Friday, November 11, 2005

Winter Blues saved by Hip Hop

Seems winter is in full effect right now, and a heavy workload is making the winter monthes seem even bother though as some great hip hop nights lately have provided relief! Props to Taharka who seems to be the hardest working man in Brum hip hop right now for doing some great shows lately, his gig with new band at The Rainbow was was the live funk of Munch Break...props to the Guild for letting us as the Beats N Pieces society do a live slot last night, we all had mad fun, especially as I got some DnB emceeing going on at the end...shit was live!

Dates for diary....1st December DJ Cola with Rae (of Rae and Christian) at The Rainbow
2nd December Fat Gold Chain at TC's (SellyOak) with me and the usual crew
3rd December Drop Beats Not Bombs - 6 till 6 all nighter, with Skinnyman headlining the hip hop room, supported by yours truly, the mighty GTA, R edbeard, SK, Sonny Jim & Kosyne, Mr Klemmit, hosted by the man about town himself, Taharka....should be heavy as an acme weight, word!


D.C. Bowns said...

Hi solocypher...Wow! While I was searching for info on wood working design I somehow found your page. Obviously I ended up a little off base, but I am certainly glad I stopped by for a read. While I am here, I just wanted to drop a quick note to comment your to move on and continue my search for wood working design. Should you ever need it, there's lots of information on this site about wood working design.

Dave said...

Thanks, D C Bowns, now I can knock up that table and chairs I wanted to bring to Fat Gold Chain. Great! I really am glad I stopped by! Now please check for information on how to fuck the fuck off. That is all.