Friday, May 09, 2014

Rawkus Records Revisited

Dr Millionare - Bando Man Anyone who shoots a video that throws in as much trippy shit as they can muster including a Wikipedia reference to the definition of a Crack House gets the parody seal of approval in my book. The fact that the beat is hard as hell and the lyrics take a bit of concentrating to appreciate means it gets a VS play.
I swear there's an accordian going on in the back of this joint, I'm liking the slight gallic air it gives the track.... I'm feeling C-Way's (Cash Wanted All Year) flow on this, some nice imagery and thoughts that go pretty deep and ending with "the only guarentee is a spot in prison" a sobering reflection ending a realitively upbeat track.

 DJ pHiLLy has been rocking out of the Vocalswords Sound system for a while and I should be arrested for criminal negligence for not having posted up some goodness before...hopefully I can cop a plea bargain by showcasing this ill mix which er...showcases some of the finest gems from 90's hiphop powerhouse Rawkus Records. (Interestingly a venture bankrolled by son of Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch)

RAWKUS RECORDS HOMAGE | TRACKSIDE BURNERS & ITCH FM RADIO #28 30-MAR-2014) by Dj Philly/Trackside Burners on Mixcloud

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