Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hip Hop Blogs

Just wanted to drop a link to http://www.hiphopmusic.com/ a nice blog linking site where I just saw a nice video about the Rza inventing the serrato scratch format...nice! Looking forward to hearing the new Wu album supposedly dropping soon...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Raw Fusion

Droppin in on all you blog heads! Just got a flyer on www.myspace.com/solocypherthevocalsword for "Raw Fusion" at The Bristol Pear this Tuesday. Didn't know about it but I'm on the flyer as an emcee so as standard gonna head their to rock the house! Had a wicked houseparty at Donny's last night, Happy Birthday to Foreman and props to all the people requesting freestyles...special big ups go to the drummers and the kitchen crew; rockin like this and like that yall..who said hip hop was dead!?

Thursday, November 15, 2007


The lack of posts recently is mainly due to a) Training and now practicing as a Teacher for the last 2 years and b) No one reads this! However I was listening to Radio 4 the other day and commenting on how influential the 'blogosphere' can be...so I'm on a wishfull thinking tip! I also feel a need to write and express myself as my other projects (new album, a novel!?) are progressing at a snails pace. My adventures in hip hop seem also to be declining, I did a show at Drop Beats Not Bombs again recently which was OK but unfortunatly only heard by about 8 people! I have been reinvigorated however as one of the emcees in the wicked new band 'Treasure Beckoning Cats', we will be hitting some sort of gig circuit in the near future! It's a strange new world for me but I think it's a good time to direct my energies into something more lively and experimental! Latest recommendations; www.myspace.com/firstandlastuk a heavy London based crew with a deep conscience, a lot to say and raw energy; reminds me a lot of Killa Priest/Sunz of Man type ish, go check it!