Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Book Theives "TBT/Lines"

Having had the pleasure of witnessing Legoman win the Fat Gold Chain title, and later watching them smash a live set it's great to see another video from these fellas...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chima Anya - "Flexible/BBR"

Chima Anya is back with a switch up track that is also available for free download, some real BBR right here!! Check it!! Download the track for free here! And check out for more info and music


A new force emerging from Ireland are rap duo "Veritas" who've recently dropped two seriously impressive tracks along with two compelling videos. 

"Thou shalt not fall" has a haunting, beautiful gothic sounding instrumental that provides a classical back drop for some of the illest rhymes I've heard in a long while, opening to"Traumatise your mind like an intense interrogation" and "The man that loses all is ready to fight for fucking anything; I've lost more than you would ever be even capable of handling". Both emcees come correct "With a reinforced perspective your sytem will never restrict how I think, my leak subconcious thought  insync with instrumentals but keep the darkest thoughts incripted scripted with invisible ink" 

The violent history of Ireland is obviously still raw in the land that Veritas inhabit and  the overspill into wasted landscapes wrought by drugs, unemployment and violence is bought to focus by these their rhymes. Track "Dark Ages" brings disturbing sets of narratives; a mother struggling with pain killer addiction gets the news that her son has apparently committed suicide, but in dubious circumstances, meanwhile another family member spirals violently out of control, his misery compounded as he "doesnt understand why his Da left him" News snippets within the tracks highlighting the levels of violence that has co-incided with ruthless drug dealers and led to Veritas venting in this heavy track. These boys go from the heart but with a technical swagger that puts them on an  playing field with the top emcees outside of Ireland. 

Veritas, individual emcees Epik n Exile hailing from Dublin and Kildare also, impressively, produce their own material but have a few producer features on upcoming album, so watch out for that; their "Plans are to keep projectin the truth as we see it in the rawest form we can"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hip Hop "Summer" 2012! .....Mr Bang On, Nas, Defisis & Klumzy Tung

Bang On comes across as an honest, thoughtful dude in this Bonafide Magazine interview where he discusses his signing to infamously heavy UK imprint Big Dada, and along the way compares Nas to Jesus....only in hip hop! I remember checking Bang On when he featured on one of the now well missed HHC cover CD's and remember him being very promising so will be looking forward to checking the forthcoming project. Check the video for the passing Frank Zappa heckler, if you can hack the dodgy audio!!

Got a heads up from Birmingham "Heducation" stalwart Mylz on this little gem, a fresh summer sounding track with great lyrics and vocals from Klumzy Tongue embellishing a story very well told in this video.

Nas ft Cocaine 80's - Where's the Love?

The legendary Nas has been storming the live scene recently, and with the strength of some of his recent release the latest album should bedeservedyl successful. The lasted I've heard was this banger "Where's the Love" and as well as being produced by super producer No I.D Nas comes crazy with it! 
"You 16 you could do 20,come home young - catch 20 years at 40 homieyoure done"A man who can make an FBI agent chewing a pencil eraser sound cool should not only be making tracks but getting Oscars writing for the Silver Screen......sorry Im biased but Vocalswords repping Nas for life!

Now, last but not least on the UK shores........Twitter be a wondefull thing, just copped this classic from Defisis; "Inside Knowing" , put out  way back in 2001....Big ups @Redbeard etc for the hook up!!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Big Boi and Barrowclough....

Barrowclough releases a free download of this nicely produced summer banger. Produced by Re:Flex the Architect and a boasting a chorus getting your hands up in the air, "Me in 3D" has got nice bars throughout with some interesting reflections on life mixed in with jam sandwhiches. Go get it for free here.

Caught Big Boi live in Brixton the other day....damn the dude can rock; there was quite a young crowd who didnt seem to know a lot of his classic tracks but they were feeling the vibes crazy so all was of the illest hiphop performances I've caught in a long long and the big homie Weezy singing our asses off to "Shine Blockers" was jokes so I thought I'd post it up for good measure, check it!


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