Friday, December 04, 2009

Reklews presents Red Tape Free Mixtape

Some days you just need your brain to be pounded with rediculously complicated, dark grimy lyrics over classic boom bap beats. No, don't start digging in your early 90's NY crates; The new Reklews presents Red Tape joint got that shit for you in buckets. Dark Star joins Antiheroes and over a beat that is just insane. (Disclaimer Vocalswords takes no responsibilities for spinal or neck injuries inflicted when rocking recommendatons)Liverpool's Bang On comes with some heat; I'd heard of this guy a while ago, think he had a CD on HHC which was pretty nice but this is stepped up a level into darkness, liking it!

Just Drink sees COTD fam linking cross continents with Aussie stalwart Brad Strutt, the syllables come slick and fast...if you drink as much as these guys recommend you may not be able to concentrate on this, but could probably stumble around a dance floor quite contendedly to it! Darkstar shines on his solo track Playtime is over...a rugged east coast sounding flow the emcee from Schenectady, New York has also got an LP in the pipeline so watch out for news on that.
Bevy talking sounded a bit too slow for my liking when I first heard it, but Hok Tu Down and Tony Broke sound pretty fiery over it, and some of the multisyllables drop work nicely after checkin a few times...'Oppertunity Relishin' and other nice couplets abound, and the Bill Hicks sketch at the end is always good to hear. Sonny Jim wreaks havoc on 'Nothing on me'...shit this kid gets better and better, good to see him getting the props he deserves on Sarah Love and all over; shouts to Eat Good fam. King Grubb and & Bill Shakes rip shop over a beat with a tasty fat bass vibe running althrough it on Cotton Mouth, whilst Teknical Developments rounds off the selection with a 101 in rhyming skills. Go get this now here

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