Tuesday, August 28, 2012

7evenThirty ft Sleepy Will & Kamikaze

Taken from "Heavens Computer" concept LP, 7evenThirty comes hard on "Mysterious Business" ft Sleepy Will and hits a cord with anyone tired of turning on the radio to hear the same artists again and again..."Original, what the fuck is that?" This callabo track takes the rap music industry to task from the point of view of hardcore independent lyricists. Trying to get rich off rap, rapping about selling drugs but wearing "jeans uncomfortably snug" these guys are calling out some serious failings in the culture. "I feel like giving up" is one of the disillusioned opening lines in this track, but these guys really shouldn't. Smooth flows over a wicked moody beat, (I cant embed the audio at the moment...holla at solocypher@gmail.com if you can help)....so click the link above and go check it! 

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