Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That UK business... New Stylah,Task Force and Skinny Man plus new Mowgli video

After listening to Westwood on 1xtra (I was doing the washing up) reading out the BET list of greatest Hip Hop stars of the last decade I was left with a dissapointing feeling of hollowness in my guts....the list read like some sort of blinged out thuggy autotune crooning jizz fest; even Jay Z wasnt included. However after racking my brains I realised that the list was actually a reasonably fair representation of 'Mainstream' hip hop. Goddamn shame but there it is...and have now just found out that the Canibus man has pulled out of doing his London show due to visa issues....Shiiiiiiit!!

Anyway to cheer myself up I did a bit of Youtube surfing and was rewarded with the UK Hip Hop documentary posted below (Check the first one, then find the consecutive ones up to 10, worth checking all out) Chester P and Farma G dropping some serious science, insights and important reflections on the state of the game, including a break down of their own respective acronyms for you hip hop factophiles.

After watching this I have been re-motivated on my hip hop grizzly and so present some of the other little gems that have found their way to Vocalswords Towers...

Mowgli's incredible '93' album has been rightly lauded by critics and is indeed a fine epic of cerebral, intricate hip hop for those with a pallete inclined to enjoy in depth lyracism. An unknown US fan has created the following video which sets off the tunes ambiguously warped storyline perfectly. Various claims as to the origin of the visuals but its for promo use only and works a treat; more info at www.mowglihiphop.com...enjoy!

For a slightly different perspective, check Charlie Sloth getting upset by people shouting 'Par' at him on the golf course on his 1xtra hip hop show...joker with some banging tunes on rotation. Some pretty raw stuff keeps the show pumpin; Sloth's shouty style and constant glass smash sounds might get a bit too hectic at times, some of the tunes are just that little bit too retardedly gangsta and a couple o' shots of more uplifting ish wouldn't go amiss, however the boy knows and loves his stuff so its worth checking as the BBC's last bastion of some form of underground lyracism....

Nuff Beeb talk anyway, until they put some words in for this man and this first single off his latest project 'Treading Water"; incredible video! Big up www.grimedaily.com for this one!

Extra treats and leaks...Soul Khan ft Akie Bermiss tearing it up http://usershare.net/q66y3b9jh01k look out for video coming soon...

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