Saturday, February 28, 2009

Immortal Technique breaks it down

Immortal Technique speaking to Aljazeera TV pretty much sums up what I learnt studying politics for 4 years at uni...and embodies the Vocalsword philosophy, have a look.

There goes the neighbourhood! Unfriendly Neighbours send house prices plummeting!

The Starvin' Artist Movement hold it down for the Midlands on this heavy release from Unfriendly Neighbours (Joe Gutta and Biggaman) with dense lyrics packed with plenty of rewind quotables that make you hit the roof like Spiderpig, these fellows got skills as demonstrated on Just Spit! with an assist from everdope Sonny Jim. Its good to hear a variety of subjects covered from dealing with rediculous celebrity culture, scandelous women, dodgy one night stands, getting totally mashed and to more serious issues of addiction, every day maintaining and being dependable. The production from U.N., 2nd Suzpect, Kroscene and Sneakthief knocks throughout, and 'Looks Could Kill' has a mad funky skank bassline that got me bubblin' round the room! Also Lynne Riley's vocals sound perfect on 'Beg, Steal or Borrow'...go get this illness right here And while your waiting on your download sit back to enjoy the Unfriendly Neighbours featuring Regiimental, produced by big dawg 2nd Suzpect

P.S. If your lovin this make sure you check Rusty Jukebox for more goodies.

Friday, February 27, 2009

UK Runnings ensure the Revolution will be digitized

My Amp is currently blazing up at volume 10 to the Kyza joint that busts in early on this wicked free download (Get it now!) from them propa hustlers Late and Triksta. The set boasts a solid list of respected up and comers and established names from Genesis Elijah and TB to Big Cakes, Iron Braydz and Jyager. Big up HHB and the whole Wolftown fam for another slice of goodness.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Zion I Mixtape Free Download

Zion I bless you with a dope mixtape of classic beats re-licked with Zumbi and Amplive straight spittin' head nod fodder...more wierd (wierd for me, but in reality its just more musical!) on side B but good for you flouresenct rockin hipsters who are apparently out there...I live in Ipswich so aint really sure if these kids actually exist! Check this link for DL and a more in depth run down from them Okay Player cats.

Guns of Britain

Dealmaker records have offered up a here for free download of emceeKilla's remake of the Clash classic 'Guns of Brixton'...this tune knocks heavy and well in the spirit of the original version, go check it. PS This cut is also available on the Certified Banger Under the Rader Vol 1, where I first heard the tune, go cop that as well for more classic british attitude.

Neo Nazi's in the U.S. Military

The hip hop community and intelligent people everywhere have been celebrating the new Obama administration, but the shadow of racism still lurks...I was intrigued to read the following article by Jody Ray Bennett who writes for ISN Security, an independent service following international affairs. Read here It documents some of the alarming infiltrations that right wing extremists and neo-nazi's have made into the U.S. military...just another thing to consider when us Brits hide under the US umbrella op peacekeeper, stay alert people!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blaq Poet and Preemo

After being bombarded with a load of tinny high hats and wack raps about clothes, followed by the dissapointing find that the new Royce 5'9 joint was a pile of shit, I thought rugged rap had been killed forever...lucky DJ Premier would never let that happen! And Poet...he's a lovely guy haha gully.

Freestyle Madness

Ever fancied a bit of a cypher session but no emcees about? Shiiit thats how I got my name, go check this rediculous site out, you can rap, battle, freestyle whatever live on line with a bunch of knucklehead clowns from the US! I just went on there, a couple of cool spitters and bare jokes with some girl going on about her nocturnal activities...some scandalous ass shit!

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Main Ingredient Show

Check the links for another fat show from hardest worker in hip hop award nominee DJ Cro...just heard the Jibbering Records him and crew put a lot of effort into has closed, damn shame for real music as I know the spot was a great place for people to connect. Head over to to download the latest show with a great guest mix from Roy Roast Beef, and keep up with the ever impressive hip hop adventures of Cro.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Skinnyman & Deadly Hunta

Check this, the ever hectic and relevant Skinnyman hooks up with Deadly Hunta for a wicked man hook over Shown N Prove produced track taken from the 'Food for the Brain' project. Skinnyman is a hugely influential figure putting in mad work for more than a few years, if you haven't already cop this and the classic 'Council Estate of Mind'.

