Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Dear

What the hell is the point of listening to Britney Spears nowadays? I mean I've never been a fan anyways but at least you used to hear a human voice whilst checking out an attractive female...nowadays she aint looking all that and you can't rate the music at all as you might as well have a computer shouting at you.

You might guess I'm currently at my girlfriends house so I'm not really allowed to blast my new Ill Bill album out at current volume so am forced to watch Lilly Allen carp on to that C4 Music bird about how cool she and the Kings of Leon are...anyways I did bang the Coka Nostra man's "The Hour of Reprisal" all the way down the A12 from Ipswich to Watford and it bangs like a satellitte sized caribbean steel drum fused with Slash. Also got Sean Price's Monkey Bars through the post the other day...although its got a few dope tracks these these were the ones already prominent on youtube so a bit of a dissapointment as an album...never mind the dude is still dope! Anyways if your reading this and havent got the Ill Bill joint go get it right now, I have a feeling its going to be going into heavy rotation in my system over the next few months.

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