Sunday, March 20, 2011

AKS, Cunninglinguists, Baron Samedi...Read this Now!

Sunday's a good day to discover South London's Aks, as today I've been engrossed in his EP 'The Bus Stop'; engaging in a lot of topics with energy, honesty and well formed perspectives over great production this cat is going places...although TfL might be dictating the speed just at the moment, Aks depiction of place and mind set is refreshing but holds down a lyrical swagger that should see him up there with the big names...'House Called Home' is for me the heaviest cut and according to the man himself one of his favourite songs he's ever written; great to hear this sort of energy in the game. At the moment this gem is available for free DL but you only have around 5 hours left to get it! Dont Sleep People!

AKS - The Bus Stop EP
Some more dopeness, feeling the vibe of this one....

and Finally we cant leave you without sharing this to the minute Banger celbrating and possibly bettering the antics of your favourite Hot Shots actor....
Baron Samedi 'Team Winning'....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sonny Jim - Purple Patch 4

The Final Chapter! This 4 part series comes to a finale with more heavy braggadocious bars...

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pharoe Monch presents 'Clap' Short Film

Powerful stuff this, an entertaining but piece inlaid with pathos, tension, and fear, excellent camera work and dramatically inter woven lyrics from Monch. This War album/project is looking to turn out to be pretty incredible.

Probably better to check it full screen over on the tube...(anyone know how to allow my embedded videos to be played full screen!?)