Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fat Gold Chain and Drop Beats Not Bombs...Nuts!

Just recovering from the combined of effects of Fat Gold Chain on friday and Drop Beats Not Bombs yesterday (Saturday), what a heavy couple of nights...FGC was a great success that almost never happened (mainly due to me messing things up) the end mad love, a good turnout, some nice performances and the battle blazed by Chima who was spittin flames! Drop Beat not Boms was well heavy...mad props to Eliza for her crazy talant, we had a wicked set - I only messed up one verse outta five songs so all gravy! Heavy night especially due to the special return of Mr Serious traight outta Portugal...props to everyone who was there, mad live with all crews puttin on SHOWS!! Birmingham bigness, with Skinnyman turning up to do a lively set at 4 in the morning! Heavy tings!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Winter Blues saved by Hip Hop

Seems winter is in full effect right now, and a heavy workload is making the winter monthes seem even bother though as some great hip hop nights lately have provided relief! Props to Taharka who seems to be the hardest working man in Brum hip hop right now for doing some great shows lately, his gig with new band at The Rainbow was was the live funk of Munch Break...props to the Guild for letting us as the Beats N Pieces society do a live slot last night, we all had mad fun, especially as I got some DnB emceeing going on at the end...shit was live!

Dates for diary....1st December DJ Cola with Rae (of Rae and Christian) at The Rainbow
2nd December Fat Gold Chain at TC's (SellyOak) with me and the usual crew
3rd December Drop Beats Not Bombs - 6 till 6 all nighter, with Skinnyman headlining the hip hop room, supported by yours truly, the mighty GTA, R edbeard, SK, Sonny Jim & Kosyne, Mr Klemmit, hosted by the man about town himself, Taharka....should be heavy as an acme weight, word!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cotswold Bamboo

Have just about recovered from the hectic events of the Cotswold Bamboo...had an amazing time but was a pretty stressful day...had to unexpectedly hire a car whilst shattered, turned up late, and then realised that i'd recorded the backing tracks in .mp3 and not audio files, so they wouldnt work on the P.A. system...had to drive back to Cheltenham to get a laptop (cheers Jim!) -missing the homemade First World War bi-plane doing loop the loops of the site- and eventually made it on to the stage with Kaf, Eliza and Mr.Serious...massive thanks to y'all, made it a wicked show! A few mess ups wernt really noticed to the crowd (they were a bit perplexed having a hip hop act on, but showed us love-safe!), and the show was topped off by the audience singing "Happy Birthday" to me hahaha wicked! Cheers to Porno, Dave, Emma and Jube for comin along...was messy! :) Hopefully more live shows if we get round to organising em-watch this space! Peace!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Live from New Street!

Oh gosh, what the hell am I doing!? I can only just see the computer screen through mashed up squinty eyes, and am stuggling to type on the McDonalds prison style keyboards...I have spent the nightinBirmingham town centre as a result of the Beatties work party last night...Im not 100% sure what happened but I was supposed to be going to a Blak Twang gig after the party; I turned up at the Medicine Bar to find it completely baricaded and desolate so wandered the streets until I found a vacant bus which I entered using that usefull entry button they have by the door! Fell asleep on the back seat and was awoken by an understandably irate bus driver hahaha! Realising it was going to be too difficult to return to SellyOak, I decided to tuff the rest of the night out in town, and ended up getting almost an hours rest at New Street Station(on the floor, the waiting rooms arnt open that early in the morning!) then woke up and have spent the rest of the morning hanging around maccy dees which thankfully has this internet terminal! Its now 7.45, start work at 9-lovely hahaha! Looking forward to the Cotswold gig, trying to learn my lyrics off by heart and am attempting to rhyme over some DnB goodness from Mr Nifty! SIckness, catchyall later, hopefully writing from a more civilised location! Peace, Solo

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

John Christopher Perrins R.I.P

A mad last month-peace to my good ol' Grandad and thanks to all the family who came down to Ipswich for the service...especially Uncle Clive for the eulogy, your Dad would be chuckling! Grandad was a badman, I'll try and post up some of the crazy ish he did in his lifetime when I get a bit mo' time.....Been a family orientated month really...Mum and Dad came up to Brum was wicked to see em (and get some food! :) ) had a bit of a break from the City...working in Beatties selling sweeties and cards to granny's ain't no joke yo!...

