Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama becomes President

The world watched and waited expectedly, and I felt waves of relief as I sat glued to the TV in Ipswich at 3.30 this morning with my Dad. The hope that Americans might finally see some way out of the shambolic past 8 years and that Obama could become president was slowly realised as more and more swing states became democratic, in the true sense of the word. This has been a great and historic day and I sincerly hope that the sort of grassroots, community activism that helped propel the Senetor to his forthcoming new post will help to engage a generation around the world. I sincerly hope that Obama will be able to deliver as much as he has promised, but I already think he has given the world a chink of optimism...let's hope the 'change' agenda fully applies to foreign policy as much as domestic concerns...Its a good day!

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