Monday, November 15, 2010

Joel Ortiz, Rass Kass and Dubbledge new Economics, Sexual Politics and randomness

First up Shouts to Mayor out of Associated Minds for sending over this quick 16 from UK rising legend Dubbledge...always got bars for days 'Edge is on some next tip with this one!

JM Keynes vs Friedrich Heyek? Slightly heavier weight than certain current rap battles being staged?...those crazy yanks lampooning hip hop videos is not normally my cup of tea; despite the stereotypical bafoonary the intrisic ideas of the economist's portrayed in the video hold so much credence (and to be fair the 'rappers' had done an admirible job of putting over some of the most persuasive and influential ideas)Wish my half hearted attempts at doing this sort of subject matter while at Uni had been more coherent! Shame neither rapper attempts a 'Slick Rick' British flow for Keynes, and Hayek certainly wasnt sounding, Promoe!?? Anyway now have fun reading about these two dude's philosophies!

Rob One's infamous 2020 podcast keeps life pumpin through the body hip hop politic with Wedesday's show we saw Joell Ortiz murdering 100 bars with rediculousness and then Rass Kass spitting smooth fire from his latest, fan funded album A.D.I.D.A.S (All Day I Dream About Spittin) A dope podcast, but if you need your sick lyric fix mad quick check 12.14 Ortiz is going in super hard!

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