Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looking for a new lyrical hero? Try Jester Jacobs

Not familiar with arms and shanks? Jester Jay (seen here eating pussy!) aint either but takes the piss like armatige shanks. Mental Disorder is a highly entertaining lyrical tour de force combining a razor sharp wit with honest observations and wicked punchlines...and just having the balls to stick 'A dyslexic man walks into a bra' gets an automatic thumbs up. Throughout the album J keeps dropping the sort of quotables I kick myself for not having put together properly. The cinematic, often high tempo beats provide a great backdrop to Jesters flows, that are of such a calibre that the more biographic moments (had your Nokia stolen ever?) of clarity hit home hard. 'Lost Mines' is a tragicly heavy joint, check it and see if you relate...oh yeah, finally,of course can't forget the piss soaked suburban shoot out of anthem 'Blap' is reason alone to check this. Its all produced up lovely and the Michael Douglas clips from 'Falling Down' set the whole thing off a treat. Check Organised Mess for a free download or to buy and support the movement! Quality.

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Ray's Gun- Blog said...

jester is a badman, the follow up "more of the sane is on the way"