Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome to the Arab Spring?

If this is to be the name given to the recent revolutions and popular uprisings accross Egypt, Libia, Bahrain,.... then welcome, the long overdue over throw of outmoded and oft despised leaders or despots by popular protest. The (largely) overwhemlingly peacefull nature of the demonstrations, protests and defiant actions

Masta Mimmz - Back down Muburak

Fat Gold Chain keeps rolling on London

Conrad the Scoundrel

This guy is heavy weight! Bars, Charisma, Jokes, Message...this man is the definition of proper emcee in 2011. Check the video but thia man has bucket load more of different flows and styles to slap you with in his live show!

Wisdom Band

From Brixton Ritzy to Brixton living; check out the smooth sounds of The Wisdom Band and there motherland ode to Africa...

From Brixton streets to America where Vado's banger 'Large on the Street Scene' shows a rapper with huge potential blazing hard. This guy is a serious mic ripper and evidently has a rep to protect; it will be good to hear more from him in the futureas his content diversifies.

so sitting around with Vado on repeat can get you hyped to a certain extent. However its only when a true blast from the past like this rolls through that you remember why the fuck you love hip hop music so much...

Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

Conspiracy World Wide

Re Up Re Up Info!....Menace and Montana have been providing the back bone of journalistic insight on hip hop for a while now (2006 I believe?) and the start of 2011 has seen the team getting into serious discussion with all manner of heavy swangers...make sure you get to know!

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