Monday, October 12, 2009

Krate Krusaders - Free Download

If top notch production, gritty heart felt lyrics and mad concepts is your thing get your media players tuned into the Krate Krusadas 'Volume 1' selection, a great showcase of their considerable talents proving a sound board for some of the cream of UK talent.

Nowadays feat Ahmas reflects on the dismal situations of many of the UKs youth, viewing situations as he's "been there 24/7 like kids in care." A beautiful beat with slick piano and subtle background vocals complement the emcee for a very enjoyable tune despite the raw, bleak verses.

Pscience ft Clarity, Farma G and Cappo features a great academic intro that puts us in the mindframe for the oncoming verbal assault. All 3 emcees smash the track but when Cappo says his flow is developed in a hyperbolic time chamber in a pitch black cell, you can't help but believe him. On 'Life's a grind' Fenetik informs us he stays high like a giraffs sternum, and the hip hop loving metaphores keep coming over a nice floppy piano loop interspersed with some wicked cuts.

Concept tunes don't always float my boat but Saga Sphinks's dive into insanity is well worth analysis...taking pictures of tourists, I'm a figment of my own imagination, my mind's got a mind of it's own...give you a taste of the nicely documented of the mania over a simple piano driven track reminiscent of classic Marly Marl.

The whole set is packed with gems that need to be chewed on and digested, so I won't go on, form your own opinions although gotta particularly big up the monumentally ironic greatness of 'Respect your Elders'with Remus and of course The Krusaders themselves truly show their mettle with a wicked wicked MPC set. Check it and enjoy.

Also check for the Krate Krusader's blog, including info on Akil the emcees world tour dates that they are managing...big tings I can testify to the show in Ipswich was heeaaavvyy!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Whole Heap Of Madness

First up - Raekwon oh gosh welcome back sir! Just picked up the Cuban Links 2 jid-oint whilst on an ill-advised drunken market trip and yeah it was worth it, Wu Banger in full effect, go check it!
London Town has been buzzing with hip hop lately, check the pics for some of the latest happenings, including a wicked hip hop kareoke night with an incredible impression of Tim Dog doing Fcuk Compton...also Chima's album preview party was heavy as hell, where I ran into the ever hardworking Mystro and also Skandal who played me some unreleased bars on an Ipod; the kid is coming hard! Props to all the crew partying hard for Juice Aleem's party!

Not only London moving, also good ol' I.P. Town been reppin with the man Truth and the Rapsploitation crew holding strong with a sell out heavy Akil (of J5) show. Hip Hop feels to be in a good place at the moment, I got a review of Krate Krusaders dope album coming soon. Not many dope videos in the inbox lately so holla if you know of some dopeness!