Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gangsta Rap by Benjamin Zephaniah

If you fancy an interesting read, or know someone from the younger generation interested in hip hop/rap this is worth checking out. Written in a fairly basic style to appeal to younger readers, it is nevertheless a compelling tale of 3 dissaffected London youths who decide to form a hip hop group, and charts their turbulent rise to fame and notoriety. Zephaniah has cleverly weaved his tale amid a social backdrop of a London filled with rebellious gangs, but unlike tabloid images he creates realistic characters whose moral indescretions are depicted in a realistic and thought provoking manner. A couple of references and innacuracies to rap/hip hop culture were a bit wince inducing but should not put readers off taking the work seriously and reflecting on it as a representation of elements of black and urban youth experience.


Anonymous said...

Photographer Pogus Caesar launches new UK book. The foreword has been specially written by Benjamin Zephaniah

‘Sparkbrook Pride’ feature 70 images of the residents of Sparkbrook, an inner city area of Birmingham.

What’s of interest, Caesar still uses an antique 1980′s Canon Sureshot film camera. Remarkable results.


Anonymous said...

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