Sunday, August 07, 2005

Excalibahs gone, Heducation finished....

Lots of controversy at the moment cause Excalibahs been taken off air at 1xtra....pretty rediculous, Im pissed off - Blakeys replaced him, doesnt seen too bad but its a real shame Ex has gone out like this...what do I pay my liscence fee for? Actually, im not sure if i do! Another piece of hip hop has disapearred as well as Heducation is no longer going to be run every week...also a damn shame, but to be fair last time i went it was wack, mainly funk and brakes, no real hip hop...long!

Oh well, it aint all bad, hungova from a mad party in a wood where I should have pulled but was too drunk, just listened to Illmatic the whole way through and got a hip hop reinvigoration! They dont make em like they used to!

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