Sunday, November 22, 2015

Scare the Normals, Endemic Emerald & Skanks and Marcus Juvann....Dope Fresh Rap Yo

"I can't take it, I'm loosing my childhood favourites, Bill Cosby a rapist & Hulk Hogan a racist"....too true and a sentiment I increasingly find myself relating too. This beautifully produced banger from Endemic Emerald, the seasoned UK heavyweight producer smashing it in NYC sets the scene perfectly for Skanks to deliver topical insights into the messed up world where the Black Lives Matter is increasingly heard but not necessarily addressed.

Bury St Edmund's is pinned definitively on the map by the Scare the Normals crew who present their second full length release "Creepy Brainfood" a very welcome blast of fresh air from the fens incorporating anti-establishment spit fire rhymes with hyped up instrumentals with the classic festival stomping elements of scratching and mind bending sound effects. Serious messages are nicely laced into the fabric of the hectic, feel good vibe while reminding us of perils of modern life; "Diet coke and fluoride giving me a tumor" Apologies but late Sunday eve and there are too many bangers to go in depth review wise on but if you want to mainline the goodness jump straight to "Brass Leaf" for a super smasher of a track.

Marcellus Juvann presents a nicely laid back projects kicking off with "Make my way" which has some lovely sax work intertwining with everyman struggle bars interspersed with some imaginative vignettes such as winning a stare out competition with Medusa. "Do the Right Thing" gives a good account of the dillemas faced in modern life and the percieved need to get the Fat Gold Chain and other shiney trinkets.

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