Thursday, January 15, 2015

DJLord 2MP, Olodo, De La Soul, Chuck D & Strange U

Who's down for freeing Human Beings? As ever the great Chuck D is on point urging us to "Eat the Rat" alongside DJ Lord who absolutely tears the track to pieces. Power Music.

An M.C. conducting a raging river? Check. An artist singing his own hook? Emotive bars to catch your attention that then cut off to want you fiendin' for more? Check Check it out! Ikey comes heavy with the refrain "they said I was Olodo" apparently translating as 'dumb' longer a suitable adjective yo.

And finally....this has been out for almost a year but in my terrible lack of keeping up to date with the Universe I've only just stumbled across it....essential for those interested in creativity.

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