Thursday, June 19, 2014

Domineko, Chima Anya and Nas Mixtape

Chima Anya is a creative beast and you can never quite tell what he's going to hit you up with next. Seeing the title of a track "Smoke it, Drink it" I was looking forward to a bit of a mindless banger (Chima is occaisionally capable of these) but had my mind seriously challenged with a hard hitting reflection on the perils of hardcore drug addiction; a topic Chima is well qualified to discuss after working closely with addicts. Well worth a watch, a cartoon sterotype this aint.

Domeniko comes correct with a great mini video for an uplifting and lyrically concious track. This is taken from his new album "Wood Floors" about which he writes "It’s the audio summary of the lessons and bits of inspirations that helped me achieve the long fight of getting back to who I know I want to become as an artist.  I've realized the only person you have to beat is yourself."

And finally, if you happen to be feeling a little nostalgic or just fancy a good blast of Nasty Nas, DJ Reminise has put together a great overview of the legend's progression through life....possibly could have done with a few more early bangers but overall this is well worth a the intro track as Nas waxes lyrical about going full circle through the medium of Cognac!

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