Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cotswold Bamboo

Have just about recovered from the hectic events of the Cotswold Bamboo...had an amazing time but was a pretty stressful day...had to unexpectedly hire a car whilst shattered, turned up late, and then realised that i'd recorded the backing tracks in .mp3 and not audio files, so they wouldnt work on the P.A. system...had to drive back to Cheltenham to get a laptop (cheers Jim!) -missing the homemade First World War bi-plane doing loop the loops of the site- and eventually made it on to the stage with Kaf, Eliza and Mr.Serious...massive thanks to y'all, made it a wicked show! A few mess ups wernt really noticed to the crowd (they were a bit perplexed having a hip hop act on, but showed us love-safe!), and the show was topped off by the audience singing "Happy Birthday" to me hahaha wicked! Cheers to Porno, Dave, Emma and Jube for comin along...was messy! :) Hopefully more live shows if we get round to organising em-watch this space! Peace!


Willie B. said...

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Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Sonny M.

solocypher said...

Ahhh! Please dont add comments if you havent got anything to say and just want to advertised an unrelated blog! How is this blog related to major depression?

nifty said...

i also enjoyed your post- the bit about cheese and muesli was most enjoyable. please visit my cheese and muesli blog sometime.

nifty said...

oli you are such a punk. you shouldnt be allowed near technology.

solocypher said...

Cheers Nifty...can u please direct me to your blog, i enjoyed a delicious camenbert the other day and wish to discuss its subtle flavour and texture!