Saturday, July 23, 2005

Meeting Common, avoiding bombings

Well no one's responded so I don't think anyones reading this...but I like writing for prosperity anyway! Went down to BBC 1xtra towers the other week - 2 days before the London bombings - and met the other competition winners, Common, Rodney P and Skitz, Nisha and some of the crew who work at 1xtra, a really safe bunch of people...really cool day out, Common came in and chatted for about an hour about his life in hip hop, inspiration from his environment, family, writing rhymes, working with Kanye West, his troubles over the name Common Sense and all the criticism over Electric Circus....basically covered all the ups and downs of living a hip hop life, it was really inspirational! He spat the first lyric he can remember that he made up hangin on the corner in Chicago, which was heavy - a proper early 80's style flow and content, heavy to hear him spittin it right there for us! We got our chances to ask him questions; I asked if he had any tips for remembering rhymes, he said just to keep listening to 'em over and over again...and someone else said to lay off the ganja! No shit sherlock!! :) Before he left Common wanted to hear us lot spit, so we had a little cipher - the other guys were propa heavy! I just dropped a little free about giving Common a copy of my album, which went down well hahaha! Had a chat with Rodney P and Skitz which was heavy, they're propa safe guys - had a bit of a joke over them not getting my "Im in seine like a frenchman floating down the river" rhyme but it was all good! Got a goody bag with a vinyl copy of the Be album - i managed to get the only one that wasnt signed! Give a shit tho!!...and to top it off me and GodBless got interviewed by Nisha about the whole thing....she's as fit in real life as her voice sounds on radio! ;) all in all a great day out!

Couldnt believe about the bomb blasts 2 day later-damn terrorists...mad. Even Brum got shut down the other day cos of bomb threats....shits goin crazy on the street these days!...

On a lighter note, big up everyone who went down to Soul Thump the other day...apart from security who made me go home to change my trousers cos of their stinkin dress code...hip hop gets no love!....was a heavy night but made an interview I had to go to in the morning a bit more of a hungover mission than it should have been!

Big old blog this time, I never know, someone might read it!

Im out like Andrew Strauss! peace, Solo

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