Monday, January 27, 2014

Chima Anya Live, Ryan Turner, Demrick, Armani of York, Mellow Music and Orie Pierre New Hiphop

We kick off this time around with the live video version of "What Now" Chima's lively anthem with an healthy call to arms to live life to the full whilst questioning everything whilst still smiling for the camera. Real music as ever from the doctor.

Ryan Turner, producer from Norfolk, VA recently sent me this tasty beat tape through his 'Click N Spark' productions company that rolls along very smoothly, not suprising as he has recently worked with hiphop legends Nappy Roots for their 'Sh!t's Beautiful Mixtape. A real proponant of making good music organically, he is up for these beats to be taken and used as long as credit is properly given; as he says "You never know what could be a hit until it is created"; true indeed so emcees out there have a dig through and see what magic you can make (before I get off this blog and do it my damn self :D!! )

And now, I must admit my day job has been breaking my balls lately and as such a massive bag of mail has been accumulating leaving precious little time to listen to let along comment on some of the illness that has been coming through. Suffice to say hiphop is well and truly vibrant in the underground. Some efforts havent quite made the cut this time around; if you're an artist or company who has made a submission but not been featured please don't stop the sending music through, next time it may get a prominant feature! For now how could I not kick off with this ill track to my favourite colour (ever since I discovered it was the favoured ink of Roman Emporors; everyone has a little dictator complex hidden somewhere) 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boom Bap Professionals present Benny Diction & Able 8 feat Cappo

Hot off the press, London based label Boom Bap Professionals bring some box fresh heat from UK wordsmith Benny Diction with this the second single taken from his and Aussie producer Able 8's heavyweight album 'Life Moves'....bringing in Punning Clan's Ro Jista and ill Notts Veteran Cappo for the guest verses this is a fresh homegrown treat, prepare to get your noggin nodding!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pharoe Monch hosts Brand New Mixtape plus DJ Dister and Mr Composition

If you feel like your lyric tanks is running a bit empty fill up on this hard hitting heavy dose of rap music, a New Years present in the form of a mix tape hosted by Pharoahe brining some of his best tracks alongside a slew of new comers, established artists and more. Bought to us by Tha Advocate this is almost 3 hours of straight up ill hiphop, with a few knowing nods such as the feature of "The Trash Bin" a great little snippet of a more mainstream styled current track getting boo'd off....ah sweet hate helps purity! 

Got a big back log of heat to get through over next few weeks but this banger from Mr Composition smacked me in the face the other day so needed to bang this one out. Grown people lyrics and lovely production, check it!

Wanja from I Still Love H.E.R. consistently hits Vocalswords up with treats and the recent offerings from DJ Dister have got my vertebrae's clicking out of shape. Check the vids then check Dister's latest album, it bangs rediculous.