Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New Skuff Mixtape - Smash Anything

This was sent over as a mixtape from new outfit Audio Danger Records to warm up for forth coming long player from Delagates of Culture veteran Skuff. To be honest this set is more than tasty already so looks like Skuff material will be on constant rotation for at Vocalswords Towers a while.

 'Give it up' is a nice mixtape opener with some introductory notes over a superb funk vocals sample and riff, that comes with the proclamation to loyal Delagatges fans "Go abnd tell your neighbours even though your local drug dealers probably much more famous" Ive then just picked out a couple of gems that got me in focus mode; but as ever go check it and see what you reckon. If you aint impressed I owe you a beer!

'Sleepy People' is pretty rediculous, needs a few rewinds to catch it all, showcasing the Skuff trademark nonchelhant takeover swag is on ..... with lines like "suits need they taste buds checked im like f*ck it,
never did hold that much faith in the faith of the general public, but if I can get past the faces heads ell love it!!!" True.

'Bleed' bares all as Skuff reflects on a friend being sectioned; how hip hop was the only thing able to get through to him, inspiring Skuff to write. As he says at the beginning of the track, there's no room to fuck about; the only way I could get through to him was by ripping tunes. After such an outpouring its only right that Skuff can feel (somewhat understatedly)  to be the UK's Ghostface.

At 17 tracks deep this mixtape has a lot to offer, and includes some great guest spots from legends Phi Life Cypher, up and comer Dirty Dike plus crew cypher sessions and written verses over some classic beats which gives the whole project a nice spliced tape feel.  Go get it here.

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