Sunday, March 08, 2015

New Ludacris, Large Professor, Medina Green and more fresh hiphop

And whoosh...that was February gone! Such a short month sometimes feels like it doesn't even exist, and a big job changeover as meant a chance to chill in hiphop land has been lacking 'till now...Luckily the Legendary Ludacris has decided to smash back into the booth to remind new jacks who's got the Juice..."You rap like something behind ya"...Some speculation on the Youtube comments that this is aimed at Drake; I don't care either way but if there is a reply it better be fire!....Freshness!

Always love to see a Large Pro release in my inbox....always a guarantee of quality and the Hook says it all...Megadon slams hard and the chorus rocks hard with "Ay yo this Chemistry will make you form ideas, and make things clear, Y'All B Squared"....delivered by the wonderfully voiced Medina Green; an old school hero for producing some of the illest early joints alongside Mos Def....Damn Right We Breakin' Atoms!

An academic career nearly de-railed by drugs, a teaching zipping out disses to wanna be G's in his class, and a pot head puking up at a to say bravo to Bravado for repping his profession and presenting a banging record. Along with Alumni SC Static and No Name well crafted bars come flying out covering many ideas and themes common to many young men, nicely paralleling the life of Johnny Cash, as depicted in the film and song, Walk the Line. No prizes for creative sample flipping here but an enjoyable and interesting slab of a track.

A cool combination here over a mellow beat gets the best out of these emcees, it's always particularly good to hear Sean P get reflective, even when as expected it's sandwiched betwen a plethora of depressing gun imagry. Tragedy Khadafi holds it down nicely as do Oowop the Don/Kima Rocel

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