Monday, January 04, 2010

Punning Clan Aint Nuthin to Fudge With!

Whilst sharing a bevvy with homeboy & fresh producer Rishi at the Brick City Boutique a while back I was privilidged to be introduced an elequent young man known as Benny Diction...him and his accomplices The Punning Clan have been hard at work putting the final touches to a full release "Pun & Dusted" but have been fresh enough to leak out a few full tracks for the head to get a feeling for their flavour.

Checking the Punning Clan as a unit is a real hip hop treat with all emcees trading entertaingly fresh, quick witted rhymes over some bangin beats.....quotables like 'Its all relative like inbread families', egg on your face like John Prescott punching and buckets more are topped with masterclasses in extended rhyming which finishes in stunts such as the jacking of harrier jet to breat the sound barrier. I could do with breaking down each emcees styles a bit more, but for now that Wu like depth and intricacies is enough to keep me happily banging it on the old walkman.

Benny's solo efforts are similarly quotable packed "Get stuffed like Paxo" and some great beats are laced with some fresh scratches to keep the name Benny stuck in the dome. Not content with just punchlining through a set, World on a Plate gives a nice take on the consumerist zeitgeist...smell that petroleum pou pourri people.

Go see for yourself now and get a taste of Punning; Download Here! and cop the joint when its fully released..,loving the current UK take on Game Records themed covers ha!

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You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.