Sunday, June 01, 2008

Vocalswords A Reflective Review

So I don't forget in my old age, I'm using this page to document the origins and history of Vocalswords, and more specifically the role of Solocypher... not the most riviting of stories but someone might be interested!

Started rhyming with ADK (Now DJ Nifty), DJ Flare & Archer, founded the Vocalswords Collective. Made first EP/Demo 'First Daze' over commercial beats with a mixer and MiniDisc player! Took part in first emcee competition @ Ipswich Town Hall...lost to a bunch of Garage heads as it was starting to be the most influential style and would lead into the stomping movement that was to become known as Grime.


Studying in Birmingham joined Dominion Beats (Kid Anime, Chima, Swain, Ade the Mad African and Toshi) recording some crazy underground flavour joints! Featured on a couple of songs from Chima Anya's "Time Destroys All" E.P. Appeared on the Dominion Beats radio show on Burn FM. Helped with setting up the infamous 'Fat Gold Chain' hip hop and battle night as part of the Beatz and Pieces crew alongside Serious, Eliza, DJ Menthol and many hardworking others.


Heard on 1xtra in an accapella competition to meet Common. Got through despite Rodney P not understanding a line about the River Seine! Went to London for an emcee masterclass with Rodney P, Skitz and Common

Released home produced debut album "Citizen Framed" featuring Chima Anya (GTA), Kid Anime (Dominion Beats), Serious, Concept, the vocals of Kaf & Eliza with beats from DJ Nifty, JBC, Nasty and Taharka

Performed at Cotswold Bamboo festival and Drop Beats Not Bombs in the Medicine Bar, Birmingham...can currently be founded ciphering at Fat Gold Chain, Soul Thump and the UK Rising around Birmingham City!

A fairly quiet year in hip hop terms as real life has got in the way more than I would have liked! I am doing a PGCE training to be a primary school teacher which is knackering and has meant a lower rap profile.

I did manage to host the Festivale Fight against Aids Festival in the summer, hosted a couple of fat gold chains, freestyled at Fat Gold Chain and Soulthump, did a show @ Birmingham uni with Chima and appeared on Newstyle FM's DJ Cro Main Ingredient Show freestyling with the likes of Kosyne, Juice Aleem, GTA and I'm Hal....all great fun and an honour!

I havn't had a recording set up at all this year so output has been very low; Santa should be bringing me some gear soon though so watch out for some raw ish in the 07....Ive got bare rhymes backed up, a major collaboration set with DJ Nifty planned and should be also making an appearance on a track with Hedphoniks....Hustlin fo sho!! Laters

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