Monday, September 01, 2008

Mr FX Bad Boy Show

Evening Ladies and Gents (or Nifty, my only known reader!) Just a note to give props to my man Mr FX bustin' out the tunes on his weekly broadcast every Monday from 10 till midnight on, playing an eclectic mix of goodness, just heard the DnB remix of Adele's hometown so you know its BIG! Keep it locked to ruffradio also if your a junglist souljah cause they be streamin' that shit 24/7 - Word!


Jess said...

Easy Humptoon, don't worry fool, I'm right here, reading away! Might have something you can read on my page soon if I get some f'ing time. I know you know how it is, notice you suddenly have a lot of time to do interweb stuff now you don't have the kidz to teach.. :)

Anonymous said...

just wanted 2 bless ur blog spot sir i need 2 rember 2 big up ur page every wk cuz i really like what ur bringing 2 the table Solo big up thanks for the luv as eva its good 2 know i do have some friends in the music biz peace n blessing Mr FX Playaz Cliq