Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dropping Beats Not Bombs Again...finished degree at last!

Am amazed at how long ago it was that I posted, but am back after a few hectic days of enjoying the end of exam period...seems quite a while since the Drop Beats show, props to Eliza who held it down perfectly and to G-Force for steppin up as hype man, gave the show a wicked flavour!! Me and Eliza also did a show at a charity nights in TC's, mainly a rock night but we still went down well despite the piss poor sound quality! Hasnt been a great deal else happening due to too much work, went down to Soulthump to rep on the open mics, and had a quality night at Hedz who were rockin that full fat hip hop! Few gigs coming up so if your reading this check for dates etc and a few photos from the DBNB set. Peace for now, will attempt to blog more often!

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