On the hip hop side of things, not a whole lot goin on...Soul Thump has been holdin' it down luvly so me n Chima have been down to see the mans and keep our swords sharp, bare jokes...big up Kosyne, Mr Klemit, Cro and the girl who never txted me back!...also had a mad jam session with our boy louis on lead guitair, serious on bass and Taharka rockin the beatbox...props....Next big thing, come down to TC's for R2thaBeats and crew's new night....21st September, £3 in, looks Heavy, and check for details on the Make Poverty History Bamboo Festival I'm gonna be playin' on the 24th September...check that shit out!! Yo I'm being unsociable, signing out for the moment, Peace, Solocypher

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Excalibahs gone, Heducation finished....

Lots of controversy at the moment cause Excalibahs been taken off air at 1xtra....pretty rediculous, Im pissed off - Blakeys replaced him, doesnt seen too bad but its a real shame Ex has gone out like this...what do I pay my liscence fee for? Actually, im not sure if i do! Another piece of hip hop has disapearred as well as Heducation is no longer going to be run every week...also a damn shame, but to be fair last time i went it was wack, mainly funk and brakes, no real hip hop...long!

Oh well, it aint all bad, hungova from a mad party in a wood where I should have pulled but was too drunk, just listened to Illmatic the whole way through and got a hip hop reinvigoration! They dont make em like they used to!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Meeting Common, avoiding bombings

Well no one's responded so I don't think anyones reading this...but I like writing for prosperity anyway! Went down to BBC 1xtra towers the other week - 2 days before the London bombings - and met the other competition winners, Common, Rodney P and Skitz, Nisha and some of the crew who work at 1xtra, a really safe bunch of people...really cool day out, Common came in and chatted for about an hour about his life in hip hop, inspiration from his environment, family, writing rhymes, working with Kanye West, his troubles over the name Common Sense and all the criticism over Electric Circus....basically covered all the ups and downs of living a hip hop life, it was really inspirational! He spat the first lyric he can remember that he made up hangin on the corner in Chicago, which was heavy - a proper early 80's style flow and content, heavy to hear him spittin it right there for us! We got our chances to ask him questions; I asked if he had any tips for remembering rhymes, he said just to keep listening to 'em over and over again...and someone else said to lay off the ganja! No shit sherlock!! :) Before he left Common wanted to hear us lot spit, so we had a little cipher - the other guys were propa heavy! I just dropped a little free about giving Common a copy of my album, which went down well hahaha! Had a chat with Rodney P and Skitz which was heavy, they're propa safe guys - had a bit of a joke over them not getting my "Im in seine like a frenchman floating down the river" rhyme but it was all good! Got a goody bag with a vinyl copy of the Be album - i managed to get the only one that wasnt signed! Give a shit tho!!...and to top it off me and GodBless got interviewed by Nisha about the whole thing....she's as fit in real life as her voice sounds on radio! ;) all in all a great day out!

Couldnt believe about the bomb blasts 2 day later-damn terrorists...mad. Even Brum got shut down the other day cos of bomb threats....shits goin crazy on the street these days!...

On a lighter note, big up everyone who went down to Soul Thump the other day...apart from security who made me go home to change my trousers cos of their stinkin dress code...hip hop gets no love!....was a heavy night but made an interview I had to go to in the morning a bit more of a hungover mission than it should have been!

Big old blog this time, I never know, someone might read it!

Im out like Andrew Strauss! peace, Solo

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Its been hectic....

Yo the last few weeks have been mentle! Citizen Framed is finally now fumbling around for cash to print off more copys! Props to everyone who helped making the album, especially Rob for the long hours of bullshit....definitely worth the effort mate, I owe ya one!....won a 1xtra rhyme competition yesterday so I'm going down to London on tuesday to meet Common! Sickness!

Does anyone read this blog? Please respond!!!

Peace out


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Battle Ground

Yes Yes props to everyone gettin involved in the battles! Gonna sound heavy on The Smackdown Volume One!! Big up everyone working/studying/revising...shit is hectic at the moment! Keep it locked to Vocalswords! Seen

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Whats going on??

Easy Blog readers...Trying out internet technology with this Blog thing...Should be easier to update than the normal if people want to get info about any projects/events etc on here just e-mail me and I'll sort it out!

Nice one peeps for the collab...Vocalswords & P.A. sounding heavy-Throw Ya V's up...will get onto the sound click page ASAP!

Check out the New Events page where you can see the flyers for upcoming nights.....Next One is Soul Thump....then of course Fat Gold Chain, by when hopefully "Citizen Framed" should be ready to drop!

Finally for the moment big up all the people who reached to LiveBox the otherday...especially Chima, big up for the freestyle about baby oil bro!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Vocalswords gets Blogged!

Easy now!

Welcome to the blog! I'm not sure how it works at the moment but hopefully this will complement the main site because its easier to all Vocalswords and Fat Gold Chain news, relases, events will be on here first......keep checking!