Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Music from Saigon, Benny Diction & Mnsr Frites and Chima Anya

Had to celebrate Saigon's eagerly anticipated release "The Greatest Story Never Told Part 3" with a video, check the poweful track putting pay to the glamour of a street life that had him behind bars for a long stretch. Then buy the CD or digitally via Spotify or itunes check the album, a revalation for positive lyracism in hiphop these days....

Meanwhile in the relatively more sedate UK, Benny Diction has been getting together with Granville Session's Mnsr Frites (thats Mister Chips to you matey) to celebrate the life of a gourmet with a vibrant video in Bllomsbury Market. An audio tribute to MadLib's "Chitlin & Pepsi", "Rubicon & Pasties" is a gem in it's own right! "Shouts to all the ladies who don't skimp on the portions....." Also watch out for a cameo from Chief Quiche ;)

And finally the homeboy Chima Anya smacks it with a new track as part of a sequential release series you can check by hunting the man down here. In the meantime enjoy! And yes, you can enjoy Lil Wayne and Big Daddy Kane!

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