DJ Yoda and Chima Anya live in London

Stumbled over this track today and can't believe I hadnt seen it before....came out in February on the collossal Big Dada, the label l showing the way forward all over

London heads have even more to look forward to after Fat Gold Chain make sure you head down to XOYO to see the legendary DJ Yoda mash up the set with support from the one and only rapping doctor, my good friend Chima Anya! It's gonna be LIVE! Get your tickets here

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fat Gold Chain Live, Beardyman feat Foreign Beggars plus OutKast, Goodie Mob and Cool Breeze

Gotta love DJ Dave and his superhuman editing skills on this video for "Oh!" by Beardyman featuring Foreign Beggars....this was a big collaboration check the lowdown from ..!

"Cut-up face antics for the human beatbox maestro Beardyman and his mates Foreign Beggars for Oh! by Jimi Crayon – a very suitable idea for a bunch who are their own instruments, executed in exuberant fashion.
“I jumped at the chance to work with these guys as I’ve known about them for a long time and both Beardyman and Foreign Beggars are incredible at what they do,” says Jimi. “I knew all three guys would be up for giving a quirky and energetic performance and didn’t really want to detract to much from this. I wanted to mix and match their faces as I thought I could get some weird combos from the guys different looks and skin tones.”
Beardyman ft. Foreign Beggars
Director: Jimi Crayon
Co Director: Paul Barulis
Producer: Adam Farley
Prod Co: LoveHate Productions
DoP: Martin Roach
Art Dir: Ciaran Beale
Editor: Dave Silver

It's that time again Londoners and remember we have the One Hundred Pound Open Mic Competition! Big Ups to DJ Dave on this one, Editor Don! Dont forget to sign up to Fat Gold Chain and the party crew!

and finally check out this lyrical tour de force out of the South a few years back.....

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Vinyl Frontier

Dephect are behind a strong effort to keep the vinyl industry alive; check this video and be amazed by some quality beat production; this is the sort of thing that makes me extremely jealous.
Buy Records. from Dephect on Vimeo.

I knicked the above from the blog of venerated UK Hip Hop conductor Disorda, whilst checking out the one of the other passions he is becoming noted for; wicked Dub sets sourced from more of that funkalicious vinyl...never front on the wheels of steel! ....

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


French Worldbeating Crew C2C DJs have created some pretty cool visuals to complement their incredibly large, musical sound, this video is a precursor for their new EP soon to be dropping in the UK, watch this space!

Arse Out....Pass Out Parody (Had to be done really innit!!?)

Be interesting to see what else Kai Beaumont is up to? 

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Genesis Elijah - My Truth

Great new track from the man who always tells it how it is; Genesis never fails to bring thought provoking lyrics from the heart....dont sleep this bangs!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Clean Bandit featuring Lily Cole, Fat Gold Chain Live Hip Hop and new music from Booda French!

First up on this marvelous once in every four years day; Fat Gold Chain Presents Oliver Sudden, Jester Jacobs, Ruby Kid and Mister Fox in two hype shows this Spring, get both dates in the diary if you are even remotely near London town! More info and cool stuff at the FGC Facebook pages

I was very excited to hear about this short film recently shown on the UK's Channel Four TV station; a great video for Clean Bandit ft Lily Cole track 'UK Shanty'.....and of course long time Vocalswords/Fat Gold Chain affiliate the one and only Eliza Shaddad! I love this video, one of the most creative things I've seen in a long while, big ups to all involved!

Respect to international hip hop super blog 2dopeboyz for linking up this new gem from Booda French (pka Truth) links with Brown Bag Allstars. I've always been a fan of the mans flow, and here J57 provides the perfect soundscape to Booda's intricate, heart felt ode to his home. A must have go check it over at 2dopeboyz.

 If that lot isnt enough, look out for Smiler's 'All I know' free mixtape....was just wondering before I post it up properly if this is the same Smiler who has worked with Stylah before!? Answers to to win some random shit from my flat! Peace

Friday, February 24, 2012

February Round Up.....Akala, William Shakespeare, Caxton Press, Kasha Rae, Ed Sheeran, plus Boiler Room Fresh Sesh Underground Hip Hop Cypher...What more could you want!?

February has definitely lived up to its creative potential after the bleak wasteland of January this year; I was very excited to see that London's very own Akala has got himself a well deserved spot on acclaimed acedemic and intellectual lecture circuit run by As a fan of Akala's raw, honest and intelligent music, it was great to hear him make some very interesting comparrisions and observations in relation to the works of fellow bard, William Shakespeare.

Caxton Press have been creating no small buzz for themselves on the London hip hop and wider music scene. A collective formed by extremely talented lyracists, this new video showcases thier positive and inventive styles....try to catch them live at a venue near you soon too.

I caught the then plain Kasha down at Nottinghill Arts Club at a very momorable gig. Although his tracks were extremely danceable there was a real passion for rocking the mic, lyracism and an empathetic flair so it's great to see his ground work starting to show dividends with this video alongside Brit smasher Ed Sheeran.

Long time Fat Gold Chain and Vocalswords affiliate Lozza deserves some major props for getting a bunch of talented emcees from the London underground scene together under one roof for some cypher action. A big shout to the Boiler Room crew for holding it down on the video shoot front, was a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fat Gold Chain present Mystro

Live once again from the heart of London, the Fat Gold Chain gang proudly present Mystro who will be performing a full live set this Friday 17th February. The night will also feature a sure to be slamming set from FGC Open Mic Champion Gambit we will be running the open mic and of course the crew DJs will keep the place pumping. Check the promo video below, join the Facebook group and then relax and recap on the events of last year with Mys Diggy's 2011 rap up. Hip Hop lives in the UK!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Divine Rights - Sunday (Prod. By Cystic)

This one deserves at least 3 rewinds; some proper UK hip hop; this stuff is what I've been fiending for for a while! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Epidemic & Dean Atta Hip Hop and Powerful Poetry

Epidemic came through with that classic boom bap head nod mic passing goodness. Suffering slightly for the bandying around of the 'faggot' insult, the companionship and dope sounds shine through from these guys. If your feeling these guys; go grab some of their music here 

Dean Atta's important poem "I am nobody's nigger" has been set to visuals by the SBTV team featuring a host of UK artists this combination packs a powerful punch.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Scholarman video 'Overview'

The big homie from Maryland Scholaman returns to your screens with another great slice of classic hip hop. I'm loving this video that looks to be shot deep in the heart of Mexico (apologies if I'm wrong but the pyramids in the background look very similar to the ones I saw a bus ride from Mexico city a couble years ago) Great stuff, this is a taste of the forthcoming 'Worth Fighting For' coming in February.

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