Sunday, October 12, 2008

Flobots - No Handlebars

If you haven't heard this tune yet I strongly advise you to check the video below. One of the few times that mainstream media actually promote music that has some sort of relevence and political content. Mind you, my happiness of this was pissed on a bit after reading Youtube posts and hearing of listeners attitudes to the song..."ooh its so dark and political, I don't like it" "I liked the song before I watched the video and realized what it was about" wonder lyricists so often resort to chattin' about lolipops, money and biatches when this is the sort of response inteligence provokes! Even my friend wrote the song off with "ah I dont really like that sort of thing, you know it reminds me of beign young listening to Linkin Park"...mind you, he loves Mika.

This is the first video created for the song, I reckon its more powerfull than the subsequent one they made when they got signed to Universal, but that one is also good, go check it here...

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