Monday, September 12, 2011

Juice Aleem, Fat Gold Chain, Antidote plus Carpetface & Audio1

Yes yes Yall Live hip hop is repping as Fat Gold Chain present Juice Aleem plus the return of funky rap battles! Emcees and rap Junkies get down to Charlie Wrights this Friday! Email for more info or join us on Facebook (link on the right) In other rap news..... People here in the UK have had a while to reflect on the recent riots that broke out accross the capital, and Carpetface & Audible 1 have decided on the drastic but fun filled measure of just packing it in and head to the beach instead. A pretty good idea and if the convoy is going to be pumping this thumping tune (and its dopealicious dubstep remix) I might have to get in the missus's jalopy and join 'em...enjoy! Time To Get Out (escape from the riot) - new single from CARPETFACE & AUDIBLE1 by CARPETFACE & AUDIBLE1 Slightly less sunny but definitely representing the British sound is boom bap heavy weight Antidote's latest project alongside the always ill Pro P 'Antidote - Mass Hypnosis. This free to download album is chockfull of emcees spitting from experience in a Mancunian land filled with alcholic, drug fuelled geezers and slags where tea is drunk mainly as a cure to the disgusting hangovers and memories of truly messy nights...the sort of mess most can relate to on a "Friday Night". The track "Termination" with Assa and Deadline is a rediculous highlight with lightning speed sick flows over a redicullous headnodder from Pro P. The whole project is full of gems; I need to spend a while more zoning out to this but hopefully you get the idea; real life from quality artists this is UK hip hop still grinding.
Go get your down load on now for some quality......Bandcamp Goodness

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