Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Get your fangs into this, new music from Planet Asia, Tzarizm, Double Dragon & Crew 54

Planet Asia goes all out in this Vampire inspired period piece; the sets and costumes alone are worth the watch....throw in some sexy vampires and you are onto a winner. So when you get hooked into Planet Asia's always impeccable flows complemented  by the smooth sounds of Purple Cloud over a Tzarizm banger this is a perfect slice of entertainment, raw hiphop style.

This one is a mega smooth headnodder, music for the soul...."In the midst of putting the final touches on their long awaited "Wyld Gentlmen" LP produced by German beatsmith Dichter2 Productions, Crew54 took a bit of time to bring visuals to their 1-off "Soulclap" release. Taking the beat from Fabolous and adding a bit of brown liquor smoothness to it, watch them go back and forth in this throwback to vintage film cinematics."

Feeling the energy from this duo, "Double Dragon is Wakka the Hero and Drawko. Hailing from Ventura and Oxnard, California. They have been in thier local music scene for over ten years now. Starting out in punk/metal bands, they eventually clicked up and starting making Hiphop. Both of them were raised heavily on Hiphop, so it was a natural progression. They dabble in every genre, and bring that energy with us when we perform and write."

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