Big L Remembered

As most of the hip hop world was wrapped up with the legend of J Dilla and celebrating his legacy, I just wanted to put a note in on the late great Big L who was fataly killed 10 years ago this sunday. Although Dilla was very influential on both a production and flow tip, there are few lyricists who have had such an impact on emcees as Big L. Just listen to the radio freestyle with him and Jaz Z; Jay is blatently trying to bite L's flow and swagger and can't quite match it. The complex flow delivery and authentic street tales made L a true legend. According to fellow DITC member Lord Finnesse, L would sit and craft his verses meticulously for hours on end...apparently Ebonics took him about 2 months to write. A master of the hip hop craft he should be celebrated and mourned just as much as heroes such as Dilla.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

UK Rap Assassain Stalks MIA

From Certified Banger Vol 2 - Looks like someone needed to match Chimas lyrics with the shit he be talking! Lovely :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Q-Tip and J. Period Drop Free Mixtape 'The [Abstract] Best'‏

Rapper/producer and former Tribe Called Quest front man Q-Tip is celebrated on a new mixtape produced in collaboration with DJ Period. Titled The [Abstract] Best, J. Period's latest mixtape is a combination of tracks from Q-Tip's deep catalog, as well as remixes, interviews and new tracks from a list of popular MC's, who pay homage to the Queens, New York rap star. Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, Skillz, Talib Kweli, Prince Paul, Consequence, Pharoahe Monch, Black Thought, ?uestlove, Black Sheep, Kid Cudi, Blu and others. Q-Tip's latest solo album The Renaissance is in stores now.

Props to on the heads up for this, go get ya mixtape here.

Certified Bangers

Props to Certified Banger for putting together another set of exclusive UK spittingness...volume one was heavy and there is more of the same with this set; check the elder generation dissing 'Respect your elders'(Kate Krusaders ft Remus), straight up banger 'Coming for the Game' (Jut ft Jay Madden Chris L and Assa)and Chima Anya's return to form as a straight up beast with 'All I wanna do', so funny nearly crashed the whip on the way to work! Brrrraap! Go cop both complimentary volumes from Certified Banger Go on, do it now! Gouki P's Jabberwocky sampling 'Mimsey Grove' is a fine example of two elongated fingers flipping a hip hop salute to snooty english teachers!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ice T and CL Smooth flashback

Just bumping the Golden Age mixtape from the Spin Doctor (available from Certified Banger blog) and a CL verse just popped out, a bit about putting wack rappers on a boat and letting it sink...the dude is mad smooth dropping science, punchlines and real stuff for days. He always seems to be presented in Pete Rock's shadow so thought I'd large him up for a moment!

Another golden age banger I just revisited while driving down the rain invested slow infested tarmac of the A12 was Ice T's Home Invasion set; the album cover and concept of injecting black rage into suburban white kids could have used me as a model haha! A shame the movement Ice was adovocating has been so squashed by the corporate machine...listening to this today it sounds fresh; the foul language of today is present (but done much better - check the "If you are offended by words like bitch, ho, shit, fuck...take the tape out now, this is not a pop album") unfortunately the acidic social and political content is sadly missing from most of todays music.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mr Wrong, true filth pedaller

Depraved, disgusting, sick...descriptions most people might would'nt be happy to have directed towards them. Mr Wrong (aka Lee Scott) and his gang (the likes of Children of the Damned and Antiheroes) I'm sure would lap up such tags and then urinate on them. With this release you need to forget any sense of deceny and just submit yourself to an ear battering that, through the grime, expletives and nastyness showcases a huge amount of warped talent and humour. Despite the themes of shouting at Bizzies, nicking sweets from corners, and abusing as many people as possible the ideas do rub shoulders with the personification of paranoia, giving Mr Wrong a more rounded and philisopical character than initial impressions suggest. Extremelly dark and not for the faint hearted, this is proper dope, unabashed and uncensored hip hop! Apparently these are selling out like hot cakes so get over to the myspace and order your copy soon.

Crisis Talks Mixtape

Undercurrent comprise the spitting duo of Baron Samedi and Lixx; two accomplished lyricists who are putting out their latest mixtape "Crisis Talks" for free from
Undercurrentuk or Download Here I like the creativity and concept led ideas of many of these tracks; "Chamber Zero" is a superb Wu Tang tribute featuring JabbathaKut and Brothers Grimm take you down some suitably twisted metaphorical alleys, darkly mixing references to Avon Barksdale with Goldilocks and the three bears. Although the sex and power themes of Big Shots and Bare Wimmin, even if satirical still didn't appeal to me but there are many more joints that made me grin, or impressed such as the great story line that unwinds in Gamblers Anonymous. The whole set is choc full of quotables and power spitting. And its free so go cop it! If you get a chance also dig out Baron's "The Formula" 12" for the awe-inspiring "Unamerican Psycho"...wicked tune!