Friday, June 18, 2010

Fighting Crime, Hip Hop Kareoke and Scorsayzee

Maaaaan I hate not having internet working properly! Apologies for not posting in ages, am going to post up now as much of the coolness Ive heard recently and meant to blog but got caught up in all the hype. Talking of which have some sympathy for me as I nurse a bruised face after getting hit while throwing some chief scum menace off a bus last night...out fighting crime like Method Man after a wicked night watching my girl win doing a Missy Elliot tribute! Shout out to all the crew at The Social and HHK; always a wicked night!Check their blog for more info plus some wicked free downloads...

Now then, one of my all time favourite rappers and evasive UK legend, Scorsayzee has been making some nice moves lately; his appearance in Shane Meadow's 'Le Donk' mockumentary was well recieved (although I would have loved to have seen him doing a lot more rapping but I guess that wasnt really the point of the film) to some great freestyles (go google or you tube that shit) and recently dropped a pretty dope mixtape 'Raging Bull' a little rough around the edges but some great lines from the Notts motormouth as ever. Grab that here and while your doing so check out the fresh video he's put together.

Scorzayzee - Luv Me ( Exclusive Video) from Mista Jam on Vimeo.

And if that still aint enough for you check the interview he did recently with the on line kings of Hip Hop, Menace and Montana on Conspiracy of course all the other rediculous interviews they manage to get!

Gonna get some more goodness up soon but better post this now cause my lap top appears to be trapped in internet treacle, peace!